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This is a collection of the Deaths published in the Fenton Independent Newspaper from April 1868 through April 1906.
Original Transcription From Microfilm by: Eileen Roddy
Digitized and Transcribed by: Cheryl Canty



January - December 1878

Date Name Information Published
Jan 1878 FENTON, MISS SARAH / dau of late Col. William Fenton of Flint / died at Topeka, Kansas Saturday last / buried Flint
Jan 1878 LAPHAM, MRS. / mother of Mrs. W. C. Scranton / at residence of her son­ in-law last Sunday in 91st year of her age / buried Utica, N.Y.
Jan 1878
SMITH, MRS., mother of Hon. T. G. Smith, Probate Judge, and of the Rev. Mrs.Thomas Wright of Fenton, died at the residence of her son in Flint last week. Her remains were taken to New York for burial.
Jan 1878
BUDDINGTON, WM., one of the pioneers of Tuscola County and for many years proprietor of a hotel at Watrousville, was buried last Saturday. Deceased was well known in that section of the State. He was forty years of age.
9 Jan 1878 HAMILTON, LIZZIE dau of Hon. William Hamilton of Flint / of consumption
18 Jan 1878 SUMMEY, HENRY The Genesee Democrat says Henry Summey, foreman in Decker & Hascal1's stave mill, in this city, was suddenly killed Friday evening about five o'clock, while sawing heading. The saw got pinched by a piece of timber and flew off the arbor, striking him in the neck, severing his jugular vein and making a fearful gash. He was unmarried, about 25 years of age.
18 Jan 1878 WOLL, CONDAN, of Marion, died very suddenly Friday evening last [18 Jan] The day of his death he had been as well as any during the winter, although he had complained of being rather short of breath. On that day he had done more work than usual, and even had talked of coming to Howell on busi­ness. After partaking of his evening's meal he read until about eight o'clock and then retired. In a few moments he got up, however, and re­paired to the room where his wife was, who noticed that he acted rather strangely, and asked what was the matter. He replied, "I do not know, but I guess I am dying," and asked for some water, but when it was brought was unable to swallow it, and expired in less than half an hour. Dr. Wells was summoned, but did not arrive until after his death. He attributes as the cause congestion of the lungs, producing suffocation. Deceased was born October 13, 1813 in the Village of Illinger, Ott­weeler, New Prussia. He came with his parents to America the same year. In 1842 he married Lucy Evenbeck in Maumee, Ohio and moved directly to Marion where he has ever since lived. [Livingston Democrat]
27 Jan 1878 DENNIS, G. R., a former resident and business man of Fenton, died at Ann Arbor. He is to be buried at Ypsilanti today [29 Jan.].
Mar 1878 DAMON, ANGIE / Friday night last / age 9y 3m
Mar 1878 TOOMBS, MRS. / an aged lady at the residence of her son A. W. Toombs Esq. near Idlewild Sunday morning last / buried New York.
Apr 1878 PERRY, ED / at Linden
6 Apr 1878 GREGG, MRS. BARBARA / at her home in Linden / age 92y / born in New Hampshire 1786 / moved to New York in 1816 and from there to Mich. and married Elezer Bennett / member Presbyterian Church 79 yrs.
16 Apr 1878 VOSBURG, MRS. FRANK,
(Theressa Rider)
at her home on Elizabeth St.
May 1878 ADAMS, SIMEON W. / age 71y / resident of Fenton over 22 yrs / raised family of 9 children (6 sons & 3 daus) of which 7 are now living: Col. J. M. Adams of N. Y., A. P. Adams of Santa Fe, N. M., D. B. Adams of ­Fenton, Mrs. John Walker of East Tawas, F. D. Adams, Mrs. H. E. Meeker and C. L. Adams of Bay City.
1 May 1878 FLETCHER, MARY / wife of Jonathan (deceased) / at her home in Argentine, the residence of the late John B. Cochran / born Dracut, Middlesex Co., Mass. 7 July 1790 / resided Argentine since 1841 / life long member of Congregational. Church / mother of George A. and L. C. Fletcher and the late M. Elizabeth Cochran
7 May 1878 ANDERSON, JOHN / age 78y / resident of Mich. nearly 50 yrs, having settled in Ann Arbor in 1830 / from there he removed to Deerfield in Livingston Co., and from thence to Fenton / leaves 4 sons, 2 daus, and aged widow.
19 May 1878 CONGDON, JARED C. / who owned a farm and lived a short distance west of this village / age 68y / resided Fenton some 8 years / buried East Rush, N. Y. where his first wife and other relatives are buried.
21 May 1878 POTTER, MRS. FRANKIE / wife of Burdick Potter / age 31y / leaves husband and 3 small children
25 May 1878 VanAUKEN, PAMELLA / "Aunt Milia", mother-in-law of E. E. Bridges Esq./ age 76y / resided Fenton 23 yrs / member Presbyterian Church
Jun 1878 CHAMBERS, ROBERT / old resident of Fenton / at his residence on Centre St. / age 78y / buried Deerfield.
5 Jun 1878 DOTY, ENOS / age 19 1/2 yrs / student at Fenton High School /would have graduated June 20 / remains sent to White Lake, the residence of his father, Elias Doty Esq
12 Jun 1878 FOSTER, SAMUEL, an old resident of Springfield Township, Oakland County, dropped dead in the street in Pontiac last Wednesday [12 June]. Heart disease.
