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Originally Transcribed & Notes by: Eileen Roddy
Digitized by: Cheryl Canty

City of Fenton
Genesee County, Michigan

Copied in 1972 by Mrs. Wayne Roddy, Fenton, Michigan

The records copied herein are the property of R. B. Graham dba the Graham Funeral Home in the City of Fenton, Michigan and the copier is deeply grateful to Mr. Graham for so graciously and generously making the records available for copying in order that they might be made available for genealogical and historical research.

William R. Davis established the Davis Funeral Home in Fenton in 1912, having operated a funeral home in South Lyon since 1909. A number of years later R. B. Graham joined Mr. Davis and together they operated the Davis-Graham Funeral Home.

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
2 May 1912 ELLICOTT, GEORGE chg Mrs. Matilda Ellicott; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 19 Sept 1869; teacher; 42y 7m 13d; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton(single)
5 May 1912 THORPE, STEVEN ABBOTT chg to Mrs. Thorpe; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 6 Oct 1879; printer; 32y 6m 29d; buried Holly, Mich
28 May 1912 RUSSELL, WILLIAM C. chg to Mrs. Russell; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; Masonic funeral; b 28 May 1833; farmer; 79yr; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton.
3 Jun 1912 LEONARD, MARTHA A. chg to William Leonard; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; clergyman Rev. Leonard; b 18 Apr 1831; 81y 1m 15d; md; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-15), Fenton
5 Jun 1912 BROWN, CHAS. chg to Pearl Angus Brown; d Fenton; funeral serv Presbyterian Church; b 13 April; 31yrs; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton
13 Jun 1912 HOPKINS, BYRON chg to Mrs. Hopkins; d Fenton; funeral serv at home;
13 Jun 1912 GRUNSLADE ?, MARY J. chg to Baptist Home; d Fenton; b 4 Nov 1819; 92y 6m 9d.
15 Jul 1912 LOWT, HOMER chg to Wm. H. Lowt; d Fenton; funeral serv Cohoctah; b 29 Apr 1883; farmer; 29y 2m 16d
20 Ju1 1912 ADAMS, LOUISA E. chg to Mrs. Lyons; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 11 Feb 1844; 67y; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton.
22 Jul 1912 HUFLEY, ELIZABETH V. chg to Bessie Hufley; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 26 Aug 1830; sgl; ;82y 26d; buried Linden, Mich
23 Ju1 1912 CROSBY, MARY chg to Jas. Crosby; d Hogsburg?; funeral serv Cal.? Church, Deerfield; b unknown; 55y; buried Deerfield
6 Ju11912 NICHOLS, AMER? chg to Willis Nichols, Flushing, Mich; 18yrs; buried Flushing, ,Mich.
15 Aug 1912 HARBACK, B. FRANKLIN chg to Mrs. Harback; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 25 May 1818; 94y 2m; buried Patterson Cemetery
4 Sep 1912 WELCH, WILL F. chg to Ray and Roy Welch; d Pontiac; funeral serv at Ray Welch's; b 8 Aug 1865; laborer; 47y 26d
27 Sep 1912 FORBES, MARY J. chg to A. Forbes; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 19 Jan 1840; 72y 7m 8d; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton
10 Oct 1912 SHEPPARD, MARY E. chg to John Shepard; d Argentine; funeral serv M. E. Church; 72y; buried Byron, Mich.
22 Oct 1912 BALDWIN, ISOBELL chg to M. B. Baldwin, 915 32 N. Clark St., Chicago; d Mundy; funeral serv at home; 77y 7m 10d; buried Chicago.
27 Oct 1912 GIFFORD, RAY chg to Clint O. Gifford; d Fenton; b 1 Feb 1909; 3y 8m 26d; buried Oak Grove
30 Oct 1912 GLINES, GEORGE0W chg to Chas. Glines; d Highland, Mich; funeral services at home; farmer
7 Nov 1912 MORROW, ELIZA chg to Sam Morrow and Bertha Morrow; d Johannesburg; funeral serv at home; 86y
12 Nov 1912 REASONER, MARY chg to Carl Reasoner; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 21 Sep 1839; 73y 1m 21d; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton
18 Nov 1912 LEONARD, WILLIAM S. chg to Willis Leonard; d Owosso, Mich; funeral serv at house in Fenton
29 Nov l.1912 STILLBORN chg to Ray Welch
28 Nov 1912 GEARHEART, FOREST H. chg to Mrs. Gearheart; d Tyrone; services at C. Church; b 18 Feb 1860; 51yr; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton
10 Dec 1912 HERMAN, FRANCIS H. chg to Frank Herman; funeral serv at house
24 Dec 1912 DUBOIS, PETER chg to Clifford Remington; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; 67y 9m 7d; buried Oakwood Cern., Fenton
26 Dec 1912 JENNINGS, REBECCA NOBLE; chg to estate; funeral serv at home; 78y 1??? buried H ???? Cem.
12 Feb 1913 PALMER, ENOS chg to Fred E. Palmer; funeral serv Durand, Mich; 77y
24 Feb 1913 TAMLYN, JAS. BERT chg to E. I. Tamlyn; funeral serv M. E. Church, Parshallville
25 Feb 1913 RHUDOLPH, FREDERICKE chg to Mrs .. Ada Davis; d Fenton; funeral ser at home; 77y
24 Feb 1913 BROCK, EMMA chg to Robt. Brock; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; 54 y
29 Feb 1913 MITCHELL, KITTlE chg to Mrs. Mary Mitchell
10 Mar 1913 FULLER, MARGARETTA arr by Ralph Fuller; d Rose; funeral serv at home; b 9 Oct 1840; 72y 5m 1d; buried Rose Center
19 Mar 1913 HERRINGTON, CLAUDE B. charge to Mrs. Herrington; d Detroit; funeral serv at Cho. Church; 35y 3m 24d
6 Apr 1913 WHITEHOUSE, ERNEST chg to Mrs. Whitehouse; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 26 May 1880; occupation-restaurant; 32y 10m 10d; buried Holly, Mich
21 Apr 1913 AUSTIN, MILDRED chg to Robt. Austin; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 2 Apr 1913; 19days; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton
29 Apr 1913 LANGWORTHY, CHAS. N. chg to Wm. Langworthy; d Fenton; funeral serv at residence; b 18 Dec 1856; retired farmer; 56y 4m 11d; buried Linden, Mich
3 May 1913 PUTMAN, WILLIAM arr by Lou Latourette; d Fenton; 90y; buried Lansing
6 May 1913 DAMON, GEORGE E. chg to Chas. E. Damon; d Fenton; funeral serv at Pres. Church; b 9 Nov 1834; groceryman; 78y 5m 27d; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton
12 May 1913 MARVIN, CHAS chg to John Marvin; d Tyrone; funeral serv at home; 70y 4m 4d; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton
15 May 1913 VAN TIFFIN, FLORENCE chg to Harley? VanTiffin; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; 57y
18 May 1913 SHAFER, HORACE B. chg to Mrs. Shafer; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 2 Mar 1849
19 May 1913 PITTS, JOHN HENRY chg to Mrs. Pitts; d Tyrone; funeral serv at home
14 Jun 1913 PELTON, DAN B. chg to B.P.O.E., d Virginia; funeral serv at Saginaw; 7yrs
14 Jun 1913 DUMANOIS, VIOLET P. chg to Archie Dumanois; funeral serv at Fenton House
7 Jul 1913 PRATT, IDA LILLIAN chg to Marvin Pratt;
30 Ju1 1913 CARMER, WILLIAM chg to Mrs. Carmer; d Tyrone; farmer; buried Colwell
31 Jul 1913 DUNTON, JOHN EARL chg to Lucis A. Dunton; d Fenton; funeral serv at home;
16 Aug 1913 MC GUIRE, WILBUR chg to William McGuire, d Hartland, funeral serv at Oceola Church; 2y 7m; buried Oceola
20 Aug 1913 BENNETT, ILLINE chg to Bassie Bennett; d Tyrone; funeral serv at Deerfield; 4y 2m 18d; buried Deerfield
21 Aug 1913 DICKERMAN, EDWARD H. chg to Jay BarbouY, d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 20 Feb 1840; 73y 8m 1d; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton
1 Sep 1913 BARDEN, ELECTA chg to H. Barden; d Fenton, funeral serv at home; b 21 Nov 1828; 84y 9m 9d
17 Sep 1913 WENDELL, W. W. chg to Mrs. Wendell; d Fenton, funeral serv at Rose Center
28 Sep 1913 ENO, CHAS. chg to Mr. Wood,. d Pontiac; funeral serv at Pontiac, 24 y
6 Oct 1913 MURPHY, ELLEN chg to J. B. Murphy; d Pontiac; funeral serv at Pontiac, 66 yrs
1 Nov l913 TIFFANY, ESTER MARY chg to Edward Tiffany; d Fenton; funeral serv at home, b 14 Apr 1839; 74y 6m 14d; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton
22 Nov 1913 BUSH, HENRY F. chg to Dr. Bush~ d Fenton; funeral serv at home; b 20 May 1837; 76y 5m 2d; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton
29 Nov 1913 CRAWFORD, CARL chg to Elizabeth Crawford, 318 Alexandrine, Detroit; d Detroit; funeral serv at Fenton; 33y; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton.
5 Dec 1913 COPELAND, EMILY CASE charge to Chas. Case; d Fenton; funeral serv at M. E. Church; b 1 Mar 1843; 20 yr; Buried Baldwin Cemetery
12 Dee 1913 SETCHFIELD, JAS. S. chg to Mrs. Setchfield; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; blacksmith; 63yrs; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton
18 Dee 1913 KEUHN, CARL chg to Fred Keuhn; d Tyrone; funeral serv at home; b 12 July 1913; 5 mo; buried Colwell
22 Dec 1913 WARNER, RUSSELL chg to Mrs. Russell Warner; d Fenton; funeral serv at home; 2 mo
31 Dec 1913 LOCKWOOD, ANNA chg to Bert Lockwood; d· Marion, Mich; funeral serv M. E. Church; 67 yrs; buried Oakwood Cern, Fenton (D-7)
5 Jan 1914 MC GUIRE, MARY chg to Jas. McGuire; serv at Catholic Church; b 11 July 1832; buried Catholic Cemetery
18 Jan 1914 KERSHNER, CLARE J; chg to Miss Kershner; d Hartland; funeral serv at home; b 7 July 1863; 48y 5m; buried Hartland
26 Jan 1914 CRAMER, HENRIETTA chg to Miss Langworthy; serv at home; b 12 Oct 1840; 73y; buried Linden
25 Jan 1914 JUDSON, JOHN J. chg to Mrs. Judson; d Fenton; serv at home; 66y 11m 3d; buried Oakwood Cem, Fenton
1 Feb 1914 TROLLMAN, JOHN LUKE chg to Mrs. J. Trollman; serv at Catholic Church; b 8 Feb 1863; farmer; buried Deerfield
28 Feb 1914 JENNINGS, MARY chg to J. H. Jennings; d Fenton; serv at home; b 18 July 1863; 50y 7m 10d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
10 Mar 1914 SLAYTON, JOHN chg to Mrs. Slayton; d Fenton; serv at home
11 Mar 1914 HIGHFIELD, WILLIAM chg to Mrs. Highfield; d Fenton; serv at home; b 8 July 1842; 71y 8m 2d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
19 Mar 1914 ZIMMERMAN, ? BABY chg to Geo. Zimmerman; d Tyrone; buried Parshallville.
23 Mar 1914 BULLOCK, JACOB E; chg to Mrs. Bullock; d Fenton; serv at residence; b 27 Nov 1842; 71y 3m 23d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (O-57)
25 Mar 1914 JENKS, GEORGE chg to Mrs. Jenks; d Fenton; serv at home; b 10 Mar 1853; 61y
27 Mar 1914 VARNUM, DANIEL D. chg to Mrs. Varnum; Co D 8th Mich Cav.; serv at home; b 16 Jan 1845; 69 yrs
2 Apr 1914 BEULAND ?, LAWRENCE chg to Mrs. Beuland?; Co H 111 N.Y. Vol Inf; d Fenton; funeral serv Ypsilanti; b 17 July 1842; 71y 7m 15d; buried Ypsilanti
8 Apr 1914 DONNELL (O'DONNELL?) ROSE A chg to John Dorm; arr by Pat Foley; serv at Catholic Church; buried Catholic Cemetery
2 May 1914 COLE, MARY HORTON chg to Fred Rockman (Chas T. Horton, Co. F, 6th Mich Vol H.A.); d Parshallville; serv at Baptist Church; b 11 Nov 1838;; buried Parshallville.
4 May 1914 MORRIS, ROWENA ? d Fenton; serv at Lapeer; b 9 Nov 1835; 78y 5m 28d; buried Lapeer
16 May 1914 JAYNE, GLADYS chg to D. G. Jayne; d Tyrone; serv at home;b 16 May 1885; 29y 2d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-12)
23 May 1914 NYE, NORTON B. chg to Mr. Fonger; d Fenton; serv at residence; b 14 May 1835; 84y; buried Oakwood Cemetery
3 Jun 1914 HEMPSTED, MARY J.; chg to A. J. Hempsted; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 12 Dec 1848; 65y 5m 21d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (0-8)
8 Jun 1914 KINNIE, JULIA A. chg to M. V. Kinnie; d Tyrone;' serv at U. B. Church; b 30 March 1846; 68y 2m 21d
14 Jun 1914 LELAND, LOTTIE A. d Fenton; serv at home; b 21 Aug 1871
26 Jun 1914 MURPHY, THOS. W. chg to William Murphy; d Long Lake; serv at Chicago; b 20 Feb 1890; 24y 4m 4d
26 Jun 1914 VAN DORN, CLEVELAND chg to Mrs. VanDorn; d Fenton; serv at residence b 17 July 1835; minister; 78y 11m 9d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
6 Jul 1914 PARKER, JAS. H. chg to Mrs. Parker; d Fenton; serv at horne; b 22 Jan 1841; 73y 5m 24d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
13 Jul 1914 THOMAS, JANE P. chg to Lou Latourette, Baptist Ministers' Horne; d Fenton
16 Jul 1914 BURNS, HATTIE C. chg to Ross Burns, Detroit; d Fenton; services at home ; d Pontiac; 6 7y; buried Oakwood Cemetery
17 Ju1 1914 LOBB, RICHARD chg to Baptist Ministers' Horne, Lou Latourette; d Fenton; b 22 Mar 1836; 78y 3m 24d
21 Ju1 1914 BERUXMAN?, ANGELINE d Flint; serv at M. E. Church; b 28 July 1825; 88y 11m 23d;
25 Jul 1914 OLIVER, KENNETH ALDEN Saginaw, Mich; chg to Mrs. R. Oliver; d Saginaw; 14yrs
l4 Aug 1914 WATT, WILLIAM chg to Mrs. WID. Watt; d Gaines; serv at Detroit;
13 Aug 1914 WOLVERTON, LINT chg to Chas Wolverton; d Fenton; serv at horne; b 17 June 1867; 47y 1m 26d
15 Aug 1914 JOHNSON, H. BERT chg to Bert Lockwood; d Fenton; serv at horne; harnessmaker; buried Oakwood Cemetery
9 Sep 1914 LEONARD, HENRY JR d Fenton
18 Sep 1914 HAUFT, JULIA A. chg to Mrs. Schroeder; d Tyrone, services at horne; b 24 Dec 1833; 80y 9m 19d; buried Colwell
11 Oct 1914 OWENS, MARY chg to estate; d Fenton; serv at home;b 25 Oct 1826; 87y 11m 15d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
13 Oct 1914 WILES, MAUDE chg to Mr. Geo.? Shotwell, Milford, Mich; serv at home; b 20 Sep 1835; buried Oakwood Cemetery
15 Oct 1914 WYKES, JOHN chg to Mrs. Frank Bush; d Fenton; serv at home; b 8 April 1837; 77y 6m 6d; buried Linden
28 Oct 1914 CRAWFORD, MILO Co E 24th Mich Inf; d Fenton; serv at home; b 13 Nov 1838, 75y 11m 15d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
2 Nov 1914 BULLIS, MAUDE chg to Bert Clark; d Tyrone; serv at North Star; b 28 Mar 1884; 30y 8m 4d; buried North Star
10 Nov 1914 MOREHOUSE, ANSON chg to J. Bert Morehouse, d Fenton; b 31 Oct; buried Oakwood Cemetery
11 Nov 1914 BROUSE?, HELEN DEVEREAUX chg to A. Devereaux; serv Pres. Church; b 1890; 24 yrs
24 Nov 1914 PHILLIPS, ALVAH L. chg to Mrs. Phillips; d Fenton, serv at home; b 8 Nov 1834; 80y 14d
27 Nov 1914 FAULKNER, GEORGE chg to Mrs. Ida Faulkner; d Fenton; serv M E. Church; buried Oakwood Cemetery
12 Dec 1914 CLARK, H. chg to Thos Clark, South Lyons, Mich;
11 Dec 1914 HOLLAND, MARY A. chg to Thomas Holland; d Fenton; serv at home; b 16 Aug 1839; 75y 4m 5d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
16 Dec 1914 SWITZ, JACOB H. chg to Baldwin Switz; d Mundy; serv at home; b 12 April 1835; buried Linden

