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526 North LeRoy Street
The Tinker Home

This has been an interesting site over the years especially the last ten. The building has changed colors, more than I can count, and it is usually identified by its color, hence the pink house, or the purple house, etc.) It has also changed business' more times than I can count. Maybe it has something to do with the information I found on it at the Historical Society. Maybe it will always be a house no one stays at very long, untill family moves back in! I dont know, but either way here are some pictures of it in the past, then a picture of it today. The article on the research I wrote follows the pictures.

Original Ayers Home built 1865

As it looks today in 2005, 140 years old.

Article coming soon !

Some of this information was taken from an article published in the Fenton Independent, written by Debbie VanKuren. I do not know the date of this article, so my appologies for not posting that.
Information was also obtained from the "House Files" at the Fenton Historical Society.

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