28 Jun 1878 CHURCH, MABEL / age 8m / dau of Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Church / at residence on Poplar St. / buried Oakwood Cemetery
30 Jun 1878 WILSON, MISS EMMA / former teacher in Fenton Union School/at her home in Birmingham.
Jul 1878
DUNLAP, MRS, From the Owosso Press: A Mrs. Dunlap was riding along the road in her carriage and was met by a gentleman and lady who discovered that her head was lopped over on her shoulder and was apparently asleep. There were two men in a carriage, named Fortress and Stiles, following some rods behind. The carriage was stopped and it was discovered that Mrs. Dunlap was dead and that a bullet had been sent through the carriage hitting her in the back of the head and passing through to her mouth. No one knows who sent the fatal missive. The men following her say they were near the carriage all the way from Ovid except a very short distance. The Press says neither Fortress or Stiles can be suspected, and who it was that killed Mrs. Dunlap is a mystery.
17 Jul 1878 HUDSON, MRS. MARY P. / age 81y / in Fenton / 7 children survive / member of Baptist Church 20 yrs / buried Milford
7 Aug 1878 TUBBS, MISS ADA / at Loomis
14 Aug 1878 CAMPBELL, JOHN / formerly of Fenton / age 38y / died Holly of consumption / buried Clarkston
21 Aug 1878 WAKEMAN, FRANKIE / age 13y / son of L. B. Wakeman / smothered in the Grange Elevator
22 Aug 1878 PHILLIPS, LIZZIE F ./ age 33y / at Kalamazoo of consumption / dau of C. B. Phillips of Midland and sister to A. J. Phillips and Miss F. W. Phillips of Fenton.
26 Aug 1878 GAMBER, GEORGE / well known hotel proprietor at Linden Station / age about 50 yrs
26 Aug 1878 SHEPARD, JONATHAN / old resident of Linden / age 90y
Sep 1878 DUNN, DAVID L. / infant son of George and Catherine Dunn / age 19 mo.
12 Sep 1878 TERWlLLEGER, MRS. THOMAS / age 65y / at Holly / mother of Miss C. J. Terwilleger of Fenton
13 Sep 1878 CHIPMAN, FRED. A., for many years a resident of Pontiac, and of late years connected with the Pontiac Gazette and the Detroit Post and Tribune, died of a complicated disease at Pontiac Friday afternoon, after over four months illness. He leaves a wife and three children.
28 Sep 1878 CASEMENT, MRS. ANNA / wife of the late Robert Casement and mother of Gen. Jack Casement of Ohio and William Casement of Fenton / at residence of daughter, Mrs. Henry Osborne in Township of Scio / age 83y 4m 20d / born on Isle of Man 1795 / resident of United States 50 yrs / resident Scio Township 30 yrs.
28 Sep 1878 WILLOVER, ALMER / age about 27y
Oct 1878 BORDEN, WM. / of Mundy Township
Oct 1878 HIGH, / 6 yr old son of Benj. High, deputy superintendent of the Detroit House of Correction / of scarlet fever / buried Fenton
Oct 1878 PARKER, MISS IDA / of consumption
Oct 1878 ROBB, HENRY / resident of Deerfield 40yrs / died Saturday night at an advanced age
10 Oct 1878 CHAMBERLAIN, MRS., an old lady about 70 years of age, residing three miles southeast of Milford, fell down stairs last Thursday [10 Oct] breaking her neck and expiring almost instantly.
15 Oct 1878 THURBUR, LUCIUS B., son of James Thurbur of Brighton, committed suicide while temporarily insane.[The Brighton Citizen]
22 Oct 1878 BORDEN, WM. On Tuesday morning Wm. Borden of the township of Mundy went to Swartz Creek with a team, his son Allen going to the same place, driving a single horse. Sometime in the afternoon the father and son departed for home, and when about half way the latter's horse became unmanageable, running into the vehicle driven by the father, upsetting it and throwing him to the ground with such force as to break his neck. Deceased was an old resident of Mundy, and was highly respected. [Democrat]
27 Oct 1878 THOMPSON, HORACE C., an old resident of Holly, was found drowned in Stiff's mill pond last Sunday morning. He was about fifty years of age, and leaves a wife and two children.
29 Oct 1878 ALLEN, EFFIE M. / in Texas of consumption / wife of of E. W. Allen and dau C. J. & Mary Hankins of Hamburg, Liv. Co., Mich / age 30y 6m / former residents of Fenton
Nov 1878 ARMS, W. B. / former resident of Fenton / died Chicago last week / buried Fenton
Nov 1878 PITTS, J. S. / former resident of Fenton and one time owner of Wakeman Elevator / died Grant, Arizona Territory last week
10 Nov 1878 MARSH, FRANK H., one of the proprietors of the Livingston Democrat, died at his residence in Howell, aged 31 years. He leaves a wife and three children
12 Nov 1878 KNEELAND, ICHABOD / old pioneer who lived a few miles from Howell/age about 80y
17 Nov 1878 GALLOWAY, MRS. JOHN, an old resident of Fenton, died in Detroit and her remains were brought to Fenton for interment by the side of her husband.