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
8 Jan 1915 GREEN, MRS JAS. chg to George Green; d Fenton; serv at Pres Church buried Linden
11 Jan 1915 MC OMBER, FRANCIS W. chg to Mrs. Geo. Butcher; d Rose; serv at home; b 20 May 1828; 86y 7m 19d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
10 Jan 1915 MAJOR, CANDIS chg to Major boys; d Fenton; serv at home; b 21 Oct 1843; 71y 2m 28d
22 Jan 1915 VALLEAU, CHAS. E. chg to Miss Jessie Valleau; d Fenton; serv at home b 16 Apr 1852; 62y 9m 6d; buried Pewamo
6 Feb 1915 HASFORD, ANNA E. chg to Frank VanDorn; d Fenton; serv at home; 74y 4m 16d
8 Feb 1915 BURR, RUSSELL C. chg to S. C. Burr; d Fenton; b 6 Feb 1915
14 Feb 1915 WARNER, MRS. EMMA chg to M. S. Pratt; d Tyrone; b 19 Nov 1839; 75y 2m 25d
19 Mar 1915 YOUNGS, ALBERT.E. chg to Mrs. A. E. Youngs; d Fenton; serv at home; b 24 Aug 1835; 79y 6m 25d; buried Howell
29 Mar 1915 LESTER, MARGARET chg to Mr. H. Lester; d Fenton; serv at home; b 15 Apr 1848; 69y 11 m 15d;
2 Apr 1915 DURFEE, MRS. EDGAR chg to E. S. Spencer; d Fenton; serv at Gilford; b 16 Feb 1845; 70y 1m 16d; buried Gilford
9 Apr 1915 BECKER, MRS. PETER chg to Peter Becker; d Tyrone; serv M.E.Church; b 13 Dec 1839; 75y 3m 26d; buried Gardner
18 Apr 1915 HOLCOMB, ALMIRON chg to Mrs. A. Holcomb; d Deerfield; serv at Lee John H ????; 79y
18 Apr 1915 NYE, SARAH chg to M. Fonger; d Fenton; serv at home
29 Apr 1915 COOK, JOHN chg to Mrs. Cook; d Hartland
28 Apr 1915 VARNUM, LEO? chg to Mary Varnum; d Fenton; serv at home; b 10 June 1891
2 May 1915 LEBBIN, HELEN chg to Otto Lebbin; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 28 Mar 1915; 1m 4d
4 May 1915 BUSH, CHARLES chg to Mrs. Bush; d Fenton, serv at home; b 23 Dec 1830; 84y; buried Oakwood Cemetery
13 May 1915 BEEBE, JULIA E. chg to Joseph Beebe; d Detroit; serv M.E.Church; buried Oakwood Cemetery
28 May 1915 BARBOUR, GARDNER chg to J. Barbour; d Fenton, serv at home; b 30 Oct 1901, 13y 6m 28d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
4 Jun 1915 LANE, ANNIE? arr by Bert Lockwood; d Fenton; serv M.E.Church; buried Oakwood Cemetery.
5 Jun 1915 FORBES, ALONZO arr by G. E. Beadle; d Fenton; serv at home; buried Oakwood Cemetery
5 Jun 1915 SUTTON, NANCY chg to Mr. Sutton; d Otterburn; serv at Otterburn; 80 yrs
17 Jun1915 AMES, MRS.? chg to Baptist Home (Miss Latourette); d Repding, Mass, serv at Reading Mass, 78 yrs
22 Jun 1915 DORMIRE, CHRISTINA chg to George Dormire, d Tyrone; serv M.E.Churct b 12 May 1843; 72y 1m 10d; buried Tyrone
25 Jun 1915 MILES, EDWIN GEO. chg to Mrs. Miles; arr by Mrs. Renwick; d Detroit; serv at Renwicks, 71yrs; buried Oakwood Cemetery
26 Jun 1915 COLE, ELMORE chg to Geo. Cole; d Fenton; serv at home; b 21 Jan 1902; 13y 5m 5d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-39)
4 Jul 1915 BEACH, FLORENCE E; chg to S. F. Beach; d Fenton; serv at home; b 3 Ju1 1915; 2 ds
2 Aug 1915 HINMAN, AMANDA BAILEY chg to Mrs. A. H. Lemen, arr by Truman Hinmar (Pvt Co H 8 Mich Vol); d Fenton; serv at residence; b 17 Oct 1840; 74y 9m 15d, buried Oakwood Cemetery
17 Aug 1915 ADAMS, CHAS. chg to Mr. Brooks, Saginaw, Mich; d Fenton;; serv at home; 68y 4m 1d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
17 Aug 1915 WESTFALL, VERN? d Tyrone; 47y 7m 22d; buried Parshallville
20 Aug 1915 BARNES, GEORGE chg to Mrs. Barnes; d Hartland; serv M. E. Church;
17 Aug 1915 KEUHN?, FRED chg to Chas Keuhn?; d Tyrone; serv at home; 30 yrs buried Colwell Cemetery, Tyrone.
18 Aug 1915 SCHROEDER, CHAS. chg to Mrs. Schroeder; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 27 June 1866; 49y 1m 24d; buried Colwell Cemetery
6 Sep 1915 ROSS, MRS. CHARLES chg to Chas. Ross; d Ann Arbor; serv M. E. Church 40 yrs, buried Gardner Cemetery
7 Sep 1915 PROPPER, JAMES chg to M. Propper, d Gaines; serv at home; buried Linden
17 Sep 1915 VAN TIFFIN, SARAH chg to Joe Beebe - F. E. Donaldson, Milford; d Fenton; serv at home; buried Oakwood Cemetery
22 Sep 1915 MC GUIRE, HUGH chg to Jas. McGuire; d Tyrone; serv at Catholic Church, b 15 Dec 1828; 86y 9m 7d; buried Fenton
28 Sep 1915 COON, WILLIAM H. chg to George Coon, Flint, Mich; d Fenton; serv M. E. Church; b 26 Nov 1875; butcher; sgl, 49y 10m 2d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
3 Oct 1915 CLARK, KATE L. chg to Wm. Clark; d Fenton; serv Baptist Church; b 19 June 1870; 45y 3m 14d; buried Gakwood Cemetery (L-40)
4 Oct 1915 BOUTWELL, SARAH J. chg to Mr. J. Boutwell; d Fenton; serv house in Springfield; b 31 Dec 1857; 57y 10m 3d; buried Springfield
7 Oct 1915 GOODCHILD, JOHN WILLIAM chg to Mrs. Goodchild; d Hartland; serv at Hartland; b 26 Dec 1865; farmer; 49y 19m 11d; buried Hartland
20 Oct 1915 CLARK, CAROLINE chg to estate; arr by Mr. Giles; d Fenton; serv at home; b 21 June 1843; 72y 3m 29d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
11 Nov 1915 ELLICOTT, MYTILDA chg to Mrs. Fulmer; d Gaines; serv at home; b 6 Mar 1841; 74y 8m 3d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
14 Nov 1915 CALLARD, MRS. FRED chg to Fred Callard; d Tyrone; serv at Free Meth. Church; buried Hodges Cemetery
28 Nov 1915 WYKES, JANE A. chg to Mrs. Frank Bush; d Fenton; serv at home; b 12 Mar 1837; 78y 8m 16d; buried Linden
10 Dec 1915 ROCHE, THOS. chg to Frank Roche; d Fenton; serv at Catholic Church; b 1 Jan 1850; 65y 10m 9d; buried St. Johns Cemetery, Fenton
11 Dec 1915 JOHNSON, MARY chg to Max Johnson; d Detroit; serv Presb. Church;
17 Dec 1915 MOWERS, REV. BENJ. chg to E. B. Mowers; arr by Jas. Dexter; d Saginaw; serv Parshallville; minister; 82y 2m; buried Parshallville
24 Dec 1915 WOODS, MRS. RUTH chg to Woods estate; arr by Miss Ella Doeplos? d Fenton, serv at home; b 22 Aug 1824; 91y 5m 25d; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
8 Jan 1916 ELRICH, INFANT stillborn; chg to Donald EIrich
12 Jan 1916 WAITE, ELIHU chg to Waite Bros.; d Fenton; serv Presb. Church; b 16 June 1830; 85y 8m 7d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
19 Jan 1916 WAITE, MRS. MARY chg to estate; d Fenton; serv Presb. Church;
22 Jan 1916 PETTIS, CATHERINE chg to Dr. Pettis; arr by Geo. Arthur; d Hartland serv Congo Church
25 Jan 1916 GREEN, WILLIAM chg to Harry Green; arr by Dr. Lehman; d Deerfield; serv at home; b 11 June 1851
28 Jan 1916 HARTLEY, MYRTLE & BABY arr by Ed Hartley; d Hartland; serv M. E. Church
30 Jan 1916 MARSH, BENJ. FRANKLIN chg to Ray Marsh; d Fenton; serv at home; 74yrs; buried Oakwood Cemetery
13 Feb 1916 WELKER, MRS. SARAH chg to Baptist Home (Miss Latourette); d Fenton serv at home; b 24 April 1827, 88yrs; buried Oakwood Cemetery
13 Feb 1916 VAN CAMP, M. P. chg to John VanCamp; d Fenton; serv at home; b 20 Feb 1841; 74yrs, buried Parshallville
19 Feb 1916 HILL, CAROLINE chg to Chas Hill, d Flint; serv at home; b 20 Feb 1836; 80 yrs; buried Waterford
23 Feb 1916 CORNELL, GEO. chg to Howard Jones, d Tyrone; serv at home; b 19 Jan 1836; farmer; 70 yrs
25 Feb 1916 GARDNER, AUSTIN W. arr by Thos Gardner; d Tyrone; serv at Congo Church; b 22 Jan 1846; 70yrs; buried Gardner Cemetery
5 Mar 1916 WRIGHT, ARTHUR chg to estate; d Fenton; serv at home; b 25 Dec 1834; 81y 2m 10d; buried Owosso
9 Mar 1916 CAMPBELL, HENRY W. chg to Mrs. Campbell; d Fenton; serv M. E.Church b 7 Feb 1859; 57y lm 2d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (O-58)
10. Apr 1916 MC CORMICK, GEORGE chg to Henry Lindsley; d Holly Twp; serv at home, b 22 Apr 1834??; 68y 11m 9d; buried Highland
20 Apr 1916 LEMEN, MARY E. chg to Sam Lemen; d Fenton; serv at home; b 12 Mar 1839; 75y 1m 9d; buried Fenton
22 Apr 1916 ATWOOD, D. A. chg to Mrs. Atwood; d Linden; serv at Presb. Church; b 11 Apr 1859, 57y 11d
1 May 1916 WAKEMAN, V. B. chg to Dr. Burton; d Detroit; serv. at residence; 69 yrs; buried Oakwood Cemetery
4 May 1916 VAN CAMP, HOMER chg to Walter VanCamp, d Parshallville; serv at church
12. May 1916 HIBNER, FREDRICK chg to Mrs. Hibner; d Highland; serv at home; b 25 May 1831, 84y 11m 23d; buried Grand Haven Cemetery
18 May 1916 WALDEN, SARAH G. chg to Baptist Horne (Lou Lauourette); d Fenton serv at horne; b 1 July 1835; 80 yrs
20 May 1916 MOORE, ELIZABETH chg to Pete Moore; d Fenton; serv at horne; b 22 Nov 1822
(should this be Orange?)
chg to Byram Leonard; d Tyrone; serv at horne; b 17 Nov
25 May 1916 SHEEKY?, MRS. RACHAEL chg to Mr. Fracke1ton; d Fenton; serv at horne; b 5 May 1838; 78y 20d; buried Woodmere Cemetery (H-37)
30 May 1916 WALTON, JUNE? chg to Mrs. Ellen Russell; d Fenton;' serv at horne; b 24 Sept; 94 yrs
8 Jun 1916 WILLIAMSON, SARAH P. chg to Bert Williamson; d Tyrone Twp; serv at Baptist Church, b 22 Sept 1894; 21y 8m 16d; buried Clough Cemetery.
11 Jul 1916 MC COMBS, CHAS H. chg to Mrs. McCombs; d Rose; serv at schoolhouse; b 28 June 1848; 68yrs; buried Beebe Cemetery
20 Jul 1916 GILES, WILLIAM H. chg to Giles Bros.; arr by Geo. Giles; b 20 Apr 1840; 76y 3m; buried Oakwood Cemetery (D-31)
26 Jul 1916 ALGER, ALBERT chg to Mrs. Alger, d Fenton, serv at home, b 25 Dec 1848; 76y 7m 1d, buried Bristol Cemetery
29 Jul 1916 CHADWICK, FRED chg to Clarence Chadwick; serv at Deford?; b 27 May 1867, carpenter; 48yr 1m 18d; buried Deford
7 Aug 1916 SKINNER, WILLIAM B. chg to Mrs. Skinner; d Fenton; serv at horne, b 16 Mar 1833; buried Oakwood Cemetery
30 Aug 1916 SPENCER, MARY chg to John Jennings; d Fenton; serv at horne; b 12 Aug; 78yrs; buried Oakwood Cemetery
8 Sep 1916 DEXTER, CHAS. chg to Seth Dexter; arr by Del Farnham
8 Sep 1916 WESTFALL, MARY chg to Melvin Westfall; d Parshallville;. serv at Baptist Church; b 1 Sept 1843; 73y 7d; buried Parshallville
20 Sep 1916 WILSON, JOHN chg to John Wilson; d Hartland; serv at M.E. Church; 58 yr
15 Sep 1916 SWITZ, MRS. chg to Baldwin Switz; d Mundy; serv at home; 74yrs buried Linden
7 Oct 1916 GUYER, JAMES chg to Peter Crane; d Fenton; serv at horne
5 Oct 1916 BUZZARD, JOHN W. chg to John Goodfellow; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 24 Aug 1870; buried Fenton
9 Oct 1916 CLARK, EDWIN N. chg to Mrs. Clark; d Hartland, serv at horne; b 10 Feb 1842; 74y 9m 29d; buried Hartland
11 Oct 1916 WHITFORD, LEVI J. chg to Mr Devereaux; d Fenton; serv at home; b 18 July
13 Oct 1916 MONTZ, GEORGE chg to Mr. Simmonick, d Fenton; 48yrs
19 Oct 1916 VOSBURG, CHAS. H. d Fenton; serv at horne; b 23 Sept; 76 yrs
5 Nov 1916 LUSK, WM. chg to Mrs. Lusk; d Fenton; serv at horne; b 16 Oct 1847
14 Nov 1916 BOCZALOSKA, JENNIE chg to John Boczaloska; d Ann Arbor; serv at Catholic Church; 13 yrs
15 Nov 1916 WHITNEY, LYNDA chg to Chas Whitney; d Fenton, serv at home
19 Nov 1916 BERGEN, ANDREW chg to Robt. Bergen; d Parshal1ville, serv at Oceola
20 Nov 1916 HRCKA, MARY chg to John Hrcka; d Fenton, serv at horne; b 6 Nov 1916; 14 days
4 Dec 1916 MAXFIELD, GEO. chg to Ray Maxfield; d Tyrone, serv at church, b 28 Feb 1838, farmer; 78y 9m 6d, buried Hodges Cemetery
13 Dec 1916 COOK, GEO. H. chg to Geo. N. Cook; d Fenton, serv at Quincy, b 1885 31yrs
20 Dec 1916 MOSHER, ABRAM chg to Wm. Mosher; serv at Pontiac, 83yrs
30 Dec 1916 PARKER, FRANK chg to Mrs. Parker, d Lansing, serv at Lansing, 41y 8m

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
2 Jan 1917 FONGER, MARSHALL J. chg to L. Fonger, d Fenton, serv at home, b 23 May 1857; 59y 7m 9d, buried Oakwood Cemetery
5 Jan 1917 WHITE, ALBERT chg to White Bros.; d Pontiac; serv at Parshallville; 74 yrs
13 Jan 1917 BENNETT, HELEN E. chg to Ed Bennett; d Fenton; serv at home; b 22 Feb 1838; 78y 10m 21d
23 Jan 1917 WHITTLE, H. B. chg to Mrs. Whittle; serv at Byron; b 17 Nov 1859
19 Jan 1917 BARNES, ERASTUS R. chg to Windoss? Barnes; d Cal Beckley; serv at Wm. Barnes; b 7 June 1844; tailor; 72y 7m 12d; buried Linden
26 Jan 1917 ROSS, CHAS. chg to C. O. Ross; d Tyrone; serv at church; b 2 Oct 188 34y 3m 24d; buried Gardner Cemetery
30 Jan 1917 JACOBS, HANNAH chg to Clyde Jacobs; d Hartland; serve at M.E.Church b 4 June; 61y 7m 27d; buried Hartland
3 Feb 1917 CAMPBELL, ELWIN chg to Mrs. Campbell; d Mundy; serv at Mundy; b 25 Dec 1864
19 Feb1917 KIRSHMAN, GEO. stillborn
23 Feb 1917 DEMUND, LYDIA chg to Mrs. Armstrong; d Fenton; serv at home; b 16 Sept 1827; 89y 5m 6d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
24 Feb 1917 HERRINGTON, CHAS. chg to Baptist Horne; d Fenton; serve at home; b 1 April 1837; 79 yr; buried Oakwood Cemetery
26 Feb 1917 BRIGGS, JOSEPH chg to Mrs. Briggs; d Fenton; serv at home; b 3 July 1839; 77yrs; buried Oakwood Cemetery
8 Mar 1917 BARBOUR, GEO. W. chg to Harry Barbour; d Fenton; serv at Presb Churoh; b 8 June 1836; sgl; 81y 2m; buried Oakwood Cemetery
10 Mar 1917 JARVIS, CLARE chg to Mrs. Jarvis; d Fenton; serv at M. E. Church; b 19 Jan 1881; 34y 1m;
12 Mar 1917 BEACH, MILES chg to Mrs. Beach; d Detroit; serv at Pontiac; buried Oakwood Cemetery (2-G (93))
27 Mar 1917 BROWN, ZANE? chg to Helen Brown;
2 Apr 1917 BEARDSLEY, FANNIE d Detroit; serv at Detroit; b 1 Aug 1848; 68y 7m 1d; (buried Oakwood Cemetery)
31 Mar 1917 KEUHN, EMMA chg to Chas. Keuhn; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 21 May 1861; buried Colwell Cemetery
20 Apr 1917 COYES, CHAS.? chg to Ed Coyes?; d Detroit; services at home; 72y 7m 26d; buried Beebe Cemetery
20 Apr 1917 COOK, JOHN L. chg to Mrs. Cook; d Fenton; serv at home; b 21 Jan 1891; 26y 2m 17d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
23 Apr 1917 ARTHUR, ROBERT J. chg to Geo. Arthur; d Hartland; serv at church; b 12 Apr 1849; 68y 16d
23 Apr 1917 WERDEN, E. J. chg to Mrs; Button; d Fenton; serv M.E. Church
30 Apr1917 MITCHELL, JAY H. chg to Mrs. Mitchell
30 Apr 1917 BROWN, LAURA chg to Helen Brown; b 27 Oct; 85y; buried Oakwood Cern.
1 May 1917 STURGIS, ANNA chg to Sturgis Bros.; d Tyrone; serv at Baptist Church . b 30 Aug; 74 yrs;
5 May 1917 RICE, S. C. chg to Baptist Home
20 May 1917 WOODS, ELLEN chg to Wm. Woods; d Highland; serv Hartland
24 May 1917 ELSTON, LEWIS chg to Dan Elston; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 21 June 1847; farmer; 67y 11m 3d; buried Webberville? Cemetery
27 May 1917 SHAFER, FLORA A. chg to Leo Shafer; d Kingston N.Y.; serv at home; 63y 9m 12d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
5 Jun 1917 KINNIE, ROY ?D. chg to Mrs. Kinnie; d Goodrich; serv at church; b 17 May 1846; 41y 16d; buried Tyrone
1 Jul 1917 WENDELL, JULIA A. chg to Ethel Wendell; d Penton; serv at Rose Center; 64y 6m 23d; buried Rose Center
4 Jul 1917 MORGAN, LUNA L. chg to Geo. Morgan; d Lansing; serv at home; b 10 Sept 1868; 48y 9m 22d
15 Jul 1917 DAVIS, E. LE VERN chg to Mrs. Gerriett? Davis; serv at Davisburg; 47yrs
18 Jul 1917 SAWYER, SUCAN chg to Wells Toonley?; d Tyrone; serv at residence; 85 yrs
26 Jul 1917 FOX, SARAH J. chg to estate of Mr. VanDenbergh; d Fenton; serv at home; b 25 Dec
29 Jul 1917 BUEL, MINNIE A. chg to W. G. Buel; d Detroit; serv at home; b 27 July 1857; buried Gardner Cemetery
4 Aug 1917 HEATH, CHAS. F. chg to Mrs. Heath; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 16 May 1855; farmer; 62y 2m 18d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-55)
9 Aug 1917 WILCOX, HARRISON chg to Herbert Wilcox; d Lansing; serv at Lansing; 79 yrs
29 Aug 1917 TOWNE, CLARENCE chg to M. Towne; d Fenton; serv at home; b Dec 1902; 14y 8m 9d; buried Oakley Cemetery
6 Sep 1917 THOMPSON, PHEBE chg to Mrs. Fred Collins; d Fenton.; serv at home, b 22 Feb 1839; buried Linden
11 Sep 1917 APPLING, GORDON 1m 13d
16 Aug 1917 SOPER, MORRIS M. chg to Mrs. Soper, d Tyrone; serv at M.E.Church; b 15 Sept 1857; 60y 1d; buried Gardner Cemetery
20 Sep 1917 WRIGHT, LEON chg to Mrs. Wright; d Tyrone, serv at Gardners; b 5 Apr 1872; 45y 6m 7d
29 Oct 1917 OLAFSON, RAYNHIED? chg to Mr. Olafson; d Fenton; b 10 Feb 1895; 22y 7m 18d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-42 N1/2)
22 Sep 1917 SHELTON, THOMAS chg to Geo. Shelton; d Mt. Pleasant; serv at Mt. Pleasant; 78y 9m Sd; buried Oakwood Cemetery (D)
5 Oct 1917 WOOD, EMILY A. chg to Wood boys; d Fenton; serv at home; b 14 May 1836; 81y; buried Highland
14 Oct 1917 BURNS, SARAH E. chg to Mrs. Galloway; (Patrick Burns, Cpl Co M 2nd Reg Mieh Vol Cav) d Fenton; serv at home, b 23 Mar; 76y; buried Oak Hill Cemetery (I-209)\ (body shipped to Pontiac)
14 Oct 1917 BIDLEMAN, ELIZA A. chg to Bert Williams; d Pontiac; serv at Williams 86y 17d
16 Oct 1917 EBY, FLORENCE chg to James Grubb, d Hartland; serv at home; b 24 April 1885; 32y 6m 22d; buried Hodges Cemetery
21 Oct 1917 WARDEN, JEROME A. d Fenton; serv at Angola, Indiana; b 21 Apr 1844; 73y 6m
18 Nov 1917 HODGE, CHLOE chg to Chas. Hodge; d Fenton; serv at home; b 13 Nov 1839; 78y 5d; buried Highland Cemetery
29 Nov 1917 DOUGHLAS, MARY chg to Dr. Doughlas; d Fenton, serv at home; b 25 Dec 1832; 84 yr, buried Oakwood Cemetery
1 Dec 1917 HELMS, ELMER chg to Jas. Helms; d Fenton; serv at Presb. Church; b 21 June 1912; 15 yrs
2 Dec 1917 PETTIS, BERTHA chg to Geo. Pettis; d Fenton; serv at home; b 15 July 1917; 5 mo
22 Dec 1917 STREET, MARTHA L. chg to Philo Street, d Tyrone, serv at home; 78y 9m 11d; buried Clough Cemetery
26 Dec 1917 FESSENDER, ELLA W. chg to Miss Fessender & Frank Fessender; d Fenton; serv M.E.Church, b 5 Feb 1857

