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Views and Images of our Old buildings.
Click on th images for actual size to see detail.


Fenton House: Built in 1856 shortly after the railroad arrived, the hotel still stands at the corner of North LeRoy and Main Streets and is known for its fine dinning. Declared an historic site by the Michigan History Division in 1972.


A.J. Phillips Library:
This building on South LeRoy Street was erected in 1900 as the office of Andrew J. Phillips, owner of the Phillips Factory. At his death the building was given to the Village of Fenton. Listed in State Register of Historic Sites, January 1976.


Fenton Depot:
Built shortly after the Detroit, Grand Haven, and Milwaukee Railroad was completed in 1857 later known as the Grand Trunk Railroad. The depot is located on East Silver Lake Road.


Andrews Block: This block at the corner of South LeRoy Street and West Shiawassee Avenue was built in 1867 by C. Andrews. The Ladies Library Association and the Fenton Independent were housed in the upper rooms of the buildings. Listed in State Register of Historic Sites, January 1976.


Southside Business Block: The six buildings erected at the corner of East Shiawassee Street (formerly known as Mechanic Street) and South LeRoy Street are among the earliest stores built in Fenton. The corner building was built in 1868 as was the adjacent structure. The third building was completed in 1885, the fourth in 1890, and the fifth (originally the Trump and Wilmont Bank) was built in 1869. These buildings have been somewhat remodelled over the years. The sixth building was built in 1868 and has been used almost continuously as a grocery store. Listed in State Register of Historic Sites, January 1976.


Old Fire Hall: This Victorian-styled, gingerbread-trimmed structure was built in 1875 and located on the site of the present Fenton Community Center. It housed not only fire equipment but also the village council rooms and the village jail.

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