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Here you will find a listing of early marriages in and around the area of Fenton (Fentonville).
If you are familiar with the online database called "The Dibean Marriage Index". It is a great tool for finding early marriages. However.... we have found in our research that it is incomplete. We have come across several marriages that are not listed.
We thought this would be a great item for this website, for people using the Dibean Index, that come across nothing on their ancestors. We hope that you will find them here.
The information gathered here is coming from several sources. The early local newspapers (which there were several), local marriage index's, etc. The sources are all held by the Fenton Historical Society, and most were originally transcribed by Eileen Roddy. We thought it would be a great help to make these transcriptions and our new research digital for you.
This will be an ongoing research project. As we come across new information and cannot find them elsewhere online, we will add them to the list.

22 Sept 1853

Joseph V. Shaw of Pennsylvania to Cynthia B. Babcock from New York State, in Fentonville by Rev. Mr. Lamb.

19 Oct 1853

R. B. Reed of Fentonville to Miss Sarah Jane Davis of Clarkston in Clarkston by Rev. James Webster.

20 Oct 853

Hugh Mount to Miss Mary Jane Spencer in Rose by Rev. A Govan.

29 Nov 1853

William D. Lanz to Mrs. Chloe Young both of Holly, Oakland County, Michigan in Genesee.

6 Feb 1854

John Runyan of Fenton to Miss Jane Orr of Argentine in Argentine by Rev. William Birdsall.

7 Feb 1854

Dr. William H. Borroughs of Pontiac to Miss Cenith Greenolds of Rose in LeRoy's Hotel in Fenton by Rev. Wm. Birdsall.

20 Feb 1854

Asahel H. Holmes and Mrs. Hannah Jane Marsh both of Fentonville in Fenton by Rev. George Brown.

20 Apr 1854

Solon Lobdell of Fenton and Miss Caroline Shepard of Rose in Rose by Rev. Wm. Birdsall.

28 May 1854

F. A. Williamson, Editor of the Saginaw Enterprise and Miss Clara P. Dean at East Saginaw.

27 Jun 1854

J. W. Perkins of Fenton and Miss Susan Barker of Rose in Rose.

6 Aug 1854

Henry Clough of Holly, Oakland Co. and Miss Mary Dunning of Redford, Wayne Co., in Redford.

13 Aug 1854

William C. Johnson of Rose and Mrs. Ann M. Gleason of Highland in Holly by D. Donaldson Esq.

20 Sep 1854

Isaac P. White and Miss Eliza L. Sage both of Mundy in Mundy by Rev. J. B. Jewell.

19 Oct 1854

Jarius Bigelow and Miss Margaretta Simon both of Mundy in Fenton by Wm. H. Shaw Esq.

29 Oct 1854

James H. Wortman and Miss Rhoda F. Hurd both or Rose in Rose by M. B. Jones Esq.

29 Oct 1854

Alonzo Carpenter of Burns, Shiawassee Co. and Miss Charity Carmer of Brighton, Livingston Co., in Rose by M. B. Jones Esq.

20 Oct 1854

Ben Birdsall of Fenton and Miss Frances E. Curtis of Stratford, Conn. in Stratford.

14 Nov 1854

H. C. Riggs Esq. and Miss Martha Thompson in Fenton by Rev. Mr. McLauren.

Nov 1854

Alonzo Tenny of "The Ark" and Miss M. Bishop of Hartland at Hartland Centre on or near the first of November.

5 Nov 1854

James M. Johnson of Fentonville and Miss Frank A. Beamer of Tyrone in Tyrone by J. C. Salisbury Esq.

Nov 1854

Andrew Horn and Miss Julia Parker, president of the young ladies' Temperance Society.

20 Nov 1854

Henry P. Hull of Fentonville to Miss Miss Elizabeth Watson of Pontiac in Pontiac.

14 Dec 1854

Silas Springsteen and Miss Mary A. Paddack in Fenton by Rev. T. J. Joslin.

5 Nov 1854

Abner D. Sweat of Linden and Miss Nancy Westerville of Deerfield in Linden by Rev. J. Shepard.

5 Nov 1854

Edward A. Proper and Miss Jane Fletcher both of Gaines in Linden by Rev. J. Shepard.

17 Dec 1854

Aaron Moyer and Miss Margaret Ann Woodhull both of Fenton at Long Lake by Rev. T. J. Joslin.

25 Dec 1854

Chandler R. Hovey and Miss Almira Perry both o Fenton in Fenton by Rev. T. J. Joslin.

Dec 1854

D. G. Royce of Byron and Miss T. B. Provost of Sonora City, California by Rev. R.C. Crane.

1 Jan 1855

David Steel and Miss Sarah H. R. Buchanan both of Tyrone by Rev. A. Lamb.


If you have a marriage you know of that occured in the early period of the town. Please drop us a line and let us know. We will look to see if we can find it and if not, we will add it to the list here for others to find.

Thank you for visiting our site