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
10 Jan 1918 COPP, PETER V. chg to John Copp, d Fenton, serv in Holly, b 9 Nov 1842, 75y 2m 1d; buried Highland Cemetery
17 Jan 1918 BABCOCK, MARY JANE chg to W. B. Babcock; d Rose; serv at home; 68 yrs; buried Highland Cemetery
19 Jan 1918 BURGESS, JOSEPH W. chg to M. Burgess; d Hartland; serv at home; b 26 Mar 1832; 85y 9m 23d; buried Hartland
26 Jan 1918 FOLEY, JAMES chg to Mrs. Foley; d Ann Arbor; serv Catholic Church; b 15 Mar 1863; 54y 10m l1d; buried Catholic Cemetery
28 Jan 1918 HOLLAND, THOMAS chg to Clark Thompson; d Fenton; serv at home;
4 Feb 1918 KAPLIN, ALBERT chg to Joseph Niehvil; d Fenton; b 16 Apr 1868; 49y 10m
15 Feb 1918 FISHER, OWEN M. chg to Ashley Phillips, d Fenton; serv at home; b 19 July 1839; 79y Gm 26d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
20 Feb 1918 DMART, JAMES H.? chg to Henry Dmart?; d Tyrone, serv at Sirlaxes? b 4 May 1844; 73y 9m 16d
24 Feb 1918 BUSH, MARY J. chg to estate; d Fenton; serv at home; b 20 July 1833; 84y 7m 4d, buried Oakwood Cemetery
24 Feb 1918 MORROW, BERTHA MAY chg to Mrs. A. Butler; d Pontiac; serv at home, b 30 Jan 1888; 31y 23d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
23 Mar 1918 NORTHROP, REV. STEPHEN A. chg to Mrs. Northrop; d Fenton; serv at Baptist Church; b 7 Apr; minister; 66y 11m 16d; buried Oakwood Cem
21 Mar 1918 BUSCH, KATHRINE chg to Fred Dibble, Flint, Mich; arr by Frank Busch d Saginaw; serv at Mr. Busch's; b 1 July 1821; 89y 9m 20d
25 Mar 1918 PAINE, INFANT  
2 Apr 1918 SLOVER, EMILY chg to Mr. Kenny Slover; d Parshallville; serv at home b 19 Oct 1855; 62y 5m
7 Apr 1918 FARNHAM, JANE chg to Ben Farnham; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 25 Apr 1847; 72y 11m 12d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
9 Apr 1918 MORRISON, HENRY O. chg to Mrs. Morrison; d Fenton; serv at home; b 17 Mar 1844; 74y 6m 2d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-53)
15 Apr 1918 WILLIAMSON, BERT chg to Edwin Williamson; d Tyrone; serv at home; 59 yr
19 Apr 1918 CHURCH, ELLEN I. chg to Baptist Home; d Fenton; serv at home; b 1 May 1822; 95y 11m 18d
19 Apr 1918 WADLEY, FLOYDE E. chg to John Wadley; d Detroit; serv M. E. Church; b 14 Dec 1884; 33y 4m 6d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (N-4)
4 May 1918 RAMP, CELIA L. chg to Edward Hamp; 49y 3m
27 May 1918 VALENTINE, AMELIA chg to Mr. Valentine; d Tyrone; serv at home; b 9 Dec 1856; 61y 5m 18d
31 May 1918 GALE, HELEN chg to Geo Jamison; d Linden serv at residence; 74y buried Oakwood Cemetery
5 Jun 1918 MC NEAL, JANE chg to McNeal Bros.; d Fenton; serv at residence; b 26 June 1841; 76y 11m 19d; buried Oakwood Cemetery (D)
8 Jun 1918 SHANNON, ANNA chg to Baptist Home; d Fenton; serv at home; b 3 May 1835; 83yr; buried Oakwood Cemetery
7 Jun 1918 KIRK, ARLINGTON chg to Royal Kirk; d Hartland; serv M . E. Church; 71 yrs; buried Hartland
3 Jun 1918 TILLMAN, CASSIE chg to Byron Leonard; d Deerfield; serv at home; b 12 April 1845; 73y 1m 29d
25 Jun 1918 KELLOGG, IRA W. chg to Mr. Francis Steve?; d Fenton; serv at home; b 21 Feb 1839; 79y; buried Linden
26 Jun 1918 CHENEY, SARAH chg to Mrs. Blevin; d Fenton; serv at home; b 26 Dec 1831; 76y 6m
30 Jun 1918 MC CONNOHIE, ROBERT chg to Bert Lockwood; d Fenton; serv at Marion; b 16 Sept 1846; 70y 9m 15d; buried Marion
1 Ju1 1918 CALLARD, ELIZABETH A. chg to Wm. Callard; d Fenton; serv at home; b 26 May; 74y
10 Jul 1918 SILVER, WILLIAM chg to John Jennings; d Fenton; serv at home; b 23 April 1835; 83y 2m 17d; buried Oakwood Cemetery
13 Jul 1918 SHERMAN, MERCY chg to Colonel Sherman, Racine, Wisc.; d Fenton; serv at home; b 25 June 1845; 73y 16d; buried Oakwood Cern (59)
31 Jul 1918 WALLACE, GEO. W. chg to Mrs. Wallace; d Hartland; serv at church; b 10 Feb 1861; 57y 5m 21d; buried Hartland
5 Aug 1918 MOREHOUSE, MARGARET chg to Lem Morehouse; d Tyrone; serv at home

For some reason unknown the entries for 1918 stop here and the entries continue with January 1920.

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1920 COREY, SARAH MRS. res Tyrone; buried Hodges Cemetery
27 Jan 1920 HAVELAND, BETTER res Fenton; buried Byron
27 Jan 1920 VALENTINE, CLARK res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery; 81y 3m 7d
1 Feb 1920 MORGAN, COLLINS res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery; 65y 20d
10 Feb 1920 NEELEY, THOS. E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 52 yrs
12 Feb 1920 PATTEN, CHAS. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 42 yr
15 Feb 1920 MC KEON, RAY res Deerfield; buried Deerfield; serv at Catholic Ch.
24 Feb 1920 CLARK, JOHN res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 72y 8m12d
16 Feb 1920 COLLINS, LUELLA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 52 yr
17 Feb 1920 COX, THOS. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 39y 6m 1d
25 Feb 1920 NORTHROP, CELESTIA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv at Baptist Ch
25 Feb 1920 CARMER, MRS. RAY res Fenton; buried Oakwood
27 Feb 1920 CLOSE, EMMA res Deerfield; buried Byron; 74y 6m 6d
28 Mar 1920 THORP, ED. S. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 75y 3m 15d
3 Apr 1920 RUMMELL, GEO. res Linden; buried Tyrone; 80y
23 Apr 1920 BUTCHER, BABY res Flint; buried Oakwood
29 May 1920 DEXTER, ABlE res Tyrone; buried Parshallville; 72 yr
6 May 1920 SHAW, MRS. J. V. res Fenton; buried Whigville; 70y 3m 12d
10 Apr 1920 RUNYAN, HELEN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
4 May 1920 HALL, MARY res Fenton; buried Linden
11 May 1920 BENTLEY, N. B. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 63y 8m 22d
21 May 1920 SULLIVAN, LUCILLE res Fenton; buried Catholic Cem; serv Catholic Ch
5 Jun 1920 BUZZARD, GEO. M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 74y 3m 29d
16 Jun 1920 HOPKINS, JENNIE B. res Fentop, buried Linden
16 Jun 1920 PHILLIPS, BERTHA res Detroit; buried Oakwood
19 Jun 1920 ST JOHN, MURTON res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 47y 1m 9d
2 Jul 1920 BUTCHER, WM. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; chg to Mrs, Butcher
10 Jul 1920 WELLS, CASSIUS res Fenton; buried
19 Jul 1920 JADWIN, MARTHA A. res Mundy Twp; buried Oakwood
9 Aug 1920 SKINNER, WALTER res Fenton; buried Oakwood
24 Aug 1920 CLEMENTS, HATTIE res Hartland; buried Hartland; serv at M.E.Church
28 Aug 1920 BRUNO, CHAS. res Fenton; buried Highland
1 Sep 1920 WHITTLE, EARL H. res Fenton; buried Byron; serv at M, E. Church
7 Sep 1920 BENTLEY, LYDIA res Battle Creek; buried Oakwood
4 Oct 1920 ENDER, HARRY A. res Goodrich; buried Goodrich; 79y 6m 1d
18 Oct 1920 REID, THOMAS res Fenton; buried Oakwood
26 Oct 1920 SKIDMORE, ENSIGN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
29 Oct 1920 HOLMES, ROBERT res Hartland; buried Hartland; serv at M. E. Church
1 Nov 1920 CRAMER, ALLETTA M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 59y 9m 18d
1 Nov 1920 PRESTON, FRANCIS res Hartland; buried Hartland
14 Nov 1920 MARSH, HANNAH res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 74y 9m 12d
18 Nov 1920 BUELL, FRANK res Parshallville; buried Gardner
26 Nov 1920 DART, MRS. JULIA res Fenton; buried Bristol Cem.; 64y 9m 2d; serv at Bristol C
5 Dec 1920 DORMIRE, GEO. H. res Tyrone Twp; buried Gardner Cem.; serv M.E.Ch, 67
2 Dec 1920 GLINES, CHAS. res Highland Twp; buried Hodges Cemetery

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1921 JEUDEVINE, LIBBIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery (Old Cemetery)
10 Jan 1921 WADLEY, WALTON res Fenton; buried Oakwood
27 Jan 1921 FIELDER, FLORENCE res Detroit; buried Oakwood Cemetery; 49y 10m 15d
5 Jan 1921 SLOVER, HENRY res Parshallville; buried Parshallville; serv M.E.Ch
3 Feb 1921 WOODLEY, GEO. res Parshallville; buried Catholic Cemetery; serv at Catholic Church
3 Feb 1921 GRAHAM, FLOYD D. res Tyrone; buried Hartland; 38y
7 Feb 1921 POLLICK, JANE res Parshallville; buried Parshallville
12 Feb 1921 LAIRD, HERB res Fenton, buried Oakwood Cemetery
21 Feb 1921 HEWITT, ANNIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery
25 Feb 1921 MOHAN, PETER res Groveland, buried Oakwood (G-2); 69y
27 Feb 1921 SMITH, MARTHA J. res Fenton; buried Oakwood, 80y 7m 20d
5 Mar 1921 BREWER, SARAH H. res Eloise, Mich, buried Oakwood Cemetery (0-2)76y
12 Mar 1921 CALLAGHAN,--- res Tyrone; buried Deerfield; 2 yr
14 Mar 1921 TAMLYN, GEORGIA res Fenton, buried Oakwood Cemetery (0-51)
21 Mar 1921 OLMSTEAD, ED res Tyrone; buried Henderson Cemetery
20 Mar 1921 BARROWS, MAY res Flint; buried Oakwood Cemetery, b 23 Sept 1873, 47
23 Mar 1921 RYAN, CLEM res Deerfield; buried Deerfield, serv at Catholic Church
26 Mar 1921 BAMFORD, DORA res Fenton; buried Fowlerville Cem, serv at Baptist
27 Mar 1921 HICKS, ELLEN res Fenton; buried St. Thomas, Canada
23 Apr 1921 PATTERSON, JENNIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood, (Sec, L- 1/2 Parker lot)
23 Apr 1921 GOODRICH, SUCAN res Fenton; buried Holly
1 May 1921 BECKER, PETER J. res Tyrone; buried Gardner Cemetery; 81y 6m 11d
5 May 1921 MARSH, MARY res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery
9 May 1921 HOSKINS, GERALDINE res Fenton; buried Linden
17 May 1921 PHIPPS, EDITH res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery (L-57)
17 May 1921 MITCHELL, MARY res Fenton; buried Oakwood Cemetery;64y 2m 13d
22 May 1921 FOLEY, BARBARA res Fenton; b 17 Feb 1860; 61y 2m 5d
22 May 1921 WHITNEY, THOS. res Fenton; buried Fenton; b 23 Mar 1848; 73y 2m 25d
28 May 1921 STEVENS, ROSANNA res Fenton; buried Oakwood
3 Jun 1921 TOWNLEY, FORBES D. res Hartland; buried Hartland; serv M.E.Church
  ALLEN,FLOYD res Hartland; buried Hartland (body shipped from overseas
12 Jun 1921 VYSE, ARTHUR res Detroit; buried Detroit (accidental drowning)
24 Jun 1921 REMINGTON, JAMES res Atlanta, Mich; buried
22 Jun 1921 ROBERTS, MOWREY? res Fenton; buried Oakwood
2 Jul 1921 CONKLIN, THOMAS res Deerfield; buried Catholic Cemetery; 71y 1m 27d
  HALL, FLOYD res Fenton
29 Jul 1921 LAMB, NELSON res Deerfield; ,buried Deerfield
2 Aug 1921 HOLLAND, ELIZABETH res Hartland; buried Hartland;serv M.E.Church; 80y7
3 Aug 1921 KIRSHMAN, J. FRED res Tyrone; buried Parshallville; 57y 7m 27d , serv Baptist Ch
5 Aug 1921 MC ALASTER, JAS. E. res Fenton Twp; buried Linden
15 Aug 1921 MC GINNIS, ANN res Fenton; buried White Lake Cemetery
24 Aug 1921 DONEAUDE?, ANDREW res Rose Twp, buried Rose Corners; serv in Detroit
17 Sep 1921 MOORE, RAY P. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
20 Sep 1921 DALRYMPLE, JIMMIE res Fenton
7 Oct 1921 VAN CAMP, WALTER res Parshallville, buried Parsha11vil1e; b 28 Jan 1864
19 Oct 1921 RIGGLEWORTH, LEVINA res Gaines, Mich, buried Gaines (John Wriggleworth, Private Co I, 8th Reg, Mich Vol Cavalry)
24 Oct 1921 METZGER, FRANK res Fenton; buried Mt. Morris
18 Nov 1921 MC CALL, IRA D. res Hartland; buried Holly
20 Nov 1921 MEHLBERG, ROSALINE? res Tyrone
22 Nov 192l HOWELL, CHAS. res Fenton; buried Deerfield
1 Dec 1921 SMITH, MAY res Fenton, buried Oakwood
10 Dec 1921 MEHLBERG, CHLOE J. res Greenville, Ill.; buried Oakwood Cemetery; serv at Free Methodist Church; 52y 9m 28d
20 Dec 1921 DORMIRE, RHEUBIN res Tyrone, buried Gardner Cemetery
27 Dec 1921 MORRISON, JANNETTE res Fenton, buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
8 Jan 1922 SPURK, FRANK H. res Fenton, buried Oakwood; chg to Mary Spurk
22 Jan 1922 MEHLBERG, WM. res Fenton; buried Hodges Cemetery, 84y 10m 28d
24 Jan 1922 LEONARD, DONALD res Fenton, buried Oakwood; 3y 4d
8 Feb 1922 KINNE, M. V. res Tyrone; buried Conway Cemetery?
13 Feb 1922 BACHMAN, MYRTILE buried Holly
14 Feb 1922 TUNISON, MARY buried Oakwood; 31y 9m 16d
15 Feb 1922 NEWMAN, HENRY res Fenton; buried Oakwood
18 Feb 1922 JADWIN, GLADYS res Fenton, buried Fenton
21 Feb 1922 GATES, GEO. res Tyrone; buried Oakwood; 77y
2 Feb 1922 WASS, GEO. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 78y 4m 14d
27 Feb 1922 MARSH, TERRY F. res Fenton; buried Oakwood, 77y Sm 28d
7 Mar 1922 JOHNSON, THOMAS E. res Tyrone; buried Clough Cemetery, 52y
9 Mar 1922 CONKLIN, MARY res Tyrone; buried Deerfield; serv at Catholic Church; 91y
13 Mar 1922 DONALDSON, HENRY res Tyrone; buried Hodges Cemetery; ch to Bert Donaldson; 71y 8m 16d
14 Mar 1922 WARREN, GRACE res Fenton; buried Deerfield; 39y 3m 19d
25 Mar 1922 KIRKDALE, BESSIE res Fenton; buried Linden
3 Apr 1922 KELLOGG, MARY J. res Fenton; buried Linden
7 Apr 1922 ROONEY, MAUDE res Fenton, buried Catholic Cemetery, serv Cath. Ch
20 Apr 1922 ANGELL, WOODSON? res Fenton; buried Oakwood
30 Apr 1922 MOORE, FLETCHER res Fenton; buried Reed City; 23y 10m 9d
12 May 1922 BACON, VIOLET A. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
1 Jun 1922 TROLLMAN, ANNIE res Tyrone; buried Deerfield; serv Catholic Church
6 Jun 1922 FARNHAM, HARRIET? res Parshallville; buried Parshallville; serv at M. E. Church
22 Jun 1922 HUFF, HENRY res Fenton; buried Oakwood
30 Jun 1922 WILLIAMS, ELLA res Fenton; buried Oakwood (D-171); 53y
9 Jul 1922 THOMPSON, SEYMOUR res Fenton; buried Oakwood
7 Aug 1922 MACASLAND?, ANNA res Argentine; buried Argentine; 53y
23 Aug 1922 BR0WN, JAMES res Fenton; buried Oakwood
8 Oct 1922 JOHNSON, CLYDIA buried Oakwood Cemetery; chg to Ethel Johnson; 18d
10 Oct 1922 HRKA, ANNIE res Fenton; buried Catholic Cemetery
13 Oct 1922 HUSKINSON, FRED res Hartland; buried Hartland; serv M. E. Church
28 Oct 1922 LOCKWOOD, GEO. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 81y
29 Oct 1922 ANDREWS, DON res Fenton; buried Oakwood
14 Nov 1922 DIBBLE, JOEL res Fenton; buried Oakwood (D-49); 85y 7m 8d
23 Nov 1922 CARTIER, RICHARD res Fenton; buried Oakwood; chg to Nora M. Stewart
4 Dec 1922 BANKES, ELIZA res Fenton; buried Whigville; 67y Sm 18d
5 Dec 1922 JENKS, BETSEY res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv at O'Brien's
6 Dec 1922 DYE, WILLARD res Fenton; buried Rose Center; services Rose
7 Dec 1922 MC NEAL, EDWARD res Saginaw; buried Oakwood
11 Dec 1922 RODGERS, HOR. S. res Middleville, buried Oakwood; 70y 2m 5d; serv Epis. Church
28 Dec 1922 CAMPBELL, FLORENCE res Oak Grove; buried Hartland