28 Nov 1878 BUCHANAN, JAMES / father of John J. Buchanan of the Deaf, Dumb & Blind Institute at Flint, and brother-in-law of Robert LeRoy of Fenton
from Deaf Mute Mirror:
"James Buchanan, age 71 years, died at his residence in White Pigeon, St. Joseph Co., Mich. of consumption. Born 14 Aug. 1807 in Waterloo, Seneca Co., N.Y., living on a farm several years, then moving to Lockport, N.Y. to a farm there. His father, Samuel, enlisted in the War of 1812 and left the family under the charge of the oldest son. James Buchanan learned the trade of tailoring in Lockport. In 1830 he went west to the Village of White Pigeon where at that time there were only four or five white families and several hundred Indians. He was a soldier in the Indian War, called the Black Hawk War, 1830 & 1831. His wife, before her marriage, was a brave girl who helped do the cooking for about 500 soldiers sent from Detroit. In 1843 J. B. married Jane Masterman , daughter of John Masterman, who was first wagonmaker about 1833. Buchanan was elected treasurer of White Pigeon. He leaves his wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters."
9 Dec 1878 HARNS, FLOYD (no information given)
14 Dec 1878 STEWART, MORTIMER / of consumption / leaves wife, 3 children / mother and father
27 Dec 1878 ROBERTS, ABNER / proprietor of the Fenton House, of consumption / in the hotel business in Fenton for the past 16-18 yrs / buried Oakwood Cemetery.
24 Dec 1878 TAYLOR, MRS. CARRIE C. / wife of E. P. Taylor / at residence near Reed City / services at Groveland Church near her former residence in Holly / buried Atlas
27 Dec 1878 RIPLEY, MR.MYRON / of Linden / at his home / age 64y / resident of Linden / 20 yrs.


January - December 1879

Date Name Information Published
Jan 1879 PATTERSON, J. K. ESQ. /former resident of Holly and for past four years prosecuting attorney of Oakland Co. / at his residence in Pontiac last week
Jan 1879 PLUMER, M. A. / soldier of War of 1812 / at Holly / age 85y / born New Hampshire / after close of war settled Western N.Y. and subsequently moved to Holly, Mich. / leaves his wife
9 Jan 1879 LEE, MRS. SIDNEY / of Baldwin Rd. near Gaines / age 51y
20 Jan 1879 WALKER, HON. FREDRICK, at his home at Mount Morris after a short illness, from the infirmity of age rather than any specific disease, he being con­siderably beyond the allotted age of three score and ten. Deceased was one of the very earliest pioneers of this county and was prominently identified with its political history, having served as member of the State Legislature and occupied several important official positions. He was one of the founders of the Village of Mt. Morris.
Feb 1879 CARMER, DANIEL /age 89Y 5m / father of John & William Carmer / buried Tyrone
11 Feb 1879 POTTER, JOSEPH T. From Bodie, California Standard:
Joseph T. Potter who came to Bodie last November, died this morning at Hogan's International Hotel from an overdose of morphine, taken to relieve rheumatism / age about 43y / his brother, Burdick Potter, is in the saddlery and harness business in Fenton, Mich.
22 Feb 1879 DECKER, IRA, an old gentleman living on Wakeman Street, of pneumonia, aged about 78 yrs. Remains taken to Montcalm County, his former place of residence, for burial.
26 Feb 1879 GOSLING, MRS. SARAH / of Fenton / age 75Y / at residence of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Windiate near Pontiac. buried Oakwood Cemetery, Pontiac, where other members of her family are buried. Early settler of Mich. and resident of Fenton several years.
7 Mar 1879 DOTY, ELIAS, at residence in Rose / age 64y / Mr. Doty, with his father's family, left Solon, Courtland Co., N.Y. and came to Mich. settling in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co. in 1828. He and his father removed to town of Rose in 1836.
12 Mar 1879 GOWER, / infant child of C. A. Gower / State Supt. of Schools in Lansing. Funeral at residence of E. E. Walton Esq., father of Mrs. Gower. Buried Oakwood Cemetery
18 Mar 1879 HOFFMAN, MRS. STEPHEN / mother of Henry Hoffman Esq. of Fenton / at family residence in Tyrone / age 50y / funeral at Tyrone Center School House / leaves husband and large family / member of Congregational Church
22 Mar 1879 BREWER, DANIEL / age 72y / at his home in Fenton / early pioneer, coming to Mich. 1836 with Deacon Thompson. After 6 yrs here he returned to Chemung Co., N.Y. where he remained until 1866 when he again came to Fento
Apr 1879 WILLOVER, WILL. B. / age 18 yrs / of consumption / at home of his mother on Ellen St.
3 Apr 1879 RUNYAN, PHILLIP E. / struck by iron scale weight by father-in-law, James H. Lacy.
Apr 1879
BRAINARD, ALVAH, the first white settler in Genesee County, died at Grand Blanc last week, aged 73. He settled there fifty years since, when the site of Flint was a wilderness. He was the author of a book on pioneer remini­scences, and was a prominent member of the Pioneer Society.
