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July 4, 1959
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July 4, 1959
A Little Fenton Story


Marion L. (Ferguson) Bidelman; My Wife of 48 years, your mother, grandmother, great grandmother. On a nice July 4, 1959 day in Fenton, Michigan. Dressed up in costumed 1920 dress, hat, long socks, shoes. all hand made for this occassion; red, white, blue, for Fenton Bi-Centennial 125th Parade Celebration, with her is our friend & neighbor Joyce Neely Anderson with full barbershop stripped costume. Both rode the bicycle built for two I built in the parade that day; They said the most fun they ever had that day; Marion was 31 years old, (born 1927) I was 30 years old, born 1929. 

Picture is black and white because color film was not being used yet. We all had fun that day and want you young ones of our family to keep this tribute and remember. I found these old negatives 2-17-1995 in my archives and decided to enlarge them and make this up and pass them on to you and hope you enjoy and keep them with you.

We always loved you and wish you a good life forever. I'm Harry T. Bidelman, at (blank) years old; your dad, G'pa and G. G'pa. I hope my pictures will be kept long in the future. I consider them my legacy to you our decendants.

Keep in touch with each other and see each other during your lives to carry on our family. I have thousands of other pictures passed on to me by my Folks and taken by me in my lifetime, to be distributed to all of you at the proper time, and not to be thrown away ever. Plus over 270 years of our family historys kept.

By: Harry T. Bidelman

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