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1923 KINMAN, IDA M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
5 Jan 1923 BURNS, ALICE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 22 yr
8 Jan 1923 MC CRACKEN,C. J. res Ann Arbor; buried Oakwood; 63y
11 Jan 1923 CARMER, BYRON? res Fenton; buried Whigville; 70y
12 Jan 1923 GARDNER, PHEBE res Tyrone; buried Gardner Cemetery
18 Jan 1923 JONES, JANE res Tyrone; buried Oakwood; chg to Leonard Jones
25 Jan 1923 YEAKS, AMANDA res Fenton; buried Mulliken?; (John C. Yeaks, Priv Co. K, 4 Mich Inf. Vol)
26 Jan 1923 BECKER, STELLA res Fenton; buried Gardner Cemetery
10 Feb 1923 MC PHERSON, A. J. res Pontiac; buried Oakwood
10 Feb 1923 ADAMS, FREEMAN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
21 Feb 1923 BECKER, WALLACE res Tyrone Twp; buried Oakwood
1 Mar 1923 JACOBS, CARL res Fenton; buried Oakwood
7 Mar 1923 WILLIAMS, WM. res Flint; buried Oakwood
9 Mar 1923 YOUNGS, ELSIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
8 Mar 1923 LONGTHORN, THAD res Hartland; buried Parshallville
14 Mar 1923 WIRSELL?, J. F. res Fenton
14 Mar 1923 ATHERTON, ORRIN M. res Gaines; buried Gaines
18 Mar 1923 BOTSFORD, MARTHA res Hartland; buried Riddle Cemetery; 81 Y
19 Mar 1923 RANSON, AMANDA res Hartland; buried Flushing, serv at Cong. Church
31 Mar 1923 BRUCE, ANEN? A. res Fenton; buried Roseland Cemetery; 48 Y
30 Mar 1923 HARRIS, GEORGE res Rose; buried Oakwood (0-24)
15 Apr 1923 HOGAN, SARAH res Deerfield, buried Deerfield
22 Apr 1923 LUTZ, JOSEPHINE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
25 Apr 1923 SMITH, VERN C. res Fenton; buried Howell (Co 2 4 Mich Cav Co K 9 Mich Inf)
25 Apr 1923 HOISINGTON, MAUDE B. res Detroit; buried Oakwood; 56y 7m 24d
19 May 1923 KINTZ, JAMES J. res Florala, Ala.; buried Oakwood; serv at Dan Lyons' house
26 May 1923 SEAVIS?, ROSE H. res Fenton; buried Lake Odessa; 62y 4m 2d; chg to G. C. Lutz
27. May 1923 CRAWFORD, CHARLOTTE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
5 Jun 1923 CUMMINGS, MARY E. res Fenton; buried Elkhart, Indiana; 87y 5m 7d
2 Jun 1923 HUFF, HARMON? res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 9th Mich Cav.; 80y 1m 23d
Jun 1923 BUELL, HELEN res Parshallville; 3 y
20 Jul 1923 LUTZ, JOHN F. res Deerfield; buried Fenton; 37y 8m 18d
24 Jul 1923 BORON, TENN res Fenton; buried Oakwood, serv at Baptist Church
27 Jun 1923 GREENLEAF, KATHRINE res Hartland; buried Hartland.
4 Aug 1923 JOHNSON, CHAS. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 86y 5d
18 Aug 1923 LEONARD, ROYAL B. res Owosso, Mich; buried Oakwood; 5y 3m 21d
1 Sep 1923 JADWIN, MARY E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 60y 5m 11d
16 Sep 1923 SACKNER, CHAS. res Parshallville; auto accident; certifying physician A. Farmer, Cor. Pontiac, Mich; buried Parshallville; serv M.E.Church
24 Sep 1923 BELDEN, MARTHA S. res Highland Park; buried Oakwood (Sec. M); 77y
9 Oct 1923 BENNETT, ED S. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
14 Oct 1923 LOBB, AMELIA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Baptist Home; 75y 5m
13 Oct 1923 FOOTE, FLORENCE ESTELLA res Grand Rapids
19 Oct 1923 BOORMAN, ALUNIR? re Fenton; buried East Amull, Ohio; serv M.E.Church
26 Oct 1923 PEARSON, MINNIE G. res Flint; buried Oakwood; serv Presb Church (L-71)
15 Nov 1923 WOLVERTON, S. A. res Tyrone; buried Clough Cemetery; 89y 10m 28d
20 Nov 1923 FOOTE, FRED res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 61y
29 Nov 1923 SADDEN, CHAS. W. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 78y
7 Dec 1923 ST JOHNS, EZRIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; chg to Mrs. Jennie St. Johns, Flint
8 Dec 1923 GILDAY, EVA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Baptist Church
19 Dec 1923 ALCHIN, WAVA? res Fenton; buried Oakwood (C-16)
23 Dec 1923 TOOMBS, HENRY res Brooklyn, N.Y.; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1924 CLEVELAND, LUCIUS res Paw Paw; buried Parshallville
7 Jan 1924 SHOLES, SARAH res Fenton; buried Oakwood
7 Jan 1924 CRAWFORD, ALMOND res fenton; buried Oakwood
23 Jan 1924 HIBNER, ERNESTINE res Hartland; buried Hodges Cemetery; 77y 11m 28d
24 Jan 1924 CLARK, ALMEDA res Tyrone; buried Oakwood; 80y
24 Jan 1924 KIDDER, ELIZABETH res Fenton; buried Oakwood
4 Feb 1924 HADLEY, GRACE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
9 Feb 1924 GARDNER, IRA res Tyrone; buried Gardner Cemetery
12 Feb 1924 HOOKER, CHAS. J. res Hartland; buried Riddle Cemetery; Serv M.E.Ch
24 Feb 1924 HICKEY, HIBSABETH res Davisburg; buried Davisburg; 89y
19 Mar 1924 STURNS?, MINNIE M. res Denver; buried Oakwood
19 Mar 1924 DODDS, GEO. res Tyrone; buried Parshallville
5 Apr 1924 PHIPPS, BERTHA res Hartland; buried Hartland
7 Apr 1924 WAKEMAN, LEWIS BEN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
13 Apr 1924 PERRY, ROBERT res Fenton; buried Oakwood; chg to Harry Beaumont; 98
16 Apr 1924 DAVIS, JOHN J. buried South Lyons; 84y 21d
15 Apr 1924 PARKER, MILTON L. res Fenton-Detroit; buried Oakwood; 76y
22 Apr 1924 LEAL?, CATHERINE N. res Fenton; buried Linden
27 Apr 1924 FISHER, HARRIETT res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 81y
3 May 1924 BARNUM, REV. CHAS. N. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church
7 May 1924 LEBBIN, DONALD infant; res Tyrone; buried Gardner Cemetery
9 May 1924 DE WOLF, LILLIAN res Fenton; buried Troy, Ohio; 61y 6m 20d
10 May 1924 DUPRE, ALFREDA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Baptist Home
3 May 1924 MURPHY, ANNA res Tyrone; buried Deerfield; serv Catholic Church;78y
4 Jun 1924 GRISWOLD, FRANCIS res Fenton; buried smith Cemetery; serv M.E.Church
11 Jun 1924 COLE, EDWIN M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 74y
15 Jun 1924 MOORE, JAMES res Fenton; buried Venice Cemetery; 76y 9m 1d
22 Jun 1924 VAN WERT, JAMES WARD buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church; 35y
24 Jun 1924 MEIFURD?, LAVINIA res Fenton; buried Adrian; serv M. E. Church
30 Jun 1924 BUTCHER, EMMA J. res Detroit; buried Oakwood; 63y 7m 23d
12 Sep 1924 LOWERS?, ALINE res Fenton; buried Quincy?; 75y 1m 12d
3 Oct 1924 LOCKE, ARTHUR E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
6 Nov 1924 PRESTON, JOHN res,Hartland; buried Hartland
2 Dec 1924 KELLEHER, JOHN res Deerfield; buried Deerfield
8 Dec 1924 SMITH, MYRIA J. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
13 Dec 1924 PATTERSON, SARAH res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 78y lam 11d
17 Dec 1924 SWARTOUT, MELINDA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 89y 1m 27d
17 Dec 1924 HEMPSTEAD, GEO. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
21 Dec 1924 HUNT, SARAH res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 80y 5m 16d
27 Dec 1924 DENTON, EMORY res Fenton; buried Grand Blanc; Pvt. Co A, 8 Mich Inf 85y 4m 2d

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
6 Jan 1925 HOLCOMB, AMOS res Deerfield; buried Cadillac, Mich; 83y 3m 29d
9 Jan 1925 MC CURDY, LIZZIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood;73 Y
15 Jan 1925 BROWN, HOWARD N. res Parshallville; buried Smith Cemetery; 71y
1 Mar 1925 LILLEY, DATLON? res Deerfield Twp; buried Oakwood; 6y
5 Mar 1925 MAXFIELD, ALFRED res Fenton; buried Hodges Cemetery
10 Apr 1925 BIRD, ANDREW res Hartland; buried Highland; 66y 10m l7d
27 Apr 1925 BECKER, WILBER? buried Linden; 66y
1 May 1925 BECKER, VIOLA 8ly
31 May 1925 VAS, AMELIA res Deerfield; buried Greenwood
1 Jun 1925 SHAW, J. F. res Flint; buried old cemetery (Oakwood); 93y
2 Jun 1925 CATHRELL, JOS. V. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Baptist Church
2 Jun 1925 WOODS, JOHN res Hartland; buried Hartland; 8ly 28d
11 Jun 1925 BURROWS?, SARAH res Fenton; buried Holly; 68y 2m 6d
9 Jun 1925 GRADY, BERNARD A. res Fenton; buried Fowlerville
20 Jun 1925 SADDEN, SADIE res Fenton, buried Oakwood
22 Jun 1925 KIRK, HARRIETT res Hartland; buried Hartland; M.E.Church, 70y 7m 21
23 Jun 1925 DISBROW,. CHAS. A. res Flint; buried Byron, serv M.E.Church
6 Jul 1925 LINDSLEY, MARY res Hartland; buried Hartland; serv M.E.Church, 93y
14 Aug 1925 BRANDSLER, ANNA res Fenton; buried Pine Run; serv Baptist Home
16 Aug 1925 PAYNE, MARY J. res Fenton, buried Davisburg
12 Sep 1925 STREET, BRADLEY res Tyrone, buried Oakwood; 2y
26 Sep 1925 PHILLIPS, JULIA A. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 82y
26 Sep 1925 HUBBLE, OTTO res Holly; buried Drayton Plains
23 Oct 1925 TRAPHAGEN, A. res Fenton, buried Oakwood; chg to Geo.Leonard,Detro
4 Nov 1925 CLARK, MARY E. res Fenton, buried Urbana Cemetery
5 Nov 1925 HARRIS, THEO. res Pontiac; buried Gaines; serv M. E. Church
7 Nov 1925 BAMFORD, SARAH res Tyrone, buried Colwell Cemetery
23 Nov 1925 TRAPHAGEN, FANNIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; b 9 Nov 1847; 78yr
8 Dec 1925 BOWMAN, JULIA M. buried Oakwood
11 Dec 1925 LAMB, ALBERTINE res Detroit; buried Oakwood; 22 yr
12 Dec 1925 CORNELL, CHAS. res Tyrone; buried Gardner Cemetery; 68y 26d
12 Dec 1925 SHENK?, WILLIAM res Fenton; buried Fenton; 72 y
17 Dec 1925 BENTLEY, ELIZABETH res Fenton; buried Oakwood
19 Dec 1925 HOCELE, JULIUS res Fenton; buried Oxford, Mich
22 Dec 1925 TAMLYN, ALICE J. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; b 11 Jan 1864; 6ly 11m
22 Dec 1925 PRATT, SUSAN C. res Fenton; buried Grandville, Ohio; 96y 21d
27 Dec 1925 BALDWIN, M. res Flint; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
2 Jan 1926 MARTINO, JENNIE res Fenton; buried Catholic Cemetery
16 Jan 1926 VOSBURGH, ADA res Fenton; buried Oakwood
21 Jan 1926 VAN CAMP, EMILY res Fowlerville; buried Parshallville
28 Jan 1926 HILL, HORACE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; b 15 Aug 1866; 59y 5m 13d
30 Jan 1926 MC CLINATHEA?, EMMA res Atlanta, Mich; buried Atlanta
7 Feb 1926 LAMB: CHAS. A. buried Oakwood; 76y
11 Feb 1926 APPLING, WM. res Fenton; buried Elmwood Cemetery, 77y 4m 5d
20 Feb 1926 MURPHY, FRANK res Tyrone; buried Deerfield
25 Feb 1926 COX, EVA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 79y 12m 21d
4 Mar 1926 BEAL,INEZ res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 7ly 10m l4d; 83 yr
13 Mar 1926 POLLICK, JOHN res Argentine; buried Parshallville; serv M.E.Church
22 Mar 1926 HILDEBRANDT, MARTHA res Hartland, buried Hartland; 87y
22 Mar 1926 MOREHOUSE, J. B. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 54y
23 Mar 1926 STIFF, HENRY res Tyrone; buried Pontiac
24 Mar 1926 BIRD, LUCY J. res Hartland; buried W. Highland; 72y 4m 7d
27 Mar 1926 NEBBS, NARCISSIS res Tyrone; buried Hodges Cemetery; 1y
29 Mar 1926 HALL, ISAIH? res Davisburg; buried Davisbury
9 Apr 1926 BURCH, CHAS. res Pontiac; 28 y
17 Apr 1926 HOLLAND, CRAS W. res Hartland; buried Hartland; 64y 18m 6d
23 Apr 1926 ARMSTRONG, SARAH res Fenton, buried Oakwood
23 Apr 1926 DAVIS, J. FRANK res Fenton, buried Oakwood
23 Apr 1926 HIEBES?, JOSEPH H. res Tyrone; buried Fowlerville
27 Apr 1926 HOUGH, N. F. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
1 May 1926 SHARP, FRANCES res Parshallville, buried Hartland; chg to Floyd Myers, Comstock, Mich and Bert Myers, Pontiac
5 May 1926 VAN DORN, MARY res Lansing; buried Oakwood; 89y
7 May 1926 LEONARD, MARY E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
9 May 1926 SEATON, EMMA E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 76y 12d
18 May 1926 CAMERON, CLARA MAY res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 2 ds
26 May 1926 PHIPPS, I. O. J. res Hartland; buried Oakwood
30 May 1926 ROCKMAN, JOHN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
30 May 1926 MILLIKEN, FRANK res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 73y
30 May 1926 ATWOOD, FLORENCE res Fenton, buried Oakwood; 62y 11m 9d
10 Jun 1926 WILLIAMS, EVA res Pine Run; buried Oakwood; 66y 11m 14d
14 Jun 1926 ROBB, JOS. res Deerfield; buried Deerfield
17 Jun 1926 PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE res Fenton, buried Milford; 81y
14 Jun 1926 KEUHN, LOUISE res Tyrone; buried Clarkston, chg to Chas. Keuhn, 66y
6 Ju1 1926 BURDICK, PEGGY res Fenton; buried Oakwood
9 Ju1 1926 WITHEY, EDWARD res Fenton, buried Oakwood
15 Ju1 1926 NEAL, ROBT. res Fenton, buried Flint
18 Ju1 1926 SENK, JOHN C. res Houghton; buried Houghton; serv Catholic Church
12 Aug 1926 CRAWFORD, KATE M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; b 11 July 1887; 39y 1m
24 Aug 1926 FREEMAN, ISAAC M. res Fenton; buried Lagrange, Ohio
9 Sep 1926 BLY, EVELINE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 73y 8m 14d
20 Sep 1926 SHANAFELT, PHOEBE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 80y
1 Oct 1926 WADLEY, SARAH res Byron, buried Fenton
12 Oct 1926 MAXFIELD, SARAH res Fenton; buried Hodges Cemetery
10 Oct 1926 BUSSEY, MRS. res Hartland, buried Hartland; serv M. E. Church
25 Nov 1926 COOK, BETSEY E. res Hartland; buried Hartland; 72y 1m 90
27 Nov 1926 HALL, JAS. W. res Pontiac; buried Oakwood; 60y
11 Dec 1926 PHILLIPS, GEORGIANNA res Detroit; buried Oakwood; 54y 4m 13d
19 Dec 1926 AVERY, SANFORD E. res Fenton, buried Oakwood, 76y
26 Dec 1926 MC PHERSON, MARTHA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 72y 3m 4d
23 Dec 1926 UTLEY, LUCY res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 82y
29 Dec 1926 HELMS, DORA res Fenton, buried Oakwood ; 46y 8m 14d
30 Dec 1926 HUBERT, SAM'L res Fenton; buried Howell
31 Dec 1926 ROUSE, MARY res Hartland; buried Hartland; serv M.E.Church

