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As with the old style, people were much interested in everyones daily comings and goings. Here we present some of the articles we have found, which gives us a little insight into the lives of the people who were once roaming Fenton.

The Flint Daily Journal Wednesday , January 13, 1904


Leading Lady of Delacour Dramatic
Co. Ill With Pneumonia - Personal
and Other Mention.

Fenton, Mich., - January 13, - The blaze occured in Dr. McConnell's office on Leroy street yesterday afternoon but was promptly extinguished by the aid of several who were present. A wood fire had been kindled and the heat was so intense that the floor beneath the stove took fire and a large hole was burned.

John Cox is on the sick list,

Mrs. Myra Hinkley is on the sick list.

Geo. Barnes, of Tyrone, was in fenton yesterday.

Mr. E. Bennett, of Gaines, was in town yesterday.

Frank McKeon, of Deerfield, spent Tuesday in Fenton.

John Gurdeon, of Deerfield, was in Fenton on Tuesday.

Mrs. W. Girard, of Holly, spent Tuesday in Fenton.

Ed. Hamilton, of Long Lake, spent Tuesday in Fenton.

Dr. A.R. Ingram was in Lansing Monday on business.

Clarence Hetcheler, of Linden, was in Fenton on Tuesday.

Leonard freeman was in Pontiac yesterday on business.

Jesse Buck, of Mundy, was in town yesterday on business.

R. Banks is seriously ill at his home on Caroline street.

Mrs. Charles Canfield, of Tyrone, visited in Fenton on Tuesday.

George Van Zile, of Battle Creek, spent Tuesday in Fenton.

Miss Mame Buck of Mundy, visited friends in Fenton on Tuesday.

Charles Canfield, of Tyrone, went to Durand Tuesday on business.

Mrs. J. McKeon, of Tyrone, was in Fenton Tuesday on business.

Dan Love, of Tyrone, made a business trip to Fenton Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wakeman, of Tyrone, were in Fenton Tuesday.

James Coon, an old resident of Fenton, is seriously ill at his home.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Cuineen, of Holly, visited friends in FentonTuesday.

Byron Whitney, who has been ill for the past few weeks, is recovering.

Fred Stover, township treasurer of Tyrone, spent Tuesday in Fenton on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sutherland, of Argentine, visited friends in Fenton yesterday.

A public installation of Odd Fellows was held last evening in Odd Fellows' hall.

Will Peabody is in Fenton for a few days to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Peabody.

Mrs. Herber Curtis, of Linden, spent Tuesday in fenton visiting her sister, Mrs. W.E. Scott.

Emory Gleason, of Cohoctah, who has been in Fenton for the past week, returned home Monday.

Owing to the inclemency of the weather last evening the sleighride to Steton's was postponed.

Charles Adams, of Grand Blanc, is in Fenton visiting his daughter, Mrs. Belle Thompson, of Adelaide street.

Grave Donovan is taking a two weeks' vacation and will spend part of the time in Detroit visiting relatives.

The Wood block, which is nearing completion, will be occupied by Cole Bros. They will take possession next month.

Mrs. Thomas Parker and family, of Clarkston, who have been in Fenton for the past few days, returned home yesterday.

R. Brock, who has been working at Milford for the past two weeks, spent the first of the week in Fenton with his family.

Mrs. John McKeon, of Tyrone, who has been seriously ill with a severe attack of typhoid malaria, is slowley recovering.

Mrs. C. Sheehy, of Detroit, came to Fenton Tuesday to spend a few days with her daughter, Mrs. D.S. Frackelton.

Don Sweeney, who is very ill at the home of V. McGuire, is being attended by Miss Moutier, a trained nurse from Pontiac.

Next Friday evening Miss Clara Moyer will entertain the members of her class, the seniors of Fenton high school, at her home near Long Lake.

Miss Elizabeth Renwick will go to Ann Arbor on Friday evening to spend a few days with her mother. She will be accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Loomis, of Belfast, New York.

Tomorrow evening the subject of the sermon which will be delivered at the Baptist church is "The Evangelization of the World Under the great Commission." Services will begin at 7:30.

Mrs. Anna Corcoran, who has been spending the winter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Carmody, of Tyrone, returned to Fenton this week.

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