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Here is a list of the new items on the website and when they were added.

April 15, 2016


The home at 106 W. Shiawassee is more than 100 years old and located at the crossroads of the historic business district. We have only a small area of historic buildings left after most of the old downtown was demolished in the 1970's. This house is in danger of being torn down by the DDA and replaced with a new building.

How YOU can help:

~SIGN THE PETITION in the private messages section on the Fenton Historical Society Facebook page, at the Iron Grate at 103 W. Shiawassee, or The A.J. Phillips Museum on Sunday 1-4.

Click here to view on our Facebook page.

ATTENTION! in regards to saving 106 W. Shiawassee and the Fenton Historic District:
THE DDA has changed the meeting from Tuesday to WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20 at 6:00 at the City Hall.
We really need people to show up! You won't need to talk, if you don't want to. just please come and show your support!

We have a Facebook page! 

Come visit us, ask questions, or post information. The site is run by Kim Weaver one of our newest additions as a researcher and digital copier. Stop by and say hi to Kim. 

Dec 04, 2011

Added 24 more articles from The Fenton Independent Centennial Edition to the Stories and Articles Page under The Independent's Centennial Articles.

Dec 03, 2011
Added 45 articles from The Fenton Independent Centennial Edition to the Stories and Articles Page under The Independent's Centennial Articles.

Jul 28, 2011
Added the flyer for this years Oakwood Cemetery Civil War History Walk to the Local Events page.

Removed a "Peek into the Past" from the Research page and made it into Harry's Room. This was a collection of things from Harry anyway :)

Added Harry's Room to the Navigation Bar. This page will offer stories and articles from Harry T. Bidelman.

Added a photo of Harry T. Bidelman, the story July 4, 1959 and The Talk of the Times Interview to the Harry's Room page

Jul 22, 2011
Added the link for "The Christian Family Western Trip" to its own page found under Books, Diaries and Letters section of the Research Room. I have taken this article off of the Gustavus Christian page.

May 18, 2011
Added "The Western Trip" to the Gustavus Christian page. A piece put together by family about his families journey west. Pleas go to G.F. Christian Diary to see it.

April 18, 2011
Changed some of the links in the Navigation panel around in terms of relevance.

April 18, 2011
Added Civil War page to the Navigation column for easy access to our Civil War information. Also changed the links over to that page of information we had on the site.

April 18, 2011
Added link for the Fenton part of Road Trip - 62' by Don Milne to the Local Events page.

Feb 15, 2011
Added information on Road Trip - 62' by Don Milne to the Local Events page.

Aug 24, 2010
Added the Free History Walk at Oakwood Cemetery information to the Local Events Page

Moved 175th Anniversary Information to the Research Page under Miscellaneous.

Feb 12, 2010
Added 28 Sep 1900 Train Wreck Durand
Feb 04, 2010
Added pages 52-61 to the 1870 Census.

Feb 03, 2010
Added Fenton Bridge Fire of 1879 articleto the Disasters/Fires Around Town page

Feb 02, 2010
Added Davis Graham Funeral Home records from 1936-1952.
Davis-Graham Funeral Records now complete.
Feb 01, 2010
Added Davis Graham Funeral Home records from 1931-1935

Jan 28, 2010
Added the Book "Men, Wind and Courage" by Nancy Mess to the Queries & Items page under Items for Sale.
Changed Navigation Page name of "Queries and Resources" to "Queries and Items"  

Jan 07, 2010
Added a tombstone picture titled "Dark Angel" by Tara Lubiato to the Research Room / Cemeteries page.

Jan 06, 2010
Added Davis Graham Funeral Home records from 1924-1930

Jan 05, 2010
Removed the Cemetery Walk advertisement.
Added a link to the Pioneer Memorial Association / Podunk House
Moved Our Holdings and Newsletters from the Navigation Bar to the Research Room under From Our Shelves
Moved 175th Anniversary Information to the Local Events Page with an underlined link to navigate to it.
New Page and info on the Post Office in Fenton and its history and Postmasters, located in the Research Room under Historical Buildings, then under Post Office.
Added an article on the Grain Elevator from the newspaper in 1980, and an article on The Purple Gang under Research Room / Miscellaneous / Articles /Things to Remember
Added Historical Buildings map and info to Research Room / From Our Shelves / Historical Buildings / Historical Register

Sept 27, 2009
Added 5 Jun 1941-19 Nov 1941 to Fenton Independent Deaths 1938-1943.
Added Seeking Michigan and Footnote to the Links page
Added Gravestone Symbolism Link to Links page

Sept 26, 2009
Added 30 May 1940-18 Jan 1941 to Fenton Independent Deaths 1938-1943.
Added 20 Jan 1941-14 June 1941 to Fenton Independent Deaths 1938-1943.

Sept 24, 2009
Added Cemetery Walk Event Poster to Local Event's Page
Added new page for Local Events.

May 11, 2009
Added the Souvenir Book to the 175th Clebration page.

May 09, 2009
Added the Postcard Book to the 175th Clebration page.