15 Apr 1879 COCHRAN, CELIA N. / wife of Dr. Clarence F. Cochran / at Andover, N. J. /married just five weeks
18 Apr 1879 OSBOURN, DAVID, aged 70, a resident of the township of Richfield.
30 Apr 1879 DAVIS, MRS. MARY / age 82y / in Flint / mother of Thomas E. and E. A. Davis Imigrated to this country from Wales 21 yr ago / member Congregational Church 55 yrs and at time of death member of Presbyterian Church
9 May l879 WEBB, MRS. ANNA / sister of E. & Wm. King / age 70y 6m / of consumption at King's Hotel / buried Brighton
11 May 1879 HAMILTON, MISS SARAH C. / age 59y / in Independence, Iowa / resident of Fenton Township 23 yrs and teacher in Fenton school 12 yrs.
3 Jul 1879 FOX, ANGUS, former well known train dispatcher of the D & M R R died at Pontiac. Funeral Methodist Church, Fenton.
9 Jul 1879 SHERWOOD, MISS / of Mundy / from injuries received by upsetting of her carriage on the 4th
21 Jul 1879 RHODES, MRS. C. E. / dau of Benj. F. Sawyer of Fenton / at her home In Bay City / age 30y / leaves husband and 4 small children
24 Jul 1879 HURD, MRS. HUGH / In Linden
29 Jul 1879 HOWARD, MRS. LUCINDA / mother of Hon. Sumner Howard of Flint / resident of Fiint 40 yrs
Aug 1879 McCURDY, FRANK / about 23y / died Owosso on return trip from Petoskey / for number of years was clerk in store of J. B. Moshier in Linden / buried Hartland
Aug 1879 SKIDMORE, HOMER A. / former student of Fenton High School and since a student at University / died in Rose last Sunday
Aug 1879 WRIGHT, MISS KITTlE / youngest daughter of Rev. Thomas Wright / on cars enroute from California to Fenton / age 19Y / buried Oakwood Cemetery beside 2 brothers and a sister, all felled by consumption.
1 Aug 1879 THOMPSON, ESTHER M. / age 26y 3m 18d / wife of Edwin G. Thompson / at residence of her father Joseph Barnes Esq. of Tyrone / consumption
2 Aug 1879 WIXOM, MRS. MARIA / wife of Dr. Isaac Wixom / in Fenton / age 74y / buried Oakwood Cemetery / married in 1823
6 Aug 1879 THURBER, MRS. DANIEL / wife of ex-mayor Daniel G. Thurber at her residence in Pontiac of pneumonia
13 Aug 1879 SEELEY, CHAUNCEY W. / early settler of Forest Township
14 Aug 1879 HUBBEL, EDWIN / of Fenton / died Goshen, Indiana after drunken spree of several days / suicide / leaves a wife and 4 children
14 Aug 1879 SMITH, CAPT. H. W. / of Fenton / died Goshen, Indiana after drunken spree of several days / suicide / was widower
25 Aug 1879 NICHOLS, CHARLES / age 19Y / at residence of parents on Shiawassee Avenue
27 Aug 1879 HOWE, ALICE, wife of Lorenzo M. Howe and daughter of L. B. and Fanny Hyatt, died in Linden. It is a singular circumstance that Alice was born, married had one child (Charley, now seven years of age) born to her, and died on the same place, only being absent nine months during her whole life. She was born in this village [Linden] 16 October 1853 and was married 8 October 1869 to Mr. Howe. She was the only child of Mr. & Mrs. Hyatt.
12 Sep 1879 HIRST, MRS. AUGUSTA M. / wife of Howard E. Hirst / and dau of W. H. H. Smith editor of Fenton Gazette / at residence of her parents on Adelaide Street / age 33y / leaves aged parents, husband and 1 child, 2 sisters, 2 brothers / funeral at St. Jude's Church.
29 Sep 1879 JOSLIN, THOMAS / of Holly / father of veteran journalist, Perry Joslin and Rev. T. J. Joslin / age 80y
Oct 1879 APPLEGATE, MRS. MARY / wife of Rev. L. W. Applegate / Sunday last at Faribault, Minn. / 2nd daughter of Prof. Bradish of Detroit and niece of the late Dr. Douglas Houghton.
Oct 1879 COLE, SAMUEL B. / brother of Mrs. Kirkhuff of Fenton / copied from the Rochester, Michigan Spectator:
"Samuel B. Cole, well known railroad man, both here and in the east was found dead in his room in the Lambertson House Saturday A.M. last. Age 54 yrs and single. Mason fraternity transported remains to his " brother in Phelps, N.Y. Born in Mansfield Township, Warren Co., N.J.
Oct 1879 DURFEE, A. B. ESQ. / old resident and prominent citizen of Linden / at his residence in Linden last Tuesday and buried Thursday / during last decade has held at one time and another every office of importance in the township
18 Oct 1879 CONGDEN, MRS. LOUISE H. / better known here perhaps as Mrs. Brooker, formerly of Troy, N.Y. and eldest daughter of Lauren Riggs / at her residence in Fenton / funeral at St. Jude's / leaves aged mother and adopted daughter.
19 Oct 1879 STANDFORD , MINNIE / in Midland City / wife of Mortimer H. Standford ESQ. and dau of Orville Morris of Pontiac. Buried Pontiac.