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
1 Jan 1927 HOFFMAN, GRACE res Deerfield; buried Deerfield
6 Jan 1927 KELLOGG, ELIZABETH res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church
11 Jan 1927 SCHWANEBECK, MABLE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
21 Jan 1927 ANDREWS, MARY E. res Fenton; buried Ovid
27 Jan 1927 GALE, SARAH DOROTHY res Fenton, buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church; 77
4 Feb 1927 DAVIES, ELLA C. res Reading, Mich; buried Oakwood
7 Feb 1927 STILLBORN  
25 Feb 1927 WINN, WILMA res Fenton; buried Oakwood (K-86); serv M.W.Church
25 Feb 1927 WINGLEMIRE, J. R. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
27 Feb 1927 JEFFRIES, EUSEBIA H. res Fenton; buried Linden
3 Mar 1927 DAY, ADA res Flint, buried Rose Center
16 Mar 1927 ST CLAIR,MARION res Fenton; buried Oakwood
27 Mar 1927 HERSHLAK, ERNEST res Detroit; buried Oakwood
29 Mar 1927 LAPHIN, L. CLAY res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 37y 3m 27d, b 1889
29 Mar 1927 STANLEY, ALICE res Fenton, buried Oakwood
24 Mar 1927 DAVIS, ADA res Seattle, Wash.; buried Oakwood
3 Apr 1927 CUMMINGS, BENJ. F. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
1 Apr 1927 KIDNEY, ANDREW res Millersburg, Mich; buried Oakwood; 68y
11 Apr 1927 MC CLEAN, HULDAY J. res Deerfield; buried Middlebury
11 Apr 1927 KEDDY, HERBERT stillborn
12 Apr 1927 HARVEY, GEO. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
15 Apr 1927 CONANT, DAVID res Marion, Mich; buried Oakwood
15 Apr 1927 SETCHFIELD, EMILY O. res Fenton; buried Byron; funeral Baptist Ch
23 Apr 1927 BAIRD, SARAH res Fenton; buried Oakwood (old cemetery)
25 Apr 1927 JOHNSON, FRANK res Fenton; buried Parshallville; chg to Richard Johnson
8 May 1927 BEAL, JOHN res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 79y
8 May 1927 JERSEY, JOHN L. res Grand Rapids; buried Linden; serv M.E.Church
14 May 1927 CORRIGAN, CHAS. L. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Epis. Church; 69
27 May 1927 DONALDSON, MARY res Tyrone; buried Hodges Cemetery
31 May 1927 ALLUM, EDWARD res Fenton; buried Oakwood (1-13); 81y 2m 5d
5 Jun 1927 BURGISS, MARY M. res Hartland; buried Hartland; 87y 5m 7d
1 Jul 1927 DE WITT, ARLINE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Catholic Church; 4?
2 Jul 1927 JOHNSON, J. THAD res Mt. Clemens; buried Oakwood (B-2); 32 yr
6 Jul 1927 MC CLINIC, FRANCIS M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood (J-16); chg to Mary McClinic; Co. A 28th Mich Vol Inf, Pvt.; 78 yr
11 Jul 1927 MC PHAIL, CHAS. res Fenton; buried Hartland
11 Jul 1927 REMINGTON, BRYAN E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
19 Jul 1927 HANIS, BETSEY E. res 1127 Knapp; buried Fenton; serv Presb. Church
21 Jul 1927 HUSKINSON, FLORA res Hartland; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church
21 Ju1 1927 ADAMS, NETTIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 78 y
27 Jul 1927 BOGART, MAY C. res Argentine, 46 y
12 Aug 1927 PERRY, JAMES res Burton Twp; buried Oakwood; 78y
13 Aug 1927 BELKERWITZ, SALUMID res Deerfield; buried Detroit; chg to Miss Francis Belkerwitz, Detroit
6 Sep 1927 BURTON, FREMONT E. rs Fenton; buried Oakwood; 73y 4m 25d
12 Sep 1927 THOMPSON, LUCY res Fenton; buried Hartland
15 Sep 1927 WOLVERTON, ANN res Tyrone; buried Clow (Clough?)
16 Sep 1927 THOMPSON, HARRY res Fenton; buried Oakwood
16 Sep 1927 COLE, ELIZA res Fenton; buried Oakwood
19 Sep 1927 HINCKA,JANE res Fenton; buried Oakwood (J-15)
23 Sep 1927 MEHLBERG, CHAS. N. res Tyrone, buried Hodges Cemetery
29 Sep 1927 DONOVAN, THOS. D. res Fenton; buried Oakwood (J-18) Serv Cath. Ch
1 Oct 1927 MOWERS, MARIE res Tyrone; buried Parshallville
21 Oct 1927 HARRIS,LEVINA res Fenton; buried Oakwood (1-15 or J-15)
27 Oct 1927 BRADSHAW, ANN JANE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
7 Nov 1927 WESTERBY, MARY J. res 113 Russell St; buried Highland; serv at Clyde M.E.Church; chg to Floyd Jones, Milford & Ray Terwilliger, Flint
12 Nov 1927 HOWLAND, WM. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 72 yr
17 Nov 1927 HARVEY, WELLINGTON res Tyrone, buried Oakwood; 82 yr
19 Nov 1927 DE WITT, ELINOR res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Catholic Cemetery
26 Nov 1927 RUNKEL, IRENE res Detroit; buried Big Rapids; serv at Hillikers
26 Nov 1927 MC LEAN, SARAH J. res Fenton; buried Woodmere Cern., Detroit
26 Nov 1927 WHITTIER, FREDRICK C. res Detroit; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church
6 Dec 1927 KELLEY, CLARA A. res Fenton; buried Maine Cemetery; b 28 May 1837
8 Dec 1927 NEWELL, EMMA A. res Chicago Heights; buried Oakwood, serv Epis. Ch
9 Dec 1927 RICKARD, SARAH res Fenton; buried Paw Paw
11 Dec 1927 COBPER, JOHN res Detroit; buried Beebe Cemetery
18 Dec 1927 CONANT, CHESTER res Fenton ; buried Oakwood, 76y 3m 15d; b 3 Sep 185?
25 Dec 1927 CARPENTER, RUTH res Fenton; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1928 MILLARD, DONALD res Fenton; buried Gracelawn, Flint; 12 ds
4 Jan 1928 KELLEY, ADDIE res Fenton; buried Oak Grove Cemetery; b 1862; 65 yr
10 Jan 1928 COX, WILLIAM J. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
17 Jan 1928 HERRINGTON, MARY res Baptist Home; buried Oakwood; b 1841; 86y 3m 1?d
22 Jan 1928 FRENCH, ALICE N. res Fenton; buried Pontiac
28 Jan 1928 HARVEY, SARAH res Tyrone; buried Oakwood
7 Feb 1928 PUTVIM, JOHN res Fenton, buried Oakwood
10 Feb 1928 ALLEN, MARY R. res Fenton; buried Whigvi11e; ae 62 yr
11 Feb 1928 WHITNEY, MARY res Fenton; buried Hodges Cemetery? ae 63 yr
11 Feb 1928 JOHNSON, ANN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
21 Feb 1928 AUSTIN, EMMA res Fenton; buried Whigville; ae 71 yr
9 Mar 1928 HOLLENBECK, BURT C. res Fenton; buried Grand Blanc
13 Mar 1928 BURNS, JOHN res Tyrone; buried Oakwood
9 Apr 1928 DELL, EULEMIA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; ae 29 yr
14 Apr 1928 HICKS, LUCILLE res Tyrone; buried Oakwood; ae 18 yr
17 Apr 1928 HICKS, JOHN J. res Tyrone; buried Oakwood; b 5 Dec 1857; 70y 4m 12d
25 Apr 1928 TUFFS, CHAS H. res Tyrone; buried Dexter; ae 55 yr
27 Apr 1928 FOLTZ (or FOLEY) A? J. res Parshallville; buried St. JohnsCemetery; 66yr
7 May 1928 MITCHELL, ISAAC W. res Tyrone; buried New Lothrop; serv M. E.Church chg to Mrs. I. W. Mitchell, c/o Geo. Judson; Rte 1; Brighton, Mich.
13 May 1928 ALOFSON, AGNIS res Fenton; buried Oakwood
30 May 1928 CASEMENT, J. J. res Flint; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church
4 Jun 1928 LAURENCELLE, JOHANNA res Fenton; buried Woodmere Cemetery; serv Baptist Church
5 Jun 1928 HALL, FRANK res Fenton; buried Oakwood
6 Jun 1928 HOOVER, HENRY res Fenton; burled Oakwood (1-19); 68y 2m 10d
13 Jun 1928 HASKELL, ANNE M res Fenton; buried Oakwood
4 Jul 1928 DEE, ELMER E. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 68 yr
7 Ju1 1928 BARNES, FRANCIS res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 70y 8m 17d
23 Jul 1928 PAYNE, JOHN H. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 48y 11m 28d
28 Jul 1928 POTTER, GEORGE res Fenton; buried Old Cemetery (Oakwood); 80 yr
31 Jul 1928 LANNING, J. M. res Lansing; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church (M-35) ae 95 yrs
16 Aug 1928 PASCOE, WM. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; b 8 Mar 1845; 83y Sm 8d
18 Aug 1928 POWELL, FRANCIS L. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; b 22 Mar 1856; 72y 4m 26d
21 Aug 1928 COX, GEORGE res Fenton; buried Clough Cemetery
23 Aug 1928 BOYLE, MARY F. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 85yrs
6 Sep 1928 BESSELMAN, HENRY res Parshallvil1e; buried Parshallville
22 Sep 1928 JOHNSON, EVERETTE res Fenton; buried Sanford Cemetery; 57y 11m 8d
23 Sep 1928 TORONZO, FRANK W. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 86y 2m 12d
23 Sep 1928 RICHARDSON, ADDIE res Flint; buried Oakwood; 65y
12 Oct 1928 PARVATT, EDA M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 57y
21 Oct 1928 STROUD, ETTA res Fenton; buried Oakwood
24 Oct 1928 STILES, E. H. res Fenton; buried Deerfield; 87 yrs
25 Oct 1928 RASMUSSEN, JOHN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
31 Oct 1928 SALSBURY, MELVIN V. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 83 yrs
14 Nov 1928 SCRIBNER, EDWARD S. res Tyrone; buried Oakwood; 73y 5m 5d
28 Nov 1928 DIBBLE, MAY res,Fenton; buried Oakwood; 83 yr
6 Dec 1928 RIDHOLL, DOREEN res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 14 yrs
7 Dec 1928 HUBBARD, DAVID res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 47 yrs
15 Dec 1928 COOPER, LOREN A. res Fulton; buried Linden
16 Dec 1928 BOYLE, ACKLAND res Fenton; buried Oakwood
22 Dec 1928 JOHNSON, RUSSELL res Fenton; buried Linden; 30 yrs; chg to John Jennings

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
1 Jan 1929 HERRINGTON, EMELINE res Fenton; buried Deer Creek Cemetery
1 Jan 1929 VAN ALSTINE, ORIN res Fenton; buried Oakwood
2 Jan 1929 BRIGHT, GENEVIEVE res Detroit; buried Oakwood; chg to O. W. Bright: Detroit; ae 19 yrs
2 Jan 1929 BEST, GEORGE res Fenton; buried Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit
2 Jan 1929 PEASE, EMMA M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 67 yrs; chg to C. L. Pease, Detroit
5 Jan 1929 MC CAIGE, MARY res; buried Oakwood; 73 yr
5 Jan 1929 MOORE, ELLA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv M.E.Church; 43 yrs
7 Jan 1929 RANLET, AMANDA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 73 yrs
8 Jan 1929 RANLET, WALLACE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 79y 11m 23 d
10 Jan 1929 MOUNT, CARRIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 61 yr
13 Jan 1929 LAHNANEN, LAWRENCE ? res Hartland; buried Hartland; b 1865; ae 64y
19 Jan 1929 WURSTER, LOUISA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 71 yr
21 Jan 1929 MINER, FRANK res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 67 yr
28 Jan 1929 COPP, GEORGE res Flint; buried Oakwood; 56 yr; chg to John Copp, Holly, Mich
3 Feb 1929 IMREG ?, DONALD F. S. res Flint; buried Oakwood; 48 yr
7 Feb 1929 BACKMAN, GEO. res Fenton; buried Linden
6 Feb 1929 DIBBLE, W. F. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 87 yr
13 Feb 1929 STEWART, WM. res Fenton; buried Cement City
17 Feb 1929 MC MACKEN, MATHEW R. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
27 Feb 1929 EVERT, BELLE res Detroit; buried Oakwood; b 1887; r1y l0m 8d; chg to Mr, Floyd Backman, Detroit
28 Feb 1929 CHARTERS, JENNIE res Tyrone; buried Hartland
4 Mar 1929 STRONG, EVA MARION res Detroit; buried Oakwood (J-11); 45y 7m 12d
7 Mar 1929 FOOTE, CHAS. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
12 Mar 1929 FOOTE, ANNA R. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 92y 11m 5d
13 Mar 1929 JONES, J. D. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 75y lam 22d
22 Mar 1929 GUNNING, MRS. MARG. res Fenton; buried Oakwood
29 Mar 1929 ST JOHNS, ELLA res Fenton; buried Drayton Plains
3 Apr 1929 REED, PERSEY res Fenton; buried Oakwood
6 Apr 1929 DORMlRE, MARY res Tyrone; buried'Gardner Cemetery
9 Apr 1929 CHAPIN, MINA res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 82yrs
12 Apr 1929 POPE, SILAS W. res Hartland; buried Highland; chg to A. L Stiff, Detroit
16 Apr 1929 PARSHALL, EDWARD res Hartland; buried Hartland
15 Apr 1929 MARVIN, EMILY res Tyrone; buried Oakwood
22 Apr 1929 GLASPIE, FRANK res Fenton; buried Deerfield; b. 1851; 72y lam 9d
26 Apr 1929 MC CURDY, LENA res Fenton; buried Oakwood
27 Apr 1929 BULLARD, JANE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
29 Apr 1929 HICKS, ABBIE res Tyrone; buried Oakwood
2 May 1929 MINMEAN?, ADALINE J. res Fenton; buried Wayne, Mich; serv M.E.Church b 6 Oct 1848; 80y 6m 23d
4 May 1929 DAVIS, PLUMA ? res Pontiac; buried South Lyons; 59y
5 May 1929 BOTSFORD, LENA res Fenton; buried Oakwood
6 May 1929 GORDON, WM. H. res Tyrone; buried Parshalllville, 81 yrs
27 May 1929 SNOW, MARY res Fenton; buried Parshallville
28 May 1929 CUNDY, ABRAHAM res Hartland; buried Hartland
7 Jun 1929 WIGGINS, MINNIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood, 52 yr
11 Jun 1929 SKIMANSTI, JACKIE res Fenton; buried Oakwood
17 Jun 1929 WELCH, DONALD res Fenton; buried Oakwood
20 Jun 1929 LEE, EMMA res Mundy; buried Gladwin; serv M.E.Church; b 1850; 77y 2m
24 Jun 1929 HARBACK, JARVIS res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 74 yr
24 Jun 1929 C , HOWARD LLOYD res Hartland; b 29 Nov 1904; 24y 5m 25d
9 Jul 1929 WALKER, HERBERT LEE res Hartland; buried Saline; serv Meth. Church
24 July 1929 ABBEY, JOHN C. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; 5y 3m 2d
30 Jul 1929 CRANSTON, SARAH A. res Fenton; buried Stockbridge
31 Ju1 1929 STILWELL, ELIZABETH res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Episcopal Ch
5 Aug 1929 BURDICK, FANNIE M. res Fenton; buried Oakwood; serv Baptist Church
8 Sep 1929 HORTON,WM. O. res Hartland; buried Weberville
12 Sep 1929 LONG, FREDERIC JOHN b Mt. Pleasant; d Fenton; res Fenton; b 21 Oct 1927; son Fred N. Long b Pontiac, Mich and Olga Millerwise b Sebewaing, Mich; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit.
20 Sep 1929 LUTZ, JOHN F. b Germany; d Long Lake (Lake Fenton); farmer; b 11 Jan 1856; 73y 8m 9d; parents unknown b Germany; buried Oakwood Cemetery; chag to Gus Lutz
21 Sep 1929 HASENBUSH, CARL b Germany; hus of Caroline; d Oceola Twp; res Hartland; farmer; b 15 Dec 1848; 80y 9m 7d; buried Hartland; chg to Arthur E. Hasenbush, Howell, Mich.
5 Oct 1929 CARMER, GRACE E. b Tenn; d Fenton; wife of Paul; serv Presb. Church; b 7 Aug 1894; 35y 1m 28d; dau James Wilhoit b Tenn and sarah Barnes b Tenn; buried Oakwood
11 Oct 1929 HARRIS, HARVEY b Coland, Mich; hus of Clara; d Fenton; serv at Wayne, Mich; b 26 Oct 1856; 72y 11m 16d; son Harris and Sarah Stark; buried Wayne Mich (Lot 36- gr 1)
28 Oct 1929 OSMAN, ELIZABETH b N.Y.; res Fenton; d Tyrone; sgl; b 19 Feb 1863; 93y 8m 9d; dau John Newman b N.Y. and Fanny Conrad? b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
21 Nov 1929 STURGIS, CARRIE L. wife of Mortimer A.; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 6 Dec 1879; 49y 11m 15d; dau Hurb Bloggett; b Mich and Lucy Crow b Mich; buried Deer Creek Cemetery
5 Dee 1929 CALKINS, CHARLES b Holly, Mich, res Fenton; d Flint; b 14 Apr 1857; 72y 7m 17d; son Henry Calkins b N.Y. and Adaline Syckoff b N.Y.; chg to Della VanNocker, Holly
12 Dec 1929 THOMPSON, FREDRICK WILLIAM chg to Ted Thompson, Wyandotte, Mich; res Lansing, 75y; buried Oakwood
14 Dec 1929 RIDHOLLS, JAMES H. b England; hus of Edith, res Fenton;. d Fenton; b 21 Sep 1882, 47y 2m 23d; laborer, son Henry Ridholls b England and Ellen Tucker b England

