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Queries & Research

Requests may be submitted by email or regular postal mail. If sent by regular postal mail, the request must include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).

The Fenton Historical Society accepts limited, free, initial research requests, normally limited to one or two names that can be looked up in easily accessible records. This meaning it would take only a few minutes to locate the simple information.. Requesters are responsible for copying and postage fees.

If more research is needed or requested, a researcher will be assigned to your querie. You will be notified of the rates by e-mail or postal mail before this is done. You may request a limit as to the charges of the research in advance. An exhaustive search will be performed, at the rates listed below. If no data can be found within the first hour of research the search will end there. The initial rate will still be charged, to pay for the researchers time. Researches will stop the search for information when they cannot find anything more substantial to add to what they have found, or when they have achieved the objective of the requester.

If information is found, you will then be notified, unless already specified, of the accumulative charges, includung any copying and postage fees. Services must be paid for at this time, before any materials are sent. Once payment is received, all materials will be forwarded. (All e-mail recipients will receive any photos or documents found, as scanned images not xerox copies. They will not be charged for copying costs due to no ink being used.)

As much as we love to share our information, we cannot afford to do extensive research for free. This is very time consuming, and our researchers time is very important to us, as is the cost of all the copying and mailing of information.

Rates for Reaserching are as follows:
(All rates are in U.S. Dollars)

$10.00 - Initial first hour of research.
$ 5.00 - Per additional hour after the first initial one.
     .20 - Any photo xerox copy
     .10 - Any text xerox copy
   Free - Digital Copies emailed

Unknown amount for sending and materials, above what has already been sent as an SASE.

Rates for ordering copies of papers and/or photos (ex. diaries, letters, books, etc.) we have on file will be as follows.
(All rates are in U.S. Dollars)

Non-digitized papers: 50 cents per page. This is for any standard 8 1/2 X 11 paper or smaller. This fee includes finding the paperwork, scanning, labeling and preparing it for emailing and time spent sending the images.
*If a paper is larger than a standard size, fees will be calculated by how many scans it takes to copy the paper.

Already digitized papers: 20 cents per page. This fee includes finding the paperwork, and time spent emailing the images.

Transcribing any digital or non digital paper: $ 1.00 per page. Some diaries and letters are very difficult to read. If a paper needs transcribing it first must be scanned and placed in the digital files. Then it is transcribed. You will receive a copy of both the digital image and the transcription.


Because of the amount of interest in House Research we have set a flat rate of $50.00. This keeps it affordable and give you a detailed history of the people and information on the house and land being researched.

Items For Sale

Items for sale or membership forms can be ordered via the contact us page, or at the following address.
Fenton Historical Society
310 S. LeRoy Street
Fenton, MI 48430

S & H
Black and White Drawings
of Fenton Historical Sites 5x7
$ 5.00
$ 2.00
Elongated Coins of
Historic Fenton Scenes
$ 5.00
$ 2.00
Fenton Museum
Coffee Mugs
$ 5.00
$ 2.00
Genesee County Susquicentennial
"First Day Cover" envelope 1986
$ 1.00

"The Village Players" book by Bob Harris
a history of the village of Fenton, 1937 - 1941

$ 15.00

$ 3.00

"Men, Wind and Courage", 400 pages,
published in 2009.
Nancy Mess has written a book about her uncle
Osbert E. Williams. The book contains his history
in aviation from Scranton, Penn to Mobile, Al. The
most interesting section of the book is the history
of him in Fenton,Mich, where he started Michigan's
first flying school.

$ 20.00

$ 3.00

Postcard History Series Book "Fenton".
By: Donna and Kenneth Seger for the Fenton
Historical Society. Published 2009 contains 128
pages. This book contains images and the history
behind the images of things in and around Fenton
in the 1800's to 1900's.

$ 22.00

$ 3.00

Annual Membership Dues

Annual Membership
$ 5.00
Student K-12 grade
$ 3.00
$ 10.00
Senior Citizen
$ 3.00

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