29 Oct 1879 BURCH, MRS. JANE / wife of E. Burch of Commerce / drowned in water tank at residence / age 44y
4 Nov 1979 RICHARDSON, CYRUS S. / only son of E. B. Richardson / age 19y 10m 15d
SHOOK, PERRY "In the providence of Almighty God who has Seen fit to remove from earth and us one of our beloved and respected members, Perry Shook, we, the remaining members of the Kinsmen's Cornet Band, take this opportunity of expressing our sorrow and grief at losing his pleasant society and genial companionship and to his aged mother and only sister and brothers we tender our heartfelt sympathy.
, 3 Nov 1879."
11 Nov 1879 FIELDS, LUTHER / an old and respected resident of this township, at his residence a short distance northeast of Linden / age 76y
O'CONNEL, DANIEL / When John O'Connel of Deerfield died some two or three years since, he left a provision in his will of $100.00 for the purpose of defraying the funeral expenses of his brother, Daniel, when he should die. Some time since Daniel died at Soldiers' Home in Dayton, Ohio and in accordance with the above provision, ESQ. Inqram left last Monday for Dayton and returned Thursday evening with the remains of Daniel and on Friday they were interred in the Catholic burying ground at Deerfield.
25 Dec 1879 KINGSBURY, GEN. CHAS. P. / who died at his home in Brooklyn, N.Y. / age 63y / was a brother of F. H. Kingsbury, a former resident of Fenton.


January - December 1880

Date Name Information Published
Jan 1880 ADAMS, AGNES / 2 yr old dau of Charles N. Adams
Jan 1880 FULLER, MRS. AMY / resident of Rose, Oakland Co., age 94y
1 Jan 1880 GREY, MISS VINA / at the residence of her parents in Tyrone / age 27y 7m 2d
19 Jan 1880 BALDWIN, MORGAN the first white settler in the township of Mundy, died at his residence in that town, aged 84 years.
24 Jan 1880 PRATT, C. S. / at residence mile west of Fenton / buried Vernon
25 Jan 1880 PERRY, MRS. J. C. / at her residence on Ellen St. / age 49y / leaves husband and daughter / buried Linden
7 Feb 1880 COCHRAN, GEORGE EDWARD / From Kalamazoo Daily Gazette:
"George Edward Cochran, age 33, Supt. of Schools. Came to Kalamazoo from Fenton. Never married. Born Argentine, Genesee Co., Mich 6 Oct 1848. Parents are both dead and buried at linden where he will be also. He is survived by three brothers:John L., the eldest, a lawyer in Minnesota, Prof. V. B., Supt. of public schools in Negaunee, Marquette Co., Mi.ch. and Clarence L., a younger brother who is a practicing physician in Stanhope, N.J. His paternal grandfather, Rev. Thomas Cochran, was a graduate of Brown University Class of 1799. George Cochran entered University of Michigan at age 19 and graduated in 1872, studied law and was admitted to the bar, but has spent the greater part of 7 1/2 years since as a teacher and superintendent of schools."
Feb 1879 DECKER, IRA / about 78 / at his residence on Wakeman Street / Buried Montcolm Co., his former residence.
8 Feb 1880 GARNER, WILLIAM / at his residence in White lake Township, Oakland Co./ age 80y / resident for 47 yrs / one of 10 who organized the first Presbyterian Church at White lake and to which he left by his will $500.00
14 Feb 1880 EVERTS, CALEB / old & wealthy resident of Rose / age 67y / he worked hard, lived economically, made money, saved it - and died.
25 Feb 1880 CRANSTON, MRS. LOUISE / in Tyrone / age 58y / born 27 Nov 1821 / came to Mich 1839 and married Gilbert D. Cranston the same year and settled on the farm where she died. She was a sister to Lafayette Chase of Fenton.
16 Mar 1880 CARTWRIGHT, MRS. GEORGE M. / at her residence in Wyandotte.
19 Mar 1880 HERRICK, MRS. died at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Hogan, aged 77 yrs.
31 Mar 1880 STREET, MRS. SALLY / from cancer / early settler of Tyrone, having re­sided there 40 yrs / 70 yrs old
4 Apr 1880 GAMBER, WILLIAM / at his residence northeast of Linden / age 57 y
12 Apr 1880 SEARS, MISS BELLE / of consumption / buried Hartland
13 Apr 1880 WESTLAKE, MRS. MARY / wife of Rev. E. Westlake / of typhoid pneumonia / at family residence on LeRoy St. / age about 42y
24 Apr 1880 LEONARD, nine year old daughter of Mr. H. Leonard of Tyrone.
25 Apr 1880 LUCE, FRANK / resident of Linden / leaves wife and 2 children
25 Apr 1880 LUCE, FRANK, a resident of Linden, was instantly killed by the accidental discharge of his gun while blowing in the muzzle. He leaves a wife and two children.
25 Apr 1880 BUTCHER, GEO., proprietor of the Everett House, aged 46 yrs. Leaves a wife and five small children, a brother. Funeral at the Everett House.
