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Buildings and areas on the State and Federal Historical Register

Fenton Old Town Historic District
Roughly bounded by Mill St., S. Leroy, E. Shiawassee, E. Elizabeth, W. Shiawassee, and S. Adelaide, Fenton - Genesee County

Known as "Old Town" or "Dibbleville," the Fenton Old Town Historic District encompasses Fenton's original area of settlement. The L-shaped district is centered about a small park, just south of the river which divides the town. It consists of two commercial blocks, two churches, the A.J. Phillips Library (formerly the office of Phillips, a wealthy lumberman who was the town's leading citizen in the late nineteenth century), and two small frame buildings, one of which is the oldest house in town (1837). The district is adjacent to Fenton's oldest residential area.

DIBBLEVILLE Clark Dibble came here from New York State in 1834 and laid claim to forty acres of government land. Known as Dibbleville, this area was Fenton's original business district. It encompasses the A. J. Phillips Library, two churches and two commercial blocks. Most of the edifices date from the last four decades of the nineteenth century and retain notable architectural details. One structure in this district was built by Robert Le Roy in 1837 shortly after he and William Fenton purchased Dibbleville and named it Fentonville. The village became Fenton in 1863.

Map Legend

Orange - National and Historical Register Buildings

Green - Fenton Downtown Historic District (a portion is still in tact. Still in National Register. Removed from the State Register.)

Red - Fenton Old Town Historic District

Blue - Dibbleville/Fentonville Historic District

Not Shown - Vermont House (Fenton Hotel) / Fenton Grain Elevator Historic District (this includes 302 and 234 North LeRoy Street at the corners of LeRoy and Main Streets)

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