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This is the map for T5N R6E (Fenton) that was created by the Original Land Patents List. Clicking on it will open it in a new window for larger viewing.

To use the map below, find the person you are seeking in the land patents on the previous page. Make note of the Section number and the Aliquot Parts.
Land Grants are ploted by sectons. Each section is then bought whole, halved, quartered, etc.Then those sections can be whole, halved, or quartered.
To find the section your looking for, find the red letter S followed by the red numbers of the section you need. such as say, you are looking for Sect. 15, you would look for the red S15. It's that simple. The section numbers are listed at the top center of each section, so if your looking for the NW part of S15, it would be located to the left of the red S15. The NW part would be the whole upper left corner of Section 15.

Original Land Patents Fenton, Genesee, Michigan

This Land Patents Map was created by Cheryl Canty for the Fenton Historical Society,  located in Fenton, Genesee, Michigan. It was created to help those researching their homes and families in Fenton. You may copy this for your own use only. You may not sell or profit from this in any way without our consent.

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