28 Apr 1880 WAITE, IRA E. / in Fenton / age 22y / teacher in Fenton schools past 4 yrs
1 May 1880 LEONARD / 9 yr old dau of H. Leonard of Tyrone
9 Jun 1880 TARBELL, FRANKIE W., at Hannibal, Missouri. Only son of W. C. and Jennie Tarbell fell between two freight cars and had both legs and one arm crushed. He died in about one hour, aged 13 years and 8 months. Remains were brought to White Lake and buried there last Saturday.
24 Jun 1880 SACKNER, SAMUEL / of Fenton / found dead in hotel in Holly / buried Fenton
7 Jul 1880 STOCKING / youngest child of C. M. Stocking / died Detroit / buried Fenton
9 Jul 1880 WORMLEY, SARAH / about 11 yrs drowned at Byron
9 Jul 1880 WORMLEY, ALTHA / about 15 yrs drowned at Byron
15 Jul 1880 CARTWRIGHT, / infant son of George M. / at Wyandotte / age 4m 17d
26 Aug 1880 SELLERS, JOHN / an old and wealthy resident of Fenton / age 73y / Settled in Deerfield, Liv. Co. in 1836 and lived there until 1871 when he removed to Fenton. Leaves wife and 5 children: E. H. Sellers Esq. of Detroit, Mrs. A. M. Potter of Plymouth, Mrs. J. B. Leal & Albert Sellers of Fenton and Mrs. Robert Armstrong of Hartland / buried Deerfield Center
27 Aug 1880 HICKS, MRS. JANE S. / wife of Reuben Hicks / at her home in Tyrone / age 42y 6m
7 Sep 1880 ALEXANDER, EDWIN F. son of S. G. & M. E. Alexander / of typhoid fever / in Caro / born Fenton 28 Dec 1861
9 Sep 1880 LEONARD, MR. ALLEN / a wealthy and respected citizen of Linden
27 Sep 1880 CARVER, JEROME E. / at his residence in Rose / born in York, Washtenaw Co., Mich 26 Mar 1836 / In Jan 1856 he came to place where he died and engaged in farming with Asa Reynolds Esq. whose daughter he afterward married. Leaves aged father, wife and daughter.
Oct 1880 FAIRBANK, MRS. JEROME Z. / of Linden
Oct 1880 HOLLIDAY, ALONZO / formerly of Fenton / buried at Linden on the 15th / age about 40y / Son of Mrs. W. B. Cole of Ludington
6 Oct 1880 HOLLISTER, MR. / old resident of Rose / father of Darius Hollister and Mrs. Ira Kinney / age 83y
6 Oct 1880 HOLLISTER, DANIEL W. / age 83y / Born Saratoga Co., N.Y. 4 Sept 1797 / Came to Mich 1840, lived 3 yrs St. Clair Co., then came to Rose Corners. Worked farm until death of wife in 1865 / since then has lived largely with son Derastus and nephew, Daniel Hollister of Rose, at whose home he died
11 Oct 1880 HITCHCOCK, REV. B. / local M. E. minister / born N.Y. State 29 June 1826 / at 9 yrs of age came to Mich with parents / settled in Macomb County until about 14 years ago when he came to Fenton
16 Oct 1880 BRYCE, MR. J. B. / age 36y / leaves wife and 4 small children
16 Oct 1880 BRYCE, J. B. / age 37y / born Warwick, Ontario 18 Oct 1843 / Parents Scotch Presbyterian / at age 16 settled with parents in St. Clair Co. / at 19, leaving younger brothers to care for his parents he struck out for himself / business headquarters in East Saginaw / married at age 29 and for past five years has lived in Fenton
19 Oct 1880 HAMPER, MRS. ANNA / at residence of daughter Mrs. Adison Chapin / ae 64y
29 Oct 1880 BAITS, PHINEAS / of Rose / born Madison Co., N.Y. 1805 / married Miss Esther Stowel in 1832/ came to farm at Milford, Mich. 1834 / 1846 buried his wife / 1847 married Miss Nancy Myers / 1865 moved to Rose / one of original members of Baptist Church in Highland
1 Nov 1880 CROWELL, MISS LIBBIE / former resident of Fenton / in Owosso of consumption
15 Nov 1880 BOWMAN, JOHN / old pioneer of Rose, Oakland Co., Mich.
15 Nov 1880 VAN ATTA, JAMES W. / ae 72 / one of the oldest residents of Fenton died at his home / Born in Philadelphia, PA Sept 1808 / He came to Fenton in August of 1850 and engaged in manufacture and sale of furniture up to the hour of his death / Leaves 2 children: Henry C. and Horatio J., an aged wife, 4 years his senior / Funeral at the M E Church.
16 Nov 1880 COCKRAN, JOHN L. / brother of the late George E. Cockran at Luvern, Minn. / ae 39 years.
16 Nov 1880 STONE BENJAMIN F. / ae 50 / a resident of Fenton 25 years an most of that time in retail hardware business / Member of the School Board, Village Assessor and Township Supervisor at time of death / M E Church choir leader 20 years / Funeral under direction of Knights of Honor of which he was a charter member / Brother of Mrs. N T Thurber / Leaves wife, 1 child and aged parents.