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
13 Jan 1930 CAMPBELL, CHESTER A. d Oak Grove; b 24 Oct 1850; 79y 2m 18d; chg to Sardis Campbell, Oak Grove, Mich.
24 Jan 1930 THOMPSON, ALICE b Jonesville, Mich 3 Aug 1857, wife of J. F.; d Fenton; 72y 4m 21d, dau Daniel Ellis b Clinton, Mich and Ellen Hyser b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
2 Feb 1930 BROWER, THOMAS R. b N.Y. 1 Feb 1869, farmer; sgl; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; 61y 1d, son John Brower; chg to Nelson Robinson, buried Lapeer
6 Feb 1930 HALSTED, PAUL D. b Morrice, Mich; hus of Mildred, d Fenton; printer b 21 Jan 1881, 49y 16d; son Dr. Halsted b Morrice, Mich
12 Feb 1930 McCOMBS, WILLIAM H. b Canada 2 July 1849; d Oxford, Mich; laborer; hus of Emma; son Rufus McCombs b Canada; buried Linden, Mich.
13 Feb 1930 BUTZLER, SARAH wf of George; d Mundy, serv Long Lake Church; b 10 Sept 1873; 56y Sm 3d
19 Feb 1930 BURNS, HATTIE MAY wife of Paul; d Parshallville; serv M.E.Church, b 12 Aug 1868, 61y 6m 7d, dau Geo. Hardenburg b N.Y.; buried Redford
5 Mar 1930 RICHARDSON, JAMES W. hus of Jennie; res Fenton; d Fenton; farmer; b 8 June 1861; 68y 8m 27d; son Danford Richardson b N.Y.; buried Holly
8 Mar 1930 BUSSELMAN, CLAUSE b Germany; hus of Anna, Oak Grove, Mich; d Hartland; serv M.E.Church; farmer
14 Mar 1930 KIRCHINER, MELISSA res Hartland; d Brighton; 86y 9m 13d; dau John Cook b N.Y. and Elsie Avisdon? b N.Y., buried Hartland
26 Mar 1930 DEVEREAUX, MINNIE wf of Albert, d Fenton; b 3 Nov 1858, 71y 4m 23d dau Levi Whitford b N.Y. and Mary Pitts b N.Y. ; buried Perry, Mich
26 Mar 1930 MC CLEAN, RANDELL d Fenton; chg to Chas McClean
31 Mar 1930 HENDERSON, MARY M. chg to Ross Henderson
29 Mar 1930 PHIPPS, JOSEPH H. hus of Minnie J.; res Fenton; serv Presb. Church; d Fenton; b 9 Sep 1837; 92y 6m 20d; son Daniel Phipps b N.Y. and Eliz. Harvey b Vermont
30 Mar 1930 HOOKER, AMANDA chg to Clare Hooker, Oak Grove; serv M.E.Church; d Oceola; 77y; buried Riddle Cemetery
4 Apr 1930 BUNCE, EARL M. hus of Rose; d Hurley Hospital, Flint; Supt.; b 19 July 1871; 58y 8m l5d; son Theo. V. Bunce and Julia Bunce; buried Wakeman, Ohio
6 Apr 1930 GRAY, ALLEN F. chg to Eugene Davis, Fenton; res Reading Pa.; d Reading Pa.; 52 y Twp
23 Apr 1930 McMILLAN, JAMES C. chg to Libbie McMillan, Fenton; res Fenton; d Fenton; farmer; b 8 May 1864; 65y 10m l5d; son Joseph McMillan b N.Y. and Delana Wright b N.Y.
26 Apr 1930 JOHNSON, MARY chg to Max Johnson, Fenton; d Fenton; b 10 May 1850; 79 yrs
28 Apr 1930 JACKSON, HARMON hus of Viola Fenton; d Fenton; serv Presb. Church; b 25 Feb 1873; 57y 2m 3d; son Henry Jackson b Mich; buried Gaines.
8 Jun 1930 COLEMAN, JOHN B. hus of Annie; chg to Mrs. Wm. Kidd, Fenton; d Tyrone; farmer; wdr; b 29 June 1857; 72 Y 11m 9d; son John B. Coleman b England and Mary George b England; buried Howell
13 Jun 1930 McALLISTER, LYDIA b Mich; chg to Claud McAllister; res Fenton; d Good;rich; b 20 July 1920; 9y 10m 12d; dau Claud McAllister b Mich and Florence Powlison? b Mich
13 Jun 1930 CADY, LYDIA M. chg to Fred Newton; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 1 Jan 1845; 84y 5m 12d; dau Chamberlain Berry b N.Y. and Lucy Thompson b N.Y.; buried Fenton
20 Jul 1930 GUNNING, MINNIE L. wife of Allen; d Fenton; serv Epis. Church; 66y 2m; dau Calvin Cox b Canada and Christia Dunbar b Scotland; buried Oakwood
25 Jul 1930 SULLIVAN, SARAH JAMES? d Fenton; 96y 3m 7d; dau John Grenell b N.Y. and Anthenette Morehouse; buried Oakwood
27 Jul 1930 HARRISON, HARLEY E. chg to Ida L. Harrison; machinist; b 11 Nov 1876 53y 8m 6d; son Edward Harrison; buried Oakwood
5 Aug 1930 FULLER, MILA? b Illinois; chg to S. Hay, Fenton; d Torrey Beach (Fenton Twp); 72y 6m 6d; mother - Elizabeth Wacker?
7 Aug 1930 FREDENBURG, JOHANNAH b Mich; chg to Wm. Fredenburg, Fenton; d Tyrone; serv Catholic Church; b 9 May 1865; 65y 3m; dau John Kalhahan? b Ireland and Mary O'Connell; buried Catholic Cemetery
12 Aug 1930 HINDERLITER, WILLIAM son? of Amos Hinderliter; d Owosso, Mich; machinist; sgl; b 10 May 1895; 35y 5m 2d; son of Amos Hinderliter b Penn. and Kate Hinderliter b Penn;
2 Sep 1930 PATTERSON, MILDRED ANNE res Detroit; d Detroit; 31y
3 Sep 1930 BOYER, GEORGE A. chg to Mrs. Mary Mathews, Fenton; d Fenton; sgl; b 15 Sept 1939; 90y 10m 19d; son George Boyer b N.Y, and _____ Lombard? b N.Y.; buried at Cottage _____ _____ ?
11 Sep 1930 COWELL, MARTHA A. b N.Y.; wf of John; chg to Mrs. J. R, McWilliams, Redford, Mich; d Oscoda, Mich; serv Presb. Church, b 22 Nov 1847; 82y; dau Jas. Collins? b N.Y. and Susan Howe b N.Y.; buried Fenton
23 Sep 1930 CAMPBELL, CHARLES J. res Fenton; d Detroit; banker; b 5 June 1861; 59y 3m
28 Sep 1930 DOUGLAS, CHARLES WM. res Los Angeles, Cal.; d Los Angeles; janitor; sgl; b 28 Apr 1862; 68y 5m; son Henry F. Douglas b Mich and Mary Inwood? b Mich
16 Oct 1930 WRIGHT, ALBERT J. MD hus of Elizabeth; res Fenton; d Hurley Hasp, Flint; serv Epis. Church; b 2 May 1865; 65y 5m 12d; son James Wright b England and K. Chemick b England; buried Oakwood
12 Oct 1930 FOSTER, FANNIE A. wf of Edward C.; res Glendale, Calif.; d Glendale serv Epis. Church; b 13 Oct l853;76y 11m 29d; dau Wm. P. Guest b N.Y. and Ester Jillson b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
25 Oct 1930 SANDERS, ALICE B. wif of Morris; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 22 Oct 1891; 39y 13d; dau W. H. Allen b Grand Blanc Mich and Mary R. Day b Freeland ? Mich; buried Grand Blanc Mich.
28 Oct 1930 NEWMAN, JOHN W. hus of Anne; res Holly Twp; d Holly Twp; farmer; b 11 Apr 1872; 58y 8m 17d; son Ed Newman b Oakland Co., Mich and Anne Henchins ?
31 Oct 1930 HASENBUSH, CAROLINE wife of Carl; chg to Anio Hasenbush, Fenton; b 11 Apr
6 Nov 1930 STRONG, ELIZABETH J. wife of Wallis M.; Fenton; d Tyrone; b 27 Oct 1856; 74y 9d; dau John Henchington b England and Louise b England; buried Oakwood
16 Nov 1930 PARKER, MINNIE L. chg to Fred Parker; res Fenton; d Fenton; 60 yrs
22 Nov 1930 TOOMEY, MARY A. res Fenton; d Fenton; serv Catholic Church
19 Dec 1930 FLYNN, CATHERINE chg to Miss Flynn, d Deerfield; serv Catholic Ch; b 14 Feb 1854; 76y 10m 5d; dau James Lamsen? b Ireland and Mary Carr b Ireland; buried Catholic Cemetery, Deerfield
20 Dec 1930 COLLINS, ELLEN A. wife of George; d Fenton; serv M.E.Church; b 10 May 1848; 82y 7m 10d; dau Edward Olmstead b Canada and Elizabeth Irwin b Ireland; buried Hodges Cemetery
25 Dec 1930 MORRIS, SARAH B. d Fenton; sgl; b 10 Dec 1851; 79y l4d; dau Chas Butler b Franklin, Ohio and Mary Scheneck b Franklin, Ohio; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
11 Jan 1931 LEMKE, MARJORIE 1day; chg to Ben Lemke
9 Jan 1931 HAINS, HORACE chg to Mary Hains; d Fenton; carpenter; b 17 Mar 1847; 83y 9m 24d; son Elihu Hains b Hartland Mich and Mary Carr b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
24 Jan 1931 DUNTON, CARRIE E. chg to A. L. Dunton; d Fenton; b 23 May 1867; 63y 8m 1d; dau George Perry b Tyrone and Mary Petty b Penn; buried Oakwood
31 Jan 1931 CLARK, ANNA wife of E. V. Clark, Hartland; d Brighton, Mich; b 5 June 1858; 63y; dau ____ Horton; buried Hartland
8 Feb 1931 LAHANEN, CATHERINE d Hartland; b 22 Mar 1864; 66y 10m l6d; dau John Lecha? and Mandy Leese
17 Feb 1931 MARTIN, NANCY A. chg to Bert Osman, Fenton; d Flint; 86y 2m 13d; buried Oakwood
19 Feb 1931 BERRYMAN, ELLEN wife of George; b 19 Apr 1867; 63y 8m; dau Lew Cooper
24 Feb 1931 McCOLL, LUCELINE? chg to Ada McColl, Ann Arbor; d Ann Arbor; b 21 Apr 1900; 30y; Dau? Ira McColl b Mich; buried Holly
3 Mar 1931 SCHWARTZ, LEONA wife of Norman; chg to Claud Cheney & Norman Schwartz res Fenton; d Goodrich; serv Presb Church; dau Claude Cheney b Fenton and Fannie Bentley b Fenton
11 Mar 1931 FULLER, ELVIRA wife of Jason; d Fenton; serv Presb Church; b 11 March; 76 yrs; buried Oakwood
Mar 1931 WHITMAN, CLARE N. chg to Mrs. Emerson
3 Apr 1931 HAMILTON, EDWARD res Lewiston N.y.; d Lewiston N.Y.
2 Apr 1931 McKEON, JOHN hus of Josephine; d Tyrone; serv Catholic Church; b 24 May 1859; 7ly 10m 8d; son James McKeon b N.Y. and Mary Bailey b N.Y.; buried Deerfield
9 Apr 1931 POTTS, WESTLEY chg to Ben Potts, Detroit; d Detroit; 82 yrs; buried Beebe Cemetery
24 Apr 1931 O'CONNELL, JOHN F. hus Ida; d Parsha11ville; laborer; b 10 Dec 1861; 69y 4m 14d; son Daniel O'Connell b Ireland and Mary buried Parshallvil1e
25 Apr 1931 McCANN, WILSON J. chg to Flora McCann, Linden, d Fenton; farmer; b 13 Jan 1867; 64y 3m 12d; son Patrick McCann b Ireland
27 Apr 1931 GOODRICH; FLORA E. wife of G. B.; b 7 May 1868; 62y 5m 20d; dau Joseph Tinney; buried Holly.
30 Apr 1931 DITTSLOCK, CHAS J. chg to Mrs. Cora Dittslock; b 24 Jan 1860; 71y 3m 6d; buried Bristol Cemetery
28 Apr 1931 ELLIS, ELNORA wife of Theron? Ellis; chg to Mrs. LeRoy Davis; d Boise, Idaho; b 22 Jan 1841; 90y 3m 6d; dau Daniel Sage b N. Y. and Eliza Wood b N.Y.
4 May 1931 ABBEY, FRANKLIN LEWIS hus of Charlotte; d Fenton; carpenter; b 7 May; 76y 1m 19d; son Ruphus Abbey b Conn.; buried Oakwood
16 May 1931 WINTERS, ERNEST F. chg to Mrs. Winters; d Fenton; b 25 Feb 1845; 86y 2m; buried Oakwood
17 Jun 1931 FAIR, ELSIE wife of J. Wesley Fair; res Fenton; d Fenton; dau Benj. Voorhies b Washtenaw Co and Mary Merrill; buried Oakwood
4 Aug 1931 PHIPPS, FANNIE L. wife of Joseph; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 2 Dec 1854; 76y 9m 2d; dau John Rhodes b N.Y. and Betsey _____ b N.Y.
9 Aug 1931 RICH, MARY d Fenton; b 10 Nov 1848; 82y 9m 8d; dau ______ Kilbourn b Vermont; buried Oakwood
30 Aug 1931 CRAMER, EMORY arr by Mrs, Buffmyer; d Flint; day laborer; sgl; b 30 Aug; 29yrs
30 Aug 1931 EMBURY, ALVIDA chg to Arthur Embury; d Fenton; 95 yr; buried Grand Blanc
30 Aug 1931 DYE, MARY A. chg to Harvey Dye; d White Lake; wid; b 1 Jan 1848; 83y 7m 30d, dau Rob Stiff b New Jersey and Mary Smith
3 Sep 1931 MEHLBERG, ALBERT chg to Edna Mehlberg, Fenton; d Tyrone; farmer
27 Sep 1931 BARNUM, ELMIRA M. chg to Minnie Barnum, Fenton; d Fenton; b 27 Nov 1850; 80y 10m; dau Dan. O'Dell b Long Lake and Mary Daugherty b Ireland; buried Oakwood
30 Sep 1931 LOWE, LEVINA wife of Harry, res Birmingham; d Fenton; wid; b 13 Aug 1851; 80y 1d; dau Virginia Dunn b Ireland; buried Birmingham
5 Oct 1931 CHENEY, EDWIN chg to Mrs. Cheney; d Goodrich Hospital; farmer; b . 3 Nov 1860; 71y; son Harrison Cheney b Fenton Twp and Mary Connor b Troy, Mich; buried old cemetery (Oakwood)
30 Oct 1931 VAN ATTA, HELEN M. wife of Wallace J.; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 2 Feb 1850; 81y 10m 20d; dau Henry VanTiffin; b Mundy Twp Mich and Asenath Goff b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
20 Nov 1931 GARNS, LENA res Fenton, d Cleveland; 71y 7m 28d
4 Dec 1931 LANG, CHARLOTTE E. wife of Wm. H.; d Hurley Hosp., Flint; bank clerk b 24 Apr 1896; 35y 7m 10d; dau Lute Algeo and Emily Davidson. b Mich, buried Oakwood
9 Dec 1931 HOWLAND, HATTIE L. wife of Wm. B., chg to Arthur Smith, Fenton; d Fenton; wid; b 4 Sept 1859; 72y 9m 5d, dau Marvin Smith b N.Y. and Nancy Hamilton b N. Y.; buried Oakwood
22 Dec 1931 CARMAN, MAY chg to Frank Carman; res Fenton; d Fenton; serv at Montrose; b 18 Feb 1868, 63y 10m 4d; dau Wm. Parker b Penn and Henrietta Cummings b N.Y.; buried Montrose
26 Dec 1931 CAMPBELL, EDNA wife of S. S. ?, Oak Grove, Mich; d Oak Grove; wid, b 11 Mar 1849; 82y 9m lSd, dau John Armstrong; b N.Y.

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
16 Jan 1932 HISCOX, LOTT hus of Sarah; chg to Mrs. Chas. Hathaway, Holly, Mich. res Fenton, d Fenton; laborer; b 26 Aug 1852; 79y 4m 20d; son Jas. Hiscox b England and Hannah Mullins b England, buried Patterson Cern.
29 Jan 1932 TERRY, ADA wife of Fred; d Detroit; b 26 July 1877, 54y Gm; dau Emory Denton b N.Y. and Alice Jefferey b N.Y.; buried Whigville
29 Jan 1932 COLE, ARCHER J. hus of Lettie; d Detroit; 64y 1m; buried Oakwood
16 Feb 1932 HASKELL, HENRY hus of May; d Hartland; b 30 May 1846; 85y 8m 16d; son Henry Haskell b N.Y. and Phebe Carpenter b N.Y.; buried Goodricr
9 Mar 1932 WAKEMAN, EVA E. chg to Albert & Will Wakeman; res Hartland; d Hartland; serv M.E.Church; b 7 Nov 1911; 20y 3m 28d; dau Wm. J. Epley b Mich and Nellie ______ b Mich, buried Hartland
10 Mar 1932 QUICK, EVA wife of Russell Quick; chg to Luce Salmon; res Flint; d Hurley Hosp., Flint; b 13 Feb 1908; 24yrs; dau Luce Salmon b Tyrone and Mary Robinson b Fenton; buried Gardner Cemetery
27 Mar 1932 HARDICK, GEO. M. chg to Mrs. E. Beckwith; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 22 Sept 1853; 78y 6m 5d; son Wm. Hardick b Penn and Marjorie Middleworth b Penn; buried Oakwood
3 Apr 1932 WYCKOFF, MYRON S. farmer; b 22 Aug; 72 yr; son Sebron Wyckoff b N.Y. buried Hartland
26 Apr 1932 PATTERSON, MALACHIAH V. hus of Rose; d Fenton; b 29 Dec 1855; 76y 3m 27d; son John Patterson b Penn and Catherine Keeve? b Penn; buried Oakwood
30 Apr 1932 BARNES, WILLIAM chg to Bert Donaldson; d Flint; serv Congo Church; farmer; b 10 Oct 1852; 79y 2m 18d; son Henry Barnes b N.Y. and Ann Barnes b N.Y.
9 May 1932 ABBOTT, EDWARD  
29 May 1932 BACHELER, FRANK H. chg to Dell Bacheler, Parshallville; d Parshall­ville; serv M.E.Church; carpenter; b 2 Feb 1860; 72y 3m 3d; son Charles Bacheler b N.Y. and Gertrude Martin b N.Y.; buried Parshallville.
3 Jun 1932 BUZZARD, BERTHA wife of Matthew; d Fenton; b 2 Feb 1878; 54y 2m 29d dau Steven Buzzard (wrong - Steven Davenport) b Linden and Julia Davenport (Walton)(b Penn), buried Oakwood (J-9)
12 Jun 1932 SLICKER, TRESSIE A. chg to Leo Slicker, Fenton; d Tyrone, serv Catholic Church; b 1 Sept 1869; 62y 9m 4d; dau David Cramer b N.Y. and Sarah Beebe; buried Catholic Cemetery
15 Jun 1932 O'DELL, RUTH dau of Elba O'Dell; res Tyrone; d Rose Twp; student b 22 July 1915, 16y 10m 23d; dau Arthur O'Dell b Genoa Twp, Liv C 0; and Elba Roone b Brighton; buried Genoa Cemetery
14 Jul 1932 CHAPIN, PAMELlA A. wife of Henry; d Fenton; b 16 Apr l851; 80y 2m 28d; dau Henry Beeman b N.Y. and Alvira Cowell b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
Jul 1932 KUEHN, CHAS. chg to estate of Mildred Kuehn; b 9 Dec; 73y 1m 9d
14 Aug 1932 CASEY, ELMER ARANT chg to Mrs. Casey; d Harbor Springs; serv at E. A. Phillips; businessman; 66y 10m 14d
18 Aug 1932 WATSON, WILLIAM H. hus of Mary; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 18 Dec 1858 73y 8m; son Wm. Watson b Scotland, buried Fenton
Aug 1932 SCHWANEBECK, ALFRED chg to Clarenc, Fred, Harvey & William Schwane­beck; d Fenton Twp;
14 Sep 1932 BURNS, EDWARD chg to Guy Burns, Detroit; res Detroit; d Detroit; b 2 Feb 1861; 71y 7m 8d; son Andrew Burns b Ireland and Catherine Canaghan? b Ireland; buried Oakwood
27 Sep 1932 HUSKINSON, GEORGE d Hartland; serv M.E.Church; b 30 Nov 1853; 78y 9m 27d; son James Huskinson b England and Eliza Sturdy b England; buried Hartland
1 Oct 1932 STODDARD, CYNTHIA wife of David; d Oak Grove; b 21 Apr 1857; 75y 5m 10d, dau Y. T. Cole, b Mich and Sarah Luther b Penn; buried Parshallville
19 Nov 1932 STIFF, LAURA N. wife of Henry; chg to Bert Davidson, Fenton; d Tyrone; b 1 Jan 1859; 83 yr; dau Walter Muny? b England and Mary Boardman b Conn
26 Nov 1932 POTTS, MARY J. chg to Ben Potts, d Detroit, 78y 7m Id; dau Andrew Demode and Mary McColman b N.Y.; buried Beebe Cemetery
8 Dec 1932 CIMMER, ARTHUR W. hus of Allie; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 5 Apr 1865; 67y 7m 3d; son James Cimmer b N.Y. and Caroline Boyte b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
30 Dec 1932 VAN SYCKLE, MARGUERITE chg to Max Johnson, Fenton; d Detroit; serv Catholic Church; b 29 Dec 1853; 79 y, dau Simon McDONald b Ireland . and Marg. McNeal, buried Catholic Cemetery

