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Published in the Fenton Courier 1936

The Fenton Courier 30 April 1936

40 Years Ago - Telephone

At the meeting of the citizens last week to consider the question of a telephone exchange, the organization also effected to select a board of directors. The directors are H.B. Latourette, H.J. Phillips, J.H. Jennings, C.J. Campbell, A.H. Douglas. The elected officers were as follows: President - H.B. Latourette; vice president - A.H. Douglas; secretary - treasurer - H.J. Phillips. The officers are in correspondence with various firms and will be able in a few days to estimate very nearly the cost of putting the exchange into operation. All the townsfolk seem very interested in this new idea, and all hopes that this new venture into a more modernized village will be successful.


The Fenton Courier 21 May 1936

40 Years Ago - Miscellaneous

Great Eastern Renovator

Fenton Steam Dye works in connection with Fenton Steam Laundry, corners Leroy and Ellen streets. We are here to stay and will put in new machinery and fixtures. Work first class and guaranteed to please. Come and see us.

J. Gordon & Company

E.C. O'Dwyer has reopened the Everrett House.

The "City of Flint" made a trial trip Sunday. The high wind prevented many from going to the lake.

The Lady cyclist have adopted yellow and blue as their colors. The club will ride Tuesday and Friday evenings.

A. Morehouse is having a house built on his farm in Mundy which will be occupied when completed by Len Morehouse and wife. Thompson and Abbey are doing the work.

Burt Goodrich has purchased the interest of his brother, Ed., in the barber shop and now is sole proprietor. During the absence of his wife Thursday, Ed gathered up his effects, sold his pacer, and left Fenton without a word concerning his future where abouts.

Street prices: Wheat 62, oats 22, corn 32, eggs 7, butter 9, potatoes 8-10.

The DGH & MRY will give reduced rates to detroit, Thursday the 21, on account of the Forepaugh & Sells Bros. circus. Tickets sold on all regular trains and include admission tickets to the show. Fare from Fenton $2.05.

Chas. Wortman has removed to the Chapman house, corner of Lavina and Caroline streets.

H.H. Rackham and wife of Detroit spent Sunday with D. Horton.

The Mutual Telephone Co. has a line up between the offices of A.J. Phillips Co. and the depot.

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