17 Nov 1880 CURTIS, WILSON / at his residence on Main St. / age 51y / funeral at M. E. Church under direction of Masonic Fraternity / Former passenger conductor of D & M RR for 8 or 10 yrs / leaves wife and one son and 2 married daughters, Mrs. G. E. Corwin of Detroit and Mrs. Charles Lee of Saginaw
20 Nov 1880 BAINBRIDGE, JOHN / prominent member of Baptist Church / at residence on South Street / age 69y
3 Dec 1880 JOHNSON, MR. LUCINDA W. / at the residence of her son, Galen V. Johnson / ae 90 years / Funeral at Johnson's residence one mile west of this village.
4 Dec 1880 HOLLENBECK, MRS. / ae about 60 years / at her residence in Tyrone / Buried in Grand Blanc.
5 Dec 1880 BUCKINGHAM LEWIS, / father of Maj. George W. Buckinham / in Flint / ae 83 years / Removed from New York to what is now the City of Flint in 1833 and was first sheriff of Genesee Co.
8 Dec 1880 SCRANTON, MRS. CHARLOTTE / late consort of W C Scranton of this village / ae 60 years 3 months / Buried Clarkston.
11 Dec 1880 SMITH, B. G. / ae 75 years / Leaves 7 children: William and P C Smith of Hartland; H P & R Z Smith of East Saginaw; Mrs. Thomas Padley of St Johns; Mrs. Dufrene of Detroit and Miss Mary Smith of Fenton. / Funeral at the residence on Rockwell Street / Sermon by Rev. J Ward Stone of St Johns.
16 Dec 1880 STONE, MRS. HATTIE / relict of B F Stone / died one month to the day from the death of her husband.
24 Dec 1880 GOODFELLOW, MRS. /lately moved here with her husband from Quebec.
25 Dec 1880 PARKER MISS CORNELIA / sister of Leroy Parker of Flint at Battle Creek / Familiarly called "Cornie".


January - December 1881

Date Name Information Published
Jan 1881 KINCADE, EMMA / Mr. E M Adams was called to Battle Creek Thursday by the death of his sister Mrs. Emma Kincade / former teacher in our public schools.
Jan 1881 ROBERTS, JOHN / at his residence on W. High Street /Buried in Parshallville.
1 Jan 1881 WRIGHT, MISS HELEN A. / ae 20 years / at the residence of her parents G H & Martha Wright 4 miles south of Bucyrus Ohio / Fell from a horse / Niece of F H Wright of Fenton.
17 Jan 1881 SMITH, MRS. OSCAR / of diptheria / Leaves young husband an Infant child.
21 Jan 1881 COOPER, SEXTUS / struck by D G H & M RR train a short distance west of Leroy Street / ae between 30 and 35.
14 Feb 1881 DAVIS, THOMAS / former resident of Fenton / died in Flint.
28 Feb 1881 DUNTON, MRS A. H. / at H B Street's in Tyrone / ae about 21 years.
Mar 1881 HOVEY, JOHN / father of E M Hovey of Fenton (taken from Portland, Michigan Observer) / a Graduate of Colby Univerisity, Waterville, Maine / Commenced college at Yale, graduated from Colby in 1825 / Preached awhile in Baptist denomination in Boston, Mass. / Most of his life he taught / Taught in Perry, New York, 1826-28, Ypsilanti, Mich 1828-30, Farmington Mich. 1830-52, Rose, Mich 1852-­1864.
3 Mar 1881 WALKER / infant child of George Walker / ae 3 weeks.
4 Mar 1881 DAVIS, J. M. / last survivor of a family of 9 children / brother of the late A. P. and J. T. Davis / at his home near Flint / age 69 years
9 Mar 1881 PERRY, Mrs. ADAM / and mother of Mrs. Nelson Nye / at the family residence on South Street / Buried Oakland Co., north of Pontiac.
18 Mar 1881 EVERTS, JAMES / in Rose / ae 68 years / Daughter Mrs. J S Clark is also seriously ill / Born June 1815 in Paulet, Rutland Co., VT / at age 8 years his parents died leaving the support of the family on him and his brother Caleb 2 years his senior / Came to Michigan in 1836, locating in Milford, Oakland Co., / in 1841 married Rebecca Beach of Highland, Oakland Co., and moved to Rose. In 1867 moved to Fenton / Last fall returned to farm in Rose / Leaves wife and 3 daughters, Mrs. C Valentine, Mrs. A C Murphy and Mrs. J S Clark.
26 Mar 1881 FOX, Rev. WM / in Bancroft / Buried Fenton / Had recently purchased a residence on Shiawassee Avenue with intention of making Fenton his home.
Apr 1881 SMITH / Mr & Mrs T G Smith of Flint buried one of their twin boys / ae __ months in Fenton last Tuesday.
12 Apr 1881 NYE, MRS / mother of N B Nye / ae 76 years / at Romeo.
15 Apr 1881 WHITTlE, JOHN JR / ae 24 years / of consumption.
29 Apr 1881 MARVIN, GEORGE / only son of Henry Marvin / at St Johns /ae 21 Buried Hartland.
29 Apr 1881 WAKEMAN, RICHARD / youngest brother of L B Wakeman / at his home in Hartland / of Diabetis / ae 23 years / Leaves young wife, infant child and aged mother / Funeral at Parshallville.
1 May 1881 FLETCHER GEORGE A / at his home in Argentine / 2 miles west of Linden/age 69 years / came to Michigan 44 years ago / Uncle of the late G E Cockran.
