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Digitally Transcribed by Denise Vickers
The Michigan Gazetter 1860 Listing for Fenton.
Pages 152 and 153

Page 152


An important post village of Genesee county, situated on the Shiawassee river, and on the Detroit and Milwaukie railroad, 60 miles from Lansing, 51 from Detroit, and by stage routes 16 miles from Flint, the capital of the country, 48 miles from Saginaw, and 41 from Ann Arbor.

The village is situated in the midst of a rich and fertile district, and contains four Protestant churches three select and one union school, one Masonic lodge, one lodge I.O.O.F.. one weekly newspaper, the Peninsular Dispatch, published by H.V. Yates, and issued on Thursday, one private banking house, twenty-five stores and ten manufactories of various kinds, besides numerous and varied mechanical trades and professions. Population 1,500. Post office established in 1839.

C.H. Turner, Postmaster



Supervisor, C.T. Thompson.

Clerk, E.M. White.

Treasurer J.B. Moshier.

Justices, R.B. Reed, L.C. Miles, F. Fry, M. Little


Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Alderman M., Attorney at law

Alexander S.G., general merchant.

American Hotel, L.D. Magennis proprietor.

Arms W.B., general merchant.

Ayers C.M., insurance agent.

Ayers & Horton, wool dealers and commission merchants.

Baker Jas., carriage and wagon maker.

Bangs B, resident farmer.

Beach Hiram, general merchant.

Bentley Benj., auctioneer.

Birdsall B., resident farmer and general merchant.

Bridsall B., lumber yard and wool dealer.

Birdsall & Crumpley, butchers, and beef and pork packers.

Boocock Wm., boot and shoe maker and dealer.

Booth Rev. John, Baptist.

Booth W.W., attorney and notary and nursery and seedsman.

Booth W.W., jeweler and insurance Ag’t.

Bramble C., Livery stable.

Briggs L. C., jeweler.

Buchanan Wm., blacksmith.

Buckbee J., general merchant.

Buckbee J., wool dealer.

Buckley & Davis, commission merchants.

Bunwell Rev. W., Episcopal.

Bush H., ambrotypist.

Call C. J., cooper.

Campbell J., cooper.

Carnes & Holmes, blacksmiths.

Chandler E.N., edge tool manuf.

Chapin A., resident farmer.

Chipman G.O., patent right agent.

Clements J., telegraph operator.

Clements J.T., railroad agent.

Cole W. B., physician.

Crasso H. H., lumberyard.

Cummings James, painter.

Davis A.G. & Co., druggists.

Davis Wm., wool dealer.

Dennison M., boots and shoes.

Dennis S.R., general merchant.

Donaldson Kate, dress maker.

Fairchilds Jared, carpenter and builder.

Fenderburgh & Tomlinson, plow makers.

Fentonville Lodge, No. 48, Masonic.

Foote P.Y., bookseller and stationer.

Friedenburgh & Tomlinson, Foundry.

Gardner Joseph A., Carriage and wagon maker.

Grace B., grocer.

Green N.B., wines and liquors.

Green Wm. J., boots and shoes.

Guest Wm. P., boot and shoe dealer.

Guest W.P., insurance and patent right agent.

Hamilton J. B., baker and confectioner.

Hankinson Mrs. --, milliner.

Hovey Wm. F., physician.

Jones E., cooper.

Jones E., milliner.

Judivine Henry, carpenter and builder.

Keys Jesse, gunsmith.

Lacy & Thatcher, beef and pork packers.

Laraway Henry, carpenter and builder.

Latoneette D.L., banking and exchange office.

Leroy’s Hotel, I. Roberts, proprietor.

Lockwood A., Livery stable.

Lynd F.G., hides and leather.

Lynd F. G., saddle and harness maker

McCollum Mrs. --, Proprietress Vermont Hotel.

McKenzie J., tailor.

MCKenzie--, Clothing dealer.

McKinnon J., Tailor.

McLawen Rev. I., Presbyterian.

McOmbe P., daguerreotypist.

McOmber P., grocer.

Magennis L. D., Proprietor American Hotel

Marsh B., Fish dealer.

Marsh Benj., butcher

Mason G., proprietor Riggs Hotel.

 See Hess & Bro.'s Advertisement, page 140

Page 153

Miles L. C., attorney at law and justice of peace.

Mullery Peter. Broom manufacturer

Palmadge M.P., boots and shoes.

Peninsular dispatch, H.V. Yates, publisher

Randolph Frederick, Brewer.

Reed R. B., general merchant.

Reed R. B., justice of peace

Remington Wm., resident farmer.

Richardson E., blacksmith.

Riggs H.C., real estate and land agent.

Riggs H.C., agricultural implements.

Riggs Hotel, J. Mason, proprietor.

Riker & Adams, flour and grist mill.

Roberts I., proprietor LeRoy Hotel

Robinson E., hide and leather dealer.

Rumsey J. B., general merchant.

St. Clair J., cabinet maker

Shaw Wm. H. & Co., general merchants.

Sliver Lake Lodge, No 50 I.O.O.F.

Sloat George E., insurance agent.

Smith Daniel, boot and shoe maker.

Stanford, Warren & Perry, Livery stable.

Starkweather Jacob, boots and shoes.

Stocking H., painter

Stone B. F. & Co., American Express Agent.

Sture Thomas, physician.

Taylor G.W., general merchant.

Thorp Joseph, brick yard.

Thurber N. T., hardware, cutlery and agricultural implements.

Thurber N. T.,stoves and tin ware.

Tracy K. L., commission merchant.

Trelafaro D. L., barber.


Vannatta I., cabinet maker.

Van Dan Bergh John. Painter

Vermont Hotel, Mrs. McCollum, proprietress.

Voorheis & Hathway, dentist.

Voorheis & Tracy, hats, caps and furs.

Waters & Marsh, druggists.

Waters & Marsh, physicians and surgeons.

Westlake Rev. Eli, Methodist.

White E. M., attorney at law

Wiggins W. A., cabinet maker.

Wiggins W.A., auctioneer.

Williams L.C., milliner.

Willowen H.A., grocer.

Withover H. A., hide and leather.

Wood A.W., attorney at law and notary public.

Yates H.V., publisher Peninsular Dispatch.

Yates H.V., book and job printer.



A post office of Macomb county. A village of the same name is situated in Allegan county.


A post office of Ingham county.


A post office of Livingston County, about 35 miles from Lansing.



A neat and flourishing post city, and the capital of Genesee county, situated on Flint river, and on the Pere Marquette, Port Huron and Milwaukee Railroad, now in course of construction, 45 miles from Lansing, 60 miles from Detroit, fare $3.45; 32 from East Saginaw, fare $1.50, and by stage route, (daily line) 16 miles from Fentonville, fare $1. Double daily stage lines, also, connect Holly with Saginaw, via Flint, distance 51 miles, fare $2.50.

It is an active business place, surrounded by a rich and productive country, with a surface diversified and consisting chiefly of prairie. In addition to the county buildings, it contains on Catholic and four Protestant churches, four district schools, the State Asylum for the deaf and dumb, and blind--an ornament to the city and credit to the State; two newspapers, the Daily Democrat, published Weekly, on Saturday, by T. H. Rankin; one Masonic Lodge and Chapter, on Lodge I.O.O.F., and one of Good Templars, one foundry and machine shop, one sash, blind, and door manufactory, one ashery, about thirty stores of various kinds, and numerous diversified mechanical trades and pro-

See East Saginaw Foundry, page 140


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