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Can you help with these?
We are trying to locate the following items, if you have what we are looking for or know where to locate it, please help us. It will benefit all in the future. Thank you.
Pictures of John and Rosetta Barron
We need your help locating Abstracts!
If you have, or know of, an Abstract for your property in Fenton, please contact us. We would like to copy the information inside to add to our Address database which list all who lived in each address over the years. We have many people each year who buy homes and want to know who has lived in them in the past. Please help our Address database grow by showing us your abstracts. Many have been lost forever. The information we save today will last for many generations to come.


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Early Marriages Not found in the Dibean Marriage Index

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Fenton High School

The following link will take you to an external site housed by Eugene F. Gray that is dedicated to the graduates of Fenton High School 1928 - 1954.

Fenton High School Graduates

Old Terminology

Old Medical Terms


Books, Diaries & Letters



Rosetta Barron Diary 1879

John Barron Diary 1879

Diary of Elsie (Moran) Montgomery 1904

G. F. Christian Pocket Diary 1859

The Christian Family's Western Journey



Our Early Newspapers in Fenton that we hold are:
The Weekly Observer 1853 - 1855
The Fenton Independent 1868 - 1906
The Boomerang 6 May 1887

The Weekly Observer Deaths 1853 - 1855

Fenton Independent Deaths 1868 - 1906

Fenton Independent Deaths 1938-1943

Michigan Gazetter 1860 - Fentonville

The Boomerang


Fenton Census

1840 Census Fenton

1850 Census Fenton

1860 Census Fenton

1860 Census Fenton Township

1870 Census for Fenton is now being transcribed. Please be patient as the pages are worked in. On Hold at the moment while we get articles into the site.

1870 Census Fenton (Partial)

1920 Census Fenton


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Need a Reasearcher?
Help along the way?
If you would like to know if we have any research on family you have already researched, but just cant get to our building, just go to the "Contact Us" page, and write us an e-mail about what your looking for.
Need to hire someone?
Have you always wanted to research your family information, but just do not have the time, or dont know what to do? Have you ever wondered where you come from? Do you need a researcher to do the work for you? Then go to the "Contact Us" page and send us an e-mail, please write "Researcher Needed" in the subject line, and we will get right back to you.

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