9 May 1881 PRATT, GEORGE K / farmer / who lived one mile east of this place in Holly Township / of heart disease.
13 May 1881 INGERSOLL Hon. JOHN N / veteran editor of the Shiawassee Journal /at his horne in Corunna / ae 64.
14 May 1881 RUDOLPH, F / at his home on N LeRoy Street of heart dissease.
21 May 1881 CHASE, Mrs. ELIZA L / in Tyrone / ae 57 years 8 months
25 June 1881 MARSH, HARRY / youngest son of Frank and Lucy Marsh / ae 2 1/2years / drowned.
11 July 1881 LEE, CHARLES / former resident of Fenton and nephew of Thomas .J Lee / in Chicago of consumption / ae 30 years /Remains arrived in Fenton, Tuesday and were taken to the family burying ground, 4 miles north of Fenton.
12 July 1881 HIRST, Mr. AKED / an old resident residence Fenton at the residence of of his son, A J Hirst / Came to Michigan in 1837, settled on and cleared up a farm near Clarkston, Wife, 3 sons, 1 daughter survive.
20 July 1881 BURRELL, MARION / of cholera infantum / infant daughter of Fran A and Julia M Burrell / ae about 5 months / Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Fenton / Grand daughter of A Curtis.
29 July 1881 COON, FANNY / 9 year old daughter of James Coon of Caroline street.
14 Aug 1881 McOMBER, FLORENCE E. / only child of Wallace W. McOmber/at Petoskey/ Buried Fenton.
17 Aug 1881 SLACK, CLARA E / daughter of John Slack of consumption / ae 20 / Buried Grand Blanc.
27 Aug 1881 SIMONSON, JAMES B / of Holly / ae 76 years / banker and prominent businessman.
Sep 1881 SUTTON, EMMA / 11 years old daughter of W H Sutton of Mundy of diptheria.
18 Sep 1881 DAVIS Miss EMMA / at the family residence on W. Shiawasse./ ae 31 years/ Buried Oakwood Cemetery.
23 Sep 1881 BYRAM, JOHN / at the residence of his father / ae about 38 years
15 Sep 1881 BASSETT, MRS. SARAH / In Genesee, Mich. /of consumption / Mrs. Sarah Bassett / daughter of Mr & Mrs B A Fay and sister to Mrs. B F Marsh of Fenton / ae about 30 years / Former teacher in Fenton public schools. / Married Mr. Bassett some 6 years ago and they lived in New England until about 2 months ago / Funeral at the residence of B F Marsh.
Oct 1881 COGSHALL Hon. BELA / in Holly / Prominent member of the masonic order / in 1873 elected to State Legislature and was sergeant at arms for that body / For 3 years was Holly Village Pres. / Came to Oakland Co., in 1836 and has resided in Holly nearly all the time since./ Member ME Church / ae 65 years / Leaves wife and 4 grown children.
14 Oct 1881 CAMPBELL, LETTIE EMMA / At Middleville of diptheria / Lettie Emma / only remaining child of S Frank and Emma M Campbell of Irving / ae 5 years 11 months.
22 Oct 1881 COLWELL, JIMMIE / son of John P and Martha Colwe11 / of diptheria.
3 Nov 1881 SKELTON, CLARA / small daughter of Thomas Skelton of diptheria.
10 Nov 1881 HOLLAND, Mrs CAROLINE / in Vassar
11 Nov 1881 HOLLAND, JAMES F / in VassarMr and Mrs Holland were pioneers of Tuscola Co., having located in Vassar in 1855. Married for more than 1/2 century / Large family of Children and grandchildren / Parents of Mr & Mrs T J Holland of Fenton.
25 Nov 1881 VAN AUKEN, KITTY / Memorial services in honor of KITTY VAN AUKEN who died Nov 25 will be held at the Presbyterian Church tomorrow January 22.
27 Nov 1881 BAILEY, ABRAM / old and well known resident of Fenton / of paralysis / ae 77 years.
29 Nov 1881 DAVIS, Mrs. WM C / of apoplezy / at the family residence on Shiawassee Avenue / ae 44 years / Leaves husband, son and daughter / Returned home from visiting sister, Mrs. Thomas Patterson of Holly day before death
10 Dec 1881 ADAMS, CHARLES / E M Adams received a dispatch this week announcing the death of his brother, Charles at Eldorado, Kansas, last Monday / Mr Adams and family removed from Fenton to Kansas last October and engaged in the photography business. / Died of epilepsy.
10 Dec 1881 BLAIR / There have been 7 deaths from diptheria in the family of David Blair, north of Linden, within the past two
22 Dec 1881 WALKER, HARVEY / an old citizen of Fenton / of heart disease / ae about 71 years / Father of George and Crane Walker and Mrs. G W Kenyon of Fenton.
27 Dec 1881 BISHOP Mrs. MARGARET / wife of Augustus Bishop / ae nearly 40 years / died on her 16th anniversary of wedding day / Leaves husband and 2 daughters / Funeral at M E Church.
28 Dec 1881 LEE, Mrs. PERSULA M / ae 32 years / wife of Thomas J Lee / no children.
29 Dec 1881 KELLEHER, Mrs. ELIZABETH / ae 17 years


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