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Fenton, Genesee, Michigan


Fenton achieves distinction as the most complex, historic, and intact of Genesee County's small towns by the National Register of Historic Places.


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The building that houses the Fenton Museum and Historical Society (pictured above), was built in 1900 by A.J. Phillips for his personal office. He had a factory on the next block, that made wooden snowshovels, ironing boards, screen windows and doors. He died in 1904 and left the building to the city to be used as a library. The A.J. Phillips Library was started in 1906. In 1987 when the library needed a bigger building, they moved over to the old Post Office building. The museum then moved in. It features Queen Anne architecture, and the Victorian room still has some the original items contained in it, including A.J. Phillips desk.

The Fenton Historical Society becomes Official:
From the Fenton Courier, Feb 14, 1936.
Charlie Damon called a meeting to organize a Fenton Historical Society to co-operate with the Genesee County Historical Society. The meeting was held at the law office of Maurice Matthews on Feb 15, at 7:30 PM, 1936. Election of officers were held, President was Dr. M.B. Smith, First vice president was Harry Lemen, 2nd vice president was JC Peck, Secretary, Treasurer was C.A. Damon.

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We are proud to announce certain changes that have recently been made to the building.
The research room which houses hundreds of books, photos, family history, vital record transcriptions and many more items, has just been remodeled. An extra three feet was added to the room, and new bookshelfs and filing cabinets have been installed. A new table and chairs, and lighting has now replaced the old. We are very proud to say we now have a computer installed which is being filled with research data, for easy access to information.

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Our Address
310 South Leroy Street
Fenton, MI 48430
Open on Sundays  1:00pm - 4:00pm  Or by appointment
General Meetings held September to May
Fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm


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