April 06, 2009
Added new 175th Clebration page.
Added special items for sale on 175th page.
Deleted items sold out on the Queries & Resources page.

March 14, 2009
Added information on the Fenton Railroad Depot
Added Information on Eddy's Landing & Horse Drawn Railcar

July 17, 2008
Added 1920 to the Davis-Graham Funeral Home Records
Added 1921 to the Davis-Graham Funeral Home Records
Added 1922 to the Davis-Graham Funeral Home Records
Added 1923 to the Davis-Graham Funeral Home Records

July 15 2008
Added the year 1915 to the Davis-Graham Funeral home records
Added the year 1916 to the Davis-Graham Funeral home records
Added the year 1917 to the Davis-Graham Funeral home records
Added the year 1918 to the Davis-Graham Funeral home records

July 13, 2008
School Bus Crash 1946 - article and picture to When Things Go Wrong / Automobiles
Added new stories to the 1920 Tornado page
Added new images of the 1920 Tornado also
New category of Indians was added to from our shelves on the research page and a story was added to it called Woodlot Cleared by Band of Indians

May 30, 2008
Added a new section to the Research page called Old Terminology
Added a page to that section entitled Old Medical Terms

May 14, 2008
Added Letters to the Books and Diaries section.
Added A.H. Marsh Civil War Letters.
Added B.F. Marsh Civil War Letters.
Added 1912-1914 Davis Graham Funeral records

April 29, 2008
Added Clough Hill Cemetery
Added Argentine Cemetery History and an article about the people in it.

April 25, 2008
Adde "Our Holdings" to the Navigation Bar, and a page which will be for our holdings at the Research Room at the museum. Added the Handwritten Books including Diaries / Autographs / Accounts / Cookbooks.

April 23, 2008
Added Argentine Cemetery

April 21, 2008
Combined Books & Diaries on the Research Page.
Made a New Section on the Research Page called "When Things Go Wrong!" for housing our Disasters / Accidents / Murders / pages on the Research Page.
Biographies / Maps & Plats /  GAR Post / Disasters / Haunted / all moved to the Research Page under their respective categories.
Created a new page for stories and articles of local people remembering the past called "Peek Into the Past". Moved Harry Bidelmans "A Peek Into the Past" there as the opening one.
Added a pages for Accidents / Murders to the Research page under When Things Go Wrong!
Added 3 murder articles and 1 train accident article.
Added a new page for Historical Buildings, also added pages / images /and text for it.

April 12, 2008
Added Newburg Cemetery

April 10, 2008
Added Smith-Griswold Cemetery
Added Chalker Cemetery

April 9, 2008
Working on loading the data for the Cemeteries and Funeral Homes please be patient as they are loaded!
Added Gage Cemetery
Added Gaylord Cemetery
Added Burgess Cemetery
Added Kimble Cemetery
Eliminated the Family File Form
Eliminated the Family File List
Changed the order of Whats New from Newest to Oldest
Moved Dibbleville Map and Original Land Grants from the Research page to the Maps and Plots page

April 8, 2008
Changed the names of some headers on the research Page.
Moved a few items around.
Added to the Research page a listing for Cemeteries.
Added to the Research page a listing for Funeral & Burial Records.
Added our new 1920 Tornado photo to the appropriate page.
Added the old Downtown Fenton photo to the Fenton Twp. History page.

February 25, 2008
Added 20 pages (2 Tables) to the Fenton Independent Deaths 1938-1943
Added the Haunted page.
Added a web link and logo for The Other Side of Life Paranormal Investigation Group

February 22, 2008
Added the Fenton Township Maps 1873, 1920, 1930-40 and 1959 to the website with a main link to Maps & Plats on the navigation bar.
Added Early Michigan Maps 1831, 1846, 1881.

February 9, 2008
Added "Our History" and "Biographies" to the main links in the website. Added the History of Fenton Township to the Our History page. Added a couple Bios for prominent people in Fenton and photos for them.
Added a photo to the 1920 Tornado page.

February 7, 2008
Added the heading Around Town to the Happenings page. Added the articles Did You Know That... and Events in Fenton During 1935
Added up to Feb. 4th 2008
The Miscellaneous Section on the reasearch Page has been all re-worked. It is now split into 3 sections. Stories and Articles / Facts and Tidbits / and Daily Happenings.
Alot of articles are going into these catagories.
Look up the page and you will either find a link right to the article, or you will find a link to a page of which under the link it will show what all is on that page.

Added Jan 28, 2008
The Disasters Page has been made to include the Tornados and other disasters that took place in Fenton. The Tornado information has been moved there and a new page for the Tornado in 1920 has been added also.
New trees please! has been added to the 2006 Tornado page if you would like to donate please see that section in green.
Added a Poem of Fenton and an article on Firsts in Fenton to the Facts and Tidbits.
Added a section for Fires to the Disasters page and and article for it.
Added Jan 27, 2008
The Boomerang newspaper
Oak Tree's additon to Stories and Articles
New Additions on the Research Page ......
William Fenton's Civil War Diary
Fenton Independent Death 1938-1943
"Memories" A Book by Ruth Parker Ramage

Thank you for visiting our site