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Fenton Historical Society Newsletter

Museum Has Website

Webmaster: Cheryl Canty

Transcriber: Denise Vickers

We are very happy to announce that we now have a website for the Fenton Historical Society. The website was composed by Cheryl Canty and is a free gift from Todd and Cheryl Canty. Some transcribing is dine by Denise Vickers, friend of Cheryl.

The address is http://fentonhistsoc.tripod.com.

There are many things offered on the website. There are transcribed diaries from Fenton people, many census reports, different photos with articles that will change this from time to time also. There are different links for people doing genealogy. Check it out.

We are also now on the internet. I am still not sure who is responsible for this. Just found a package in the door and there was the equipment for DSL fast service internet. A special thank you to Matt Adair for installing this for us.

May Meeting At The Museum

We are pleased to announce the meeting in May will be the subject of Kit Houses of Fenton. Speaker will be Donna Hitz. Donna has been working on this subject for a time and has found some Kit Houses right here in Fenton. The meeting will be May 25th at 7:30 PM at the museum. 310 S. Leroy Street. Everyone is invited and bring the children.

Refreshments will be served.

New Members

Jan Bretzke, Donna Hicks, Denise Vickers, Herve Adams

(Address witheld online for privacy )

We Welcome you all and hope you enjoy the museum and the newsletters that you will be receiving.


Aquisitions For March and April

From John Callaghan - one old Fenton fireman's hat from the 50's

One Fenton Fire Dept. badge. One retired Fenton Fire Dept. badge.

From Jerry and Joan Graham - one green Hovey's Drugstore Medicine bottle, one book, "St. Jude's Church 1991 Directory", one book by George Hoffman, "By George, George Did It !", one match box holder found in the basement of Davis and Graham funeral home. One Latourette Farms Quart milk bottle - painted orange lettering, one Mickey's Quart milk bottle - painted oange lettering, one cottage cheese container from Valley Farms, one half pint milk bottle from IniPark Dairy, one 4ft by 2ft airel view of Fenton from the home of R. Noble Peckham, 1959 era, one President Ford 1976 bumper sticker for the National Election and one bumper sticker "Fenton Square, it's Coming".

From Jack Dunkel - one 5 x 7 photo of 7th grade, Fenton School, 1910. One 8 X 10 photo of construction of east side of Fenton School, 1921.

From Lorraine Adams Hanson - one picture of her father, Oliver Adams in grade school in Fenton, one picture of Simean Adams farm house on Owen Rd. and one copy of school reception for Fenton graduating class of 1887.

From Ken Seger - one 5 x 7 photo of the A and W rootbeer stand of Fenton, and one copy of his WWII book of Fenton servicemen.

From Eileen Brown - two photo's of James Herbert Chapman, her grandfather.

From Roger and Ferne Renwick - one large diploma of Roger's mother, Margaret Currin Renwick, 1928, and many blue prints of the postoffice renovation into the Winegarden Library.

Origins Of Street Names - Fentonville (part two)

Dauner Rd. - Very large farm owned by Dauner family. Dauner Field for airplanes to take off was at shopping mall where Farmer Jacks and Aco Hardware now stands. Airfield from 1914 to 1940's.

Wakeman St. - named for Austin Wakeman who owned Wakeman and sons Grain Elevator in 1865.

Bly St. - named after Andrew Bly who joined the Michigan 8th in the Civil War at age 16. When he returned to Fenton he became a mason and put in Fentons first sidewalks.

Butcher Rd. - named after William Butcher who served in the Civil War. He owned Butcher's Meat Market in Dibbleville for many years.

Riggs St. - Named after Judge Jeremiah Riggs who helped write the Michigan Constitution. He was a veteran of the War of 1812, and built the Riggs Hotel in Dibbleville in 1837.

Lemen St. - named after Austin Lemen, a prominent business man who owned Lemen, Patterson and Thompson General Store. he built the log mansion on Log Cabin Point on Lake Fenton.

Thurber St. - Named after Nathan Thurber who settled in Fenton in 1850 and was in the hardware business, real estate and land developing on the north end of town. He built a resort on lake Fenton called Idlewild.

Jayne Rd. - Very large Jayne Farm south of town. Judge Ira Jayne was born in 1882 and was on the Wayne County Circut Court for 37 years. Jayne Hill Farms subdivision was developed from this farm.

Davis St. - named after William C. Davis who owned a Drug and Grocery store in 1850 and lived on the corner of Shiawassee and Davis.

Kellogg St. - Named after John H. Kellogg who was born in 1852 in Tyrone Township. He became a 7th Day Adventist, became a Doctor, moved to Battlecreek and invented the Cornflake as a way to eat more healthy grain.

Coming Events

June 18th - Holly Historical Society Home Tour, noon to 4 P.M. Tickets are $8.00 if bought early, $10.00 day of tour at Hadley House. For info call 248-634-9233 on Tues, Wed, Thur. from 9A.M. to 4P.M.

July 17th, Open Gate Garden Club Tour on Sunday from 10A.M. to 4P.M. Tickets for sale at the Fenton Museum day of tour starting at 9:30 A.M. the price is $9.00 for seven gardens in the Fenton and Holly area.


RESEARCH - Research was done on the following families: Stanard, Kate Birdsall, Adams, McKeon, Austin Jones and Brainard.

Last Words

History Reclaimed

You would think after 25 years I would know where everything is in the museum, not so. Upon going through some clippings of things donated to the museum, there was a picture of a flag that belonged to the Dexter Horton Sons of Veterans Post 102, Fenton. I rushed down to the museum and went upstairs as I knew there was a box of assorted flags there. The last flag that I pulled from the box was this flag. We have never been able to display everything we have due to space but I never dreamed there would be a piece like this. Being a member of the Sons of Union Veterans, I realized the importance of this flag. The problem is this flag is 6ft by 6ft. Where are we going to display it? Perhaps we will only put it out on special occasions like July 4th.

The Union Soldier formed an organization after the Civil War called the Grand Army of the Republic. later it became known as the Sons of Union Veterans. Dexter Horton was a Brevet Major in the Civil War and was in Washington D.C. on special assignment for President Lincoln. The flag has 38 stars, gold fringe around it and gold lettering. It is in excellent shape and appears to be made of linen material. It dated to around 1890. Stop in to the museum to see this piece of history.

The A & W Story

It was different back then....in 1954......when the A&W opened.

The girls had to wear white blouses, freshly ironed, black skits (no jeans), white aprons and saddle shoes.

If you were sixteen, you could only work until 10 p.m. You couldn't leave on a date with any customers. When your shift was over, your parents had to pick you up. If they couldn't do that, then Mr. Homer took you home. He had strcit rules that he expected you to obey but it was because he was concerned about the girls well being.

The girls that worked in 1954 were Eileen Chapman, Rosemary Ball, Marion McCauley, Leona Hajec, and Joan Zoll. On the later shift were Joyce Preston and Betty Pettis.

Information about the A&W from Eileen Chapman Brown.



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