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Originally Transcribed by: Eileen Roddy
Digitally Transcribed by: Denise Vickers


April 5, 1904

Wade & I went to Argentine to Grand ma's 75 birth-day party, it was a very nice day and a good time was enjoyed by all. Mother & Aggie went to linden and Aunt Mate came, Wade & I went about 5 o'clock and Wade & mother bought Grand ma Barron place.

April 6, 1904

They started to divide Grandma's things, and Wade cut down the plum brush in the garden. (rainy)

April 7, 1904

They all went down to the house and staid all day. Will & Bill & C.L. came over and made out the insurance policy. Pa & Ma moved back on the Leonard place and I went down and staid all day.

April 8, 1904

Mother & Aunt Mate went to Fenton, it rained hard.

April 9, 1904

Mother & Aunt Mate went down to the house. Wade & I & Aggie went to Linden. Rainy.

April 10, 1904

Wade & I went down to see Ma, and Aggie and Aunt Mate went to the cemetry. Cold and mudy.

April 11, 1904

Aunt Mate went home this morning. Aggie took her to the train. Aunt Elva up here this morning. Fred McComb come at noon to commence work. Rained all the after noon.

April 12

Wade & Fred worked down on the place all day. Mother went down in the afternoon. Father went to Linden. Quite warm.

April 13

They cut wood over in Aunt Mate's woods.

April 14

Wade & Fred drawed hay from over west and fixed fence down on the place.

April 15

Snowed all day, a foot of snow on the level. Wade and Fred cut wood part of the forenoon.

April 16, 1904

Wade and Fred cut down apple trees on the place in the forenoon. We all went to Linden in the after noon, but Father. Awful muddy and the snow has not melted much yet.

April 17

Wade & Aggie and I went over to Luce's, Viola & Cliff were packing up. Mother went down to Sallie's. Thawing.

April 18

Wade & Fred cut apple trees on the place in the Forenoon and they laid over the west fence here in the afternoon (rainy)

April 19

Wade & Gred cut apple trees and in the afternoon finished the fence. Mother and Aggie went to Linden. Cold & windy.



April 21

Wade got a fish that weighed 10# 11 and one 2 1/2 # out of the ditch.

April 23

Wade commenced to work the ground for oats. Wade and Fred went to Gaines at night. Elder Nash was here.

April 24

Wade & I went over to Ralphs and down to Kans and Fred & Aggie went to Linden. Father & Mother and Nash went to meeting at night.

April 25

Aggie took Nash to Linden. We commenced to clean house.

April 26

Wade & Mother went to Edw. Perry sale afternoon, drove Old Nell.

April 30

Wade & Aggie & I went to Linden, it rained and we went yp to will Wilds after 5 bu potatoes $1 a bu. Aggie stopped to see Edith Ripley. The st. Louis Exposition opened at noon to day.

May 1

Wade got Phillips (Mink) and we drove up home and Fannie & Clyde came up and up home too.

May 2

Wade & Fred worked over the Baird place on oats ground.

May 3

Wade finished drilling the oats, the hay pressers are here.

May 7

Wade & Fred & Aggie & I went to Linden in the one horse (shay) with Dandy.

May 14

We got through cleaning house. Father went to Linden after smudge for Aggie. Cold.

May 15

Pa's birthday 54 yrs old. Awful cold. Wade went over to Ed Perry's a few minutes.

May 16

Wade & Fred worked down on the place.

May 17

Mother & Aggie went to Linden afternoon. Ed Perry came over here. We bought Max of him.

May 18

Wade & I went to Fenton, drove Max, it rained. Cold.

May 19

Rainy all day. Bell & C.L. & Mrs. DeWitt were here in the afternoon.

May 20

Mother & I went down to the place and cleaned the house some.



June 1, 1904

Wade & I went down to Fannie's and stayed all night. Mike Toohy (?) cine here after O'clock at night.

June 2

Wade & I & Fannie & Clyde went to flint to the show. Mike & Aggie came over on the train.



This is all we have found on this diary. If in the future we come across more we will add it.

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