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Ken Seger with the rock.

The Rock

In the Tri-County Newspaper on September 9, 2007, it stated that the original rock, that sat in front of the old High School on Adelaide street since the 1880's, was to be buried and a new boulder put on top of it.

On September 16, 2007, Monday morning, Ken Seger and Bob Harris, representing the Fenton High School Alumni Association were in Mark Suchowski's (The Principle of the High School) office. They stated that they did not want the rock buried and wanted to take the rock to Fenton Memorial for repairs. The rock was removed from the school and taken to Fenton Memorial.

During the winter, Ken worked with Fenton Memorial to have the damage repaired and a base added to the bottom.

The rock was completed and delivered to the area in front of the Football Field August 24, 2008 to its permenant home at noon. It was painted Orange and Black with a big "F" and "54" on it and was ready for the first football game that evening at 7pm.

Thank you to the Butt's family and Fenton Memorial for helping with this task.

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