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
1 Jan 1933 FOSTER, JOSEPH chg to W. J. Foster; d Flint; rnachinist; md ; b 24 Mar; 35y; son W. J. Foster b Ireland
6 Jan 1933 McMILLAN, MARY E. d Fenton; b 12 July 1959; 73y 5m 24d; dau Joseph McMillan b N.Y. and DeLancey Wright b N.Y.
23 Jan 1933 GREINER?, JOSEPHINE chg to Mrs. Ellen Greiner?; res Fenton; serv Catholic Church; b 25 Dec 1913; 20y 28d; dau James b Wayne Co and Ellen b Wayne Co; buried Catholic Cemetery
30 Jan 1933 BARNES, WM. H. chg to Edith Addis, Fenton; d Holly Twp; widr; b 18 Oct 1850; 82y 3.m 12d; son Seth Barnes b N.Y. and Lucy Goodwin b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
5 Feb 1933 McALLISTER, WILLIAM H. chg to Claude McAllister, Durand and Frank McAllister, Rose City; d Marine City; b 3 Nov 1863; 69y; son Burt McAllister b N.Y. and Clara Roche b N.Y.
10 Feb 1933 CHAPIN, CHAS. hus of Ida; d Flint; laborer; b 10 Sept 1863; 69y 5m 1d; son Henry Chapin b Fenton and Henrietta Byram b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
15 feb 1933 KIRK, EDWARD chg to Harley Kirk, Highland Park; d Hartland; serv M.E.Church; b 1 Oct 1850; 82y 4m 14d; son John Kirk b N.Y. and Jackie? Brown b Conn
19 Feb 1933 HOLLENBECK, ESTER A. wid of Bert; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 11 Nov 1857; 75y; dau William Owens b N.Y. and Hannah Cowell b N.Y.; buried Grand Blanc
18 Feb 1933 CHAPIN, HENRY S. res Fenton; d Fenton; 92 yr; buried Oakwood
23 Feb 1933 HAINES, MARY wid of Horace; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 23 July; buried Oakwood
25 Feb 1933 LOOSE, CATHERINE chg to Frank Loose, Hartland, Mich; d Hartland; b 25 Jan 1875; 58y 2m
26 Feb 1933 ANGUS, CATHERINE wife of Geo.; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 16 Sept 1848 84y 4m; dau Chas. Quick b N. Jersey and Catherine Taylor; b N.J.; buried Fenton
11 Mar 1933 McTRAUE?, MARY res Fenton; d Fenton; serv at Vicksburg; b 13 Jan 1852; 81y 1m 28d; dau Abraham Lamberson b Penn and Myria Kreader b Penn; buried Vicksburg
8 Apr 1933 FULLER, HARRIETH John W. Harley, Adm.; chg to Harrieth Armstrong, Flint; d Fenton; b 30 Sept 1854; 78y 3m 8d; dau Frederick Waterman b N.Y. and Louise Leach b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
22 Apr 1933 POMEROY, CELIA chg to Minnie Parker; res Fenton; d Pontiac; b 4 Aug 1857; 75y 8m l8d; dau Rufus Parshall b N.Y. and Julia Kellogue? b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
29 Apr 1933 STODDARD, DAVID H. d Oak Grove; serv at Oak Grove; b 1 Jan 1868; 65y 3m 29d; son Elijah Stoddard b N.Y. and Julia _______ b N.Y.; buried Howell
19 May 1933 JAMES, MATIE F. chg to Mrs. Judson, Fenton; :res, Mundy; serv at Long Lake; b 7 July 1899; 33y 10m 10d; dau Hugh Judson b Mundy and Maude ________ ; buried Oakwood
2 Jun 1933 HALEY, JAS. hus of Anna; res Fenton; d Fenton; serv Catholic Church; laborer; son John Haley b Brooklyn N.Y. and Ann Hughes b Brooklyn N.Y.; buried Catholic Cemetery
5 Jun 1933 GORDON, NATHANIEL chg to Mrs. Delia Gordon, Fenton; d Fenton; b 29 Jan 1859; 74y 4m 6d; son William Gordon b Ireland and Ann McCurdy .b Ireland; buried Oakwood
7 Jun 1933 MUNSON, MARION H. Cpl Co E 16 Mich Vol Inf; Civil War; chg to Laura Munson; b 4 Oct 1838; 94y 8m 3d;, son Steven Munson b N.Y. and Laura Lamb; buried Oakwood
12 Jun 1933 CARPENTER, GLENADENE dau Glenn Carpenter; d Ann Arbor (University Hospital); b 9 Jan 1925; 8y 5m 3d; dau Glenn Carpenter b Fenton and Gladys Reasoner? b Fenton; buried Oakwood
25 Jun 1933 DUNN, JOSEPHINE d Fenton (Baptist Home); b 6 Jan 1848; 85y; dau Wm. Powers b Ohio and Catherine Hunter; buried Oakwood
27 Jun 1933 WYMAN, IDA C. chg to John Wyman, Fenton; d Fenton; b 29 Dec 1867; 65y. 5m 28d; dau Albert Hick b N.Y. and Cynthy ; Hunter; buried Oakwood
6 Jul 1933 MEHLBERG, NEWTON hus of Sucan; d Fenton; b 10 Aug 1852; 80y 9m 26d; son Frances Mehlberg b Germany; buried Oakwood
27 Jul 1933 CARTWRIGHT, BENJAMIN chg to Lester Cartwright, Fenton; d Torrey Beach (Fenton Twp); serv Hartland M.E.Church; b 26 Oct; 18y; son Leslie Cartwright b Mich and Lucy b Tyrone; buried Hartland
13 Sep 1933 ABRAHAM, MARTHA wife of Albert, Hartland; b 25 Nov 1882; 50y 9m 18d; dau Carl Hasenbush b Germany and Lena Hasenbush b Germany; buried Hartland
14 Sep 1933 SALSBURY, ISADORA res Fenton; d Fenton; servat Stocken home; b 24 Dec 1848; 84y 8m 20d; dau Samuel Pragg b Penn and Louisa M. Crane b Penn; buried Oakwood
17 Oct 1933 BROWN, HARRY chg to Josephine Brown; res Hartland; d Hartland; farm
18 Oct 1933 SMITH, ARTHUR A. chg to Clara Smith, Fenton; b 18 May 1862; 71y, 5m son Marvin Smith b N.Y. and Clarice
15 Oct 1933 THOMPSON, JAMES F. d Chicago; serv Baptist Church; 81y 8m 24d
21 Oct 1933 GOSS, EUTHEMIA chg to Alonzo Goss, Fenton; d Fenton; b 23 Sep 1840; 93y 9m 28d; dau Horace Hunn b N.Y. and Rebecca Doane b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
28 Oct 1933 FRACKELTON, DAVID S. hus of Margaret; res Fenton; d Fenton; lawyer; b 2 Aug 1856; son James Frackelton and Mary Scott b Ireland; buried Woodmere? Cemetery
5 Nov 1933 LEANING, HENRY chg to Russell H. Leaning, South Bend, Ind.; res Fenton; d Fenton; ,b 26 Aug 1847; 86y 2m 9d; son Harry Leaning b London and unknown mother; buried Oakwood Cemetery
27 Nov 1933 HINKLEY, DELL H. hus of Jennie; d Fenton; serv Baptist Church; jeweler; b 28 Sept 1854; 79y 1m 29d; son Aaron Hinkley b N.Y. and Myria B.
28 Nov 1933 FURLONG, KATE wife of Delnor; d Fenton; b 3 Oct 1854; 79y 1m; dau Walter Felton b N.Y. and Laurella Egglston b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
8 Dec 1933 SCOTT, CHAS. W. hus of Helen; res Detroit; b 29 Apr 1865; 68y 4m 9d; son William Scott b New Jersey; buried Oakwood
2 Dec 1933 STURGIS, MORT  

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
2 Jan 1934 HADDON, HAROLD R. d Bloomfield Twp (auto accident); serv Presb. Ch.; inspector; sgl; b 2 Feb 1911; 22y 10m 29d; son Daniel Haddon b Detroit ·and Dorothy _________ b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
2 Jan 1934 STONE, MARJORIE d Pontiac (auto accident); serv Presb. Church; dau Chas. Stone b Ohio and Minnie Stone b Fenton; buried Oakwood
23 Jan 1934 RIPLEY, GERTRUDE D. wife of Frank J.; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 26 Oct 1869; 64y 10m 27d; dau Geo. Backman b N.Y. and Mary VanVandt b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
24 Jan 1934 McKEON, JAMES T. chg to Cornelia McKeon; d Fenton; b 2 Oct 1851; 83y 3m 22d; son John McKeon b Ireland and Bridget McNamie b Ireland
2 Feb 1934 ALLEN, ALICE E. chg to Monroe A. Allen; d Fenton; b 29 May 1875; 58y 8m 3d; dau Devereaux Smith b Tyrone Twp and Ester Riches; buried Oakwood
1 Mar 1934 DAVIS, FRANCIS EDWIN ehg to Frank Whitney; d Fenton; 80y 2m 4d; parents unknown; buried Clough Hill
7 Mar 1934 CUTTLER, MARY ALICE wife of Russell 0.; chg to sons; d Fenton; b 18 Nov 1870; 63y 3m 19d; dau Geo. Lockwood b Canada and Anna Lockwoc b Canada; buried Oakwood
14 Mar 1934 ROGERS, HAROLD CALVIN chg to Lyndal Rogers; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; serv at Tyrone Congo Church; b 17 July 1927; 6y 7m 27d; son Lyndol Rogers b Tyrone and Florence Townley b Tyrone; buried Gardner Cem.
16 Mar 1934 STURGIS, MORT res Byron; d Antrim Twp; serv at Byron; b 23 Sept 1853; 80y 3m 23d; son Lewis Sturgis b N.Y. and Eliza Jackson b N.Y.; buried Byron
17 Mar 1934 HEATH, OLIVIA chg to Beryl Heath; d Fenton; b 26 May 1854; 79y 7m 21ct; dau Ezrah Doty b N.Y. and Evidah Jayne b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
20 Mar 1934 FRAZIEL, SARAH chg to L. A. Doan; res Port Huron; d Fenton; serv at Mt. Pleasant; b 23 Sept; 63 yrs; buried Mt. Pleasant St. Charles.
6 Apr 1934 COX, JOHN H. d Flint; serv M.E.Church; 80y
21 Apr 1934 GORDON, OTIS res Hartland; d Detroit; serv M.E.Church; broom maker; b 8 July; 58y 9m 19d; son Wm. Gordon; buried Hartland
14 May 1934 HART, MORTON? chg to Jas. Hart, Ypsilanti; d Ypsilanti; b 8 July 1854; 79y 10m 6d; son John Hart b Canada and May Flint; buried Oakwood
25 May 1934 WASSER, ARTIA wife of Frank; d Fenton, b 22 Jan 1907; 27y; dau Joseph Wise b Deerfield and Artia Johnson b Deerfield Twp; buried Gladwin
27 May 1934 SKINNER, MARY M. wife of Wm. B.; res Fenton; d Fenton;b 8 Aug 1845; 88y 8m 19d; dau _______ and Sarah A. Leonard b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
4 Jun 1934 ROGERS, LAURA wife of Lyndal Rogers, Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 30 May 1859; 75y 4d; dau Roger Love? b N.Y. and Anna Carmer; buried Gardner
20 Jun 1934 TURNER, MYRON chg to Byron Turner; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 19 Oct 1862; 71y; son Wm. Turner and Allie Cook b N.Y.
30 Jun 1934 JENNINGS, ELIZABETH chg to John Jennings; d Fenton; b 29 Jan 1854; 80y 5m Id; dau H. N. Jennings b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
12 Ju1 1934 JOHNSON, ESTER wife of J. Johnson; chg to Seth Dexter, Fenton; d Tyrone; b 22 June 1848; 86y 20d; dau John Salsbury b N.Y. and Sarah Merrill b N.Y.; buried Gardner Cemetery
15 Jul 1934 WESSENDORF, EMMA chg to Henry Wessendorf, Fenton; d Flint; b 28 June 1884; 50y 17d; dau Chas. Braddock? b England
26 Jul 1934 BEAUMONT, HARRIETH wife of John F. Beaumont, White Lake; d White Lake; serv Presb. Church; b 16 July 1846; 88y 10d
29 Jul 1934 METCALF, NORMAN chg to Everett Metcalf, Fenton; d Lapeer; 3 yrs
1 Jul 1934 MEHLBERG, ELLEN d Brighton, serv Free Meth. Church; b 10 May 1868; 68y 3m 2ld; dau Jas. Remington b N.Y.; buried Hodges Cemetery
2 Aug 1934 BARRON, LYDIA BROWN chg to Mrs. Harry Brown, Fenton; d McPherson Hospital (Howell); b 2 Apr 1858; 76y
4 Aug 1934 MILLARD, JOSIAH B. chg to Hugh Millard, Detroit; res Detroit; d Detroit; sgl; b 22 July 1886; 48y; son Walter Millard b Detroit
10 Aug 1934 GORDON, DELIA chg to estate of Nathaniel Gordon; d Tyrone; wid; b lC Oct 1857; 76y 10m; dau Theo. Holforth b Germany; buried Oakwood
20 Aug 1934 DONOVAN, CLARA T. chg to Mrs. Chas, Rolland, Fenton; d Fenton; b 25 Sept 1857; 76y; dau _________ Turner b N.Y.
22 Aug 1934 McGARRY, GEO. B. chg to L, R. Chase, Ypsilanti; d Ypsilanti; 74 yr
28 Aug 1934 BAKER, WILLIAM W. hus of Elizabeth; arr by Mrs. Gertrude? Davis, Rocky Hill, Conn; res Fenton; d Fenton, b 26 Jan 1849; 85y 7m 2d; son Joseph Baker b Vermont; buried Oakwood
31 Aug 1934 STONE, CHAS. F. hus of Mina; arr by Dr. Max Stone; res Fenton; d Flint; serv Presb. Church; stone cutter; 57 yr
27 Sep 1934 ALGEO, EMILY D. wife of Lute; arr by Wm. Lang; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 16 May 1858; 76y 4m lId; dau Geo, Davidson b Picton, Nova Scotia and Susan Phare b Picton, Nova Scotia; buried Oakwood
29 Sep 1934 MAUDLIN, LAWRENCE hus of Emma; res Hartland; d Fenton; farmer; b 27 Mar 1887; 47y 6m 2d; son Albert Maudlin b Hartland and Millie sample b Hartland; buried Hartland
17 Oct 1934 CLEVELAND, HATTIE wife of Georg W.; d Tyrone; b 19 June? 1868; 66y 3m; dau John Bachert b Penn and Lydia Nighford? b Penn; buried Oakwood
20 Nov 1934 BUZZARD, HOWARD chg to Olive Buzzard; d Tyrone; 47y; son Joseph Buzzard b Tyrone and Olive (Whitehead); buried Oakwood Cemetery
11 Dec 1934 CARMON, FRANK chg to Sylvia Hammont, Climax, Mich; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 10 Mar t 76y 9m 1d; son Daniel b N.Y.
11 Dec 1934 CHESNUT, JOHN S. hus of Clara?; chg to Than Chesnut; res Fenton; d Ann Arbor; farmer; b 7 July 1857; 77y; son William b Ireland and Mary Karne b Ireland
29 Dec 1934 HALL, HAZEL ETTA wife of Fred; d Fenton; b 26 Sept 1883; 52y 3m 3d; dau Geo. Hoffman b Tyrone and Etta Street; buried Fenton
30 Dec 1934 GOODRICH, GEO. BERT hus of Flora; chg to Vada and Mrs. Howard Gordon; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 7 Feb 1870; 64y 10m 23d; son Nelson Goodrich b N.Y. and Sucan Wade

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
5 Jan 1935 DAVIS, JOSEPH P. chg to Wm. R. Davis; d Byron; serv at So. Lyon; b 23 Apr 1868; 66y; son John Davis b Mich and A.Della Parks?; buried South Lyon
9 Jan 1935 DOUD, CHAS. arr by Mary Doud; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; serv Catholic Church
12 Jan 1935 JONES, ANNIE A. arr by Elmer Crane; d Detroit; b 29 Aug 1871; 63y 4m l3d; dau Michiel Jones b England and Lydia Chegwin b England; buried Oakwood
30 Jan 1935 ROBINSON, LEVI (Rufus Levi Robinson?)(no explanation); chg to Geo. Nelson Robinson, Fenton; b 22 Dec 1858; 76y lm 8d; son George Robinson b Mich and Marindia Richardson b N.Y.; buried Oakwood;
5 Feb 1935 BOWEN, PETER J. arr by Bert Donaldson; res Tyrone; d. Tyrone; b. 26 Dec 1846; 88y 1m 9d; son Pete Bowen (b. Can added to side note not sure if its for father or son); buried Gardner Cemetery
1 Mar 1935 BRAWT, VIOLA B. wife of Benjamin; d Tyrone; serv at Six Lakes Church b 14 May 1874; 60y; cau Albert Hunter; buried Six Lakes; b Ionia Co
11 Mar 1935 TURNER, MRS. ZELLA b Fenton; d Flint; chg to Byron Turner, Detroit; md; b 15 Aug 1867; 67y 6m 26d; dau Myron Hutchinson and Emmeline Pitts; buried Oakwood
20 Mar 1935 LEONARD, MRS. IDA b Argentine; chg to Byron Leonard, Argentine; md; 58y; buried Oakwood
19 Apr 1935 VAN CAMP, LENORA P. wife of Walter; arr by Fred Rathbun; r Parshall­ville; d Fowlerville; b 12 Sept 1866; 68y Sm 7d; dau Jessie Parshall b N.Y. and Prudence Cole; buried Parshallville
23 Apr 1935 KELLEY, JENNIE wife of Lloyd; d Fenton; b 3 June; 31y 8m 20d; dau Elmer Sturgis b N.Y. and Jennie Lonsbury b Perry, Mich
30 Apr 1935 PRESTON, BESSIE C. chg to Julius Roepcke; res Hartland; d Hartland; serv M.E.Church; sgl; b 20 July 1893; 41y 9m 10d; dau John Preston b Tyrone Twp and Francis Slover
8 May 1935 ABBEY, JOHN C. hus of Minnie; d Flint; carpenter; b 16 July 1875; 59y 9m 22d; son Rufes Abbey b Maine and Charlotte Yeager b N.Y.
23 May 1935 BROWN, CHARLOTTE wife of James; d Greenville, Ohio; res Fenton; b 27 Sept 1869; 69y; dau Wm. Corbett b Canada; buried Oakwood
29 May 1935 GARBER, HANNAH chg to Mrs. Dan Lyons, Ann Arbor; res Kalamazoo; d Kalamazoo; serv at Chas. Adams; b 26 May; 89y 2m 19d
28 May 1935 THOMPSON, MRS. V. L. wife of Clark Thompson, Detroit; res Detroit; d Detroit; b 18 Jan; 97y; dau David Vinton b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
14 Jun 1935 BURTON, LOUISE A. chg to Mildred Halsted, Fenton; d Fenton; b 30 Apr 1856; 79y 1m 25d; dau Burr Wakeman b Hartland and Levina Walton; buried Oakwood
15 Jul 1935 HOFFMAN, LUELLA wife of Howard; d Ann Arbor; b 10 Feb 1880; 55y dau Olivelis? b Ohio; buried Gardner Cemetery
30 Jul 1935 McKEON, CORNELIA C. chg to Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Klein and estate of Jas. McKeon; d Fenton; b 31 Jan 1860; 75y 5m 29d; dau P. W. Cook b Ohio and unknown mother; buried Oakwood
7 Aug 1935 DONALDSON, FLOYD son of Raymond Donaldson; d Ann Arbor, serv at Hartland, 9 yrs; son Raymond Donaldson b Tyrone Twp
10 Aug 1935 FRENCH, PHILO S. d Parshallville; b 16 Ayg 1864, 70y; son Arad French b N. Y. and Emily Reynolds; buried Parshallville
15 Aug 1935 SHULTZ, WAYNE chg to Arthur Shultz, Fenton, d Flint; 4 ds
19 Aug 1935 NELSON, NANCY dau Emmet Nelson, 1 day
4 Sep 1935 BRYCE, EUNICE dau of Jas.; d Fenton, b 29 Oct 1895; 39y 10m; dau Jas. Bryce b Ontario and Annie Bryce b Ontario, buried Oakwood
11 Sep 1935 MORTIMORE, JEAN chg to John Mortimore, Fenton; serv Epis. Church; d Ann Arbor; b 28 Dec 1921, l3y; dau John Mortimore b Mundy and Caroline Penny b Mundy; buried Bristol Cemetery
11 Sep 1935 JORDON, KATHERINE chg to The Maccabees, Alma; 80 yrs; buried Lansin
11 Sep 1935 HERTEN, FREDERICK C. chg to Luther Cobb, Fenton; b 31 Aug 1860; 75y 10d; buried Glenwood Cemetery, Flint
26 Oct 1935 FULLER, JASON B. chg to Burns Fuller; res Fenton; d Tyrone; b 22 Feb 1853; 82y 8m 4d; son Simon Fuller b N,Y. and Martha Mott b Mich; buried Oakwood
29 Oct 1935 HALL, ARTHER hus of Mary; arr by Geo. Hall; d Fenton; b 29 Feb 1853; 72y; buried Linden
2 Nov 1935 COOK, REV. ALBERT ELI chg to Baptist Home Society, Sheldon Latour­ette; d Chicago; minister; 85y 2m 4d; buried Oakwood
13 Nov 1935 FURLONG, DELNIO R. hus of Kate; chg to C. J. Furlong, Fenton; d Fenton; b 28 Sept 1854; 8ly 15d; son Percy B. Furlong b N.Y. and Charlotte Raymer b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
15 Nov 1935 BUSH, LOUISE wife of Fred; d Tyrone; b 27 May 1892; 43y 5m; dau Fredrick Schnider b Germany and Louise Schmidt b Germany; buried Woodlawn Cemetery
22 Nov 1935 MESSINGER, FRANK hus of Allie; d Fenton; b 19 Oct 1848; 89y 1m 3d sort Frank Messinger b Busti, N.Y, and Eliz.; buried Oakwood
11 Dec 1935 ALPAUGH, HARRY VICTOR res Fenton; d Flint; serv Presb Church; b 7 July 1917; l8y; son Tincan b Mich and Louise Davis; buried Oakwood
13 Dec 1935 FOOTE, GEORGE M. hus of Myra, Bay City, d Bay City; cement worker; 59y; son Ambrose Foote b Ohio and Ann Sheets
14 Dec 1935 BRISTOL, CLARENCE chg to Francis Bristol, Fenton; d Fenton;

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
8 Jan 1936 COOK, ANNA P. wife of Willard P, Cook; chg to Ernest Cook MD, Pontic res Fenton; d Pontiac,b12 Oct; 66y 2m 26d; dau Robert Duskins b Nova Scotia and Ann McCoy b Nova Scotia
11 Jan 1936 CORNELL, LARMON J. hus of Effie; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; serv Free Meth Church; b 31 Aug 1872; 64y 2m 10d; son Alonzo Cornell b Cam­bridge N.Y. and Helen Merrick b N.Y.; buried Gardner Cemetery
22 Feb 1936 FOSTER, WILLIAM JAMES chg to Mrs, W. J, Foster; d Fenton; cleaner; b 20 May 1875; 60y 9m 2d; son Joseph Foster b Ireland and Christina Foster b Ireland; buried Oakwood; b Ireland
23 Mar 1936 ALLEN, IDA ADELIA b Mundy Twp; wife of John; d Hartland; serv M.E.Church; b 8 May; 70y 9m 27d; dau Frank North b Mundy Twp; buried Hartland
23 Mar 1936 LUSK, CAROLINE wife of William; chg to Helen Lusk, Mr. Clemens; d Owosso; b 1 Aug 1851; 84y 7m 22d; dau John Cole and Mary Lewis; buried Oakwood
25 Mar 1936 GUERRIER, IRVING GEORGE d Long Lake; md; b 28 Mar 1882; 53y 11m 27d; son George Guerrier b Maine and Mary Ried; buried White Pigeon Mich
26 Mar 1936 BABCOCK, HENRY b Collins Bay, Ontario; d Fenton, serv Free Meth Church, Gladwin, b 5 Sept 1850, 85y 6m 21d; buried Gladwin
2 Apr 1936 FARAH, JUNE ELIZABETH b Flint; d Flint; chg to Geo. Farah; b 2 June 1935; 10 mos; dau George Farah b Palestine and Julia Odey b Illinois; buried Gracelawn Cemetery, Flint
4 Apr 1036 BENTLEY, FRANK ZELL d Fenton; sgl; b 3 Dec 1881; 54y 4m ld; son Nickolus Bentley and Elizabeth Lunger; buried Oakwood
5 Apr 1936 GORDON, LOLA E. chg to Howard Gordon, Fenton; d West Branch, Mich; md; 33y 11m 16d; dau G. B. Goodrich b Holly; buried Holly
24 Apr 1936 GARDNER, CHARLES E. chg to John Gardner, Fenton; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 11 Aug 1848; 87y 6m 13d; son M. W. Gardner b N.Y. and Lydia Armstrong b N.Y.; buried Gardner Cemetery
25 Apr 1936 KIRSHMAN, NANCY M. wife of Fred; chg to Fred, Irving, Clara, George Kirshman, Linden & Fenton; arr by Clare Kirshman; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; serv Baptist Church, Parshallville; b 19 Dec 1859; 71y 4m 6d; dau Geo. Sheffield b Canada and Phebe Shannon; buried Parshallville
2 May 1936 SMITH, SUSAN B. chg to Dr. V. L. Smith; res Detroit; d Detroit; b 7 June 1851; 84y 10m 15d
7 May 1936 HUNT, CHARLES B. hus? of Jennie Abbey; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; farmer; md; b 24 April; 70y 13d, son Jake Hunt b N.Y. and Sarah Barker b N.Y
9 May 1936 ADDIS, EDITH wife of Fred; res Holly Twp; d Holly Twp; b 17 Sept 1877; 58y 7m 22d; dau William Barnes b Ionia Co and Francis Keith b Linden, Mich; buried Fenton
20 May 1936 GLINES, ANNA chg to Mrs. Wm. Woods, Fenton; d Hartland, b 25 Feb 1860; 76y; dau Joseph Holloway b England and Harrieth Roberts; buried Hodges Cemetery
29 May 1936 NEWTON, HORACE res Fenton; d Fenton, laborer; 66 yr
30 May 1936 WYCKOFF, PEARL wife of Ray; d Hartland; 43 yr
10 Jun 1936 BETSCHE, ISABELLE chg to Carl Betsche; res Fenton, d Fenton; serv Epis Church; b 22 Feb 1887; 48y 3m 18d; dau Byron b Holly and Sarah M. Brown b Rochester; buried Oakwood
10 Jun 1936 TERRY, ALFRED res Detroit; d Detroit; 67 yr
21 Jun 1936 WHITEHEAD, CHESTER T. hus of Rose; res Hartland; serv M.E.Church; b 11 Nov 1880, 76y 7m 10d; son Morris Whitehead· b Hartland and Mary Bradley
4 Jul 1936 SHUHY?, GEORGE B. chg to Mrs. Margaret Frackelton, Fenton; res Fenton; d Flint, b 30 Aug 1860; 75y 10m, son Cornelius Shuhy b N.Y. and Marg. Light; buried Woodmere, Detroit
6 Ju1 1936 LOOSE, FRANK chg to Wm. Loose, res Hartland; d Hartland; 71y Sm 3d son Carl Loose b Germany and Christine Brendell? b Germany; buried Hartland
7 Jul 1936 DOUGLAS, MAY wife of Arthur H.; d Fenton; 69y 4m 24d; dau Devereaux Smith b England;
14 Jul 1936 O'DELL, ALBA d Flint; b 3 Mar 1888; 48y 4m 10d; dau Henry Rohn b Brighton; buried Brighton
11 Aug 1936 HALL, LUCY B. wife of Frank; chg to Emma Hall; d Fenton; b 21 Dec 1859; 76y 7m 20d, dau Marcus Sackner and Sarah J. Brunson, buried Oakwood
15 Aug 1936 ALLEN, LETTIE res Linden; d Linden; b 25 Apr 1849; 87y; dau John Tanner?; buried Holly
15 Aug 1936 STANLEY, LEROY A. hus of Lena; d Linden; b 29 Oct 1877; 58y 9m 16d, son Henry Stanley b N.Y. and Alice Beckwith; buried Fenton
20 Aug 1936 SWITZ, SARAH E. wife of A. W.; serv Mundy M.E.Church; b 26 Nov 1869; 66y; dau John Wiggins b N.Y. and Lucy Bennett b N.Y.; buried Linden
1 Sep 1936 DAVID, ELIZABETH wife of Steve; d Fenton; b 29 Jun 1891, 45y 2m 2d; dau JohnKoock b Hungary and Anna Tackak b Hungary, buried Grand Blanc
8 Sep 1936 BUXTON, CHAS. chg to Margaret Buxton; d Flint; b 24 Mar 1867; 69y 5m 15d; son Wm. Buxton and Martha Harvey; buried Oakwood
9 Sep 1936 AVERY, CARRIE E. chg to Blanch Wortman; d Fenton; b 25 Aug 1850; 86y 15d; dau Geo. Dodds b Fenton and Asenath Fuller b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
4 Oct 1936 LEBBIN, JANE chg to Mina Stone; res Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 25 Aug 1878; 58y 1m 9d; dau John Wilson b Ontario and Devanie Mensie b Ontario; burieD Gardner Cemetery
4 Oct 1936 LEMKE, JEAN ELIZ. wife of Ben; b 25 Aug 1878; 58y 1m 9d; dau John Wilson b Ontario and Devina Mimsia b Ontario
7 Oct 1936 DINGLAR, JOAN chg to Kerse Dinglar; d Ford Hospital (Detroit); ly 6m 25d; dau Kerse Dinglar b Hartland
17 Oct 1936 RICHARDSON, JENNIE wife of James; res Fenton; d Fenton; b 24 June 1856; 80y 3m 23d; dau Francis Haepley b Springfield Twp and Rachael Barnett b England; buried Holly
21 Oct 1936 McCALLISTER, SARAH J. chg to Wm.; d Fenton; serv M.E.Church; b 28 Jan 1865; 71y 8m 23d; dau John ; buried Highland
25 Oct 1936 WARNER,NELLIE wife of Sage K. Warner, Linden; d Linden; serv Presb Church; 58y; dau Jas. Green and Etta Green
10 Nov 1936 HALL, ETHEL wife of Jess C. Hall; res Rose Twp; d Rose Twp; serv Free Meth Church; b 27 Oct 1899; 37y 13d; dau Wm. Thompson b New Lothrop and Lygia Carpenter b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
14 Nov 1936 ELSTON, CYNTHIA chg to Truman Elston, Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 11 A pr 1853; 83y 7m 3d; dau Wallis Levery b England and Mary Boardman b Conn; buried· Lott Cemetery
23 Nov 1936 HUNGERFORD, WALTER hus of Bertha; d Fenton; b 3 Jan 1878; S8y Sm 20d; son Anson Hungerford b N.Y. and Lydia Hyatt b Linden
3 Dec 1936 SCRIPPS (CRIPPS), MARTHA wife of Ernest; d Fenton; b 15 Jan 1884; 52y lam 18d; dau John Wasser and Matilda Rashio (Rusho); buried Oakwood
4 Dec 1936 GROOM, GEORGE F. hus of Myrtle; d Fenton; b 3 Jan 1870; 66y 11m 1d son Joseph Groom b N.Y. and Mary Stone; buried Linden
12 Dec 1936 BOND, HATTIE chg to Jno Burden, Holly; d Fenton; b 22 Mar 1861; 75y 8m 20d; dau Justes Burden b N.Y. and Jane Washburn b N.Y.; buried St. Louis

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
2 Jan 1937 HENDERSON, EDWIN E. arr by Ross Henderson; d Fenton; b 26 May; 89y 6m 6d; son Wm. W. b N.Y.; buried Deerfield
3 Jan 1937 VILA, EDITH D. wife of Joseph; chg to Harrieth Barris; res Fenton; d Fenton; 64y; dau Edmund Bayley b Ypsilanti and Syblia Farr; buried Fenton
6 Jan 1937 HASS, HANNATH wife of Albert; d Hartland; b 28 Nov 1845; 90y 1m 8d; dau Wm. Egehee b Germany and Dorc1ia Valfound b Germany; buried Hartland
10 Jan 1937 LONSBURY, MILTON chg to Virginia Lonsbury, Fenton; d Fenton; b 25 Dec; 43y lSd; son Geo. Lonsbury and Ella Beach b Pleasant Valley, Mich; buried Oakwood
17 Jan 1937 RUNYAN, DANIEL chg to Mrs. D. Runyan, Fenton; janitor; b 1 Mar 1873 63y lam 16d; son Vincent Runyan and Louisa Colvin; buried Oakwood
25 Jan 1937 HARTMAN, CHAS. b Genoa Twp; d infirmary; carpenter; b 2 Apr 1855; 81y 9m 24d; son John and Mary Westphal; buried Oakwood
29 Jan 1937 BURNS, FRANK chg to Martha Burns, Fenton; b Pontiac; d Fenton; 52y 5m 25d; son Patrick Burns b Dublin, Ireland and Sarah Worden b Dublin, Ireland; buried Oakwood
11 Feb 1937 FRANK, MYRTLE R. wife of Peter; d auto accident on M-23; serv at Deerfield Catholic Church; b 23 Mar 1886; 50y 10m 18d; buried Pontiac
14 Feb 1937 WHITMAN,ANSTICE chg to Grant & Chas; d Fenton; a85 yr; buried Oakwood
15 Feb 1937 FLINTOFT, ANNA T. chg to Alonzo Flintoft; serv M.E.Church; md; 58y buried Hartland
18 Feb 1937 THOMPSON, LENA B. chg to Clark Thompson, Detroit; d Detroit; b 20 May 1866; 70y 8m 28d; dau Thos. Holland and Mary Jackson; buried Oakwood; b Fenton
24 Feb 1937 WYMAN, JOHNEY H. b Fenton; chg to Earl Wyman, Royal Oak; d Grace Hospital; painter; b 28 Dec 1863; 73y 1m 24d; buried Oakwood
28 Feb 1937 COOPER, BEATRICE EMALIE chg to Ray Parker, Fenton; d Flint; b 18 Sept 1927; 9y Gm 10d; dau Nathan Cooper b Mundy and Ruby Hamilton b Escanaba; buried Linden
4 Mar 1937 BEANES, ROSE CORDELIA b Bay County; chg to L. E. Cramer, Pontiac, (brother); d Tyrone; b 19 May 1868; 68y 9m 16d; dau Ira Carmer and Ellen Louise; buried Gardner Cemetery
12 Mar 1937 LOWDEN, EMMA d Hurley Hosp, Flint;
17 Mar 1937 BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM MONROE d Fenton; md; b 27 Jan 1857; 80y lm 20d; son James & Sarah; buried Oakwood
18 Mar 1937 SALMON, WILLIAM ARTHUR b Oceola Twp; chg to boys & girl; d Tyrone; b 11 Aug 1863; 73y 5m 7d; son James Salmon b Canada and Elizabeth Frangerson b Canada; buried Riddle Cemetery
4 Apr 1937 MEHLBERG, MYRTlE MAE chg to Ira Melhberg, Tyrone; d Tyrone; b 21 Aug 1884; 52y 7m 13d; dau Geo. Maxfield b Hartland and Emelie Cole b Highland; buried Hodges Cemetery, Tyrone
12 Apr 1937 BULLARD, FRANCIS ADELLA chg to Bullard Bros., Hartland; b 15 June 1863; 73y; dau John Beach and Mary Jane Lyons; buried West Highland
12 Apr 1937 ARTHUR) MARATHA A. chg to Geo. Arthur, Hartland; b 8 Apr; 88 yrs
5 May 1937 DENTON, BEN B. chg to Edith Hadley, Fenton; d Fenton; b 23 Dec 1850; 86y 4m 11d; son DeWitt Denton b Tyrone (does not agree with death certificate), serv at Artesion, S. Dakota; buried Artesion, S. Dak.
4 May 1937 DWYER, HAROLD E. chg to Ernest Meade, d Flint; laborer; b 17 July 1896; 40y; son Ed Dwyer b Linia? Mich, and Carrie M. Dutcher; buried Oakwood
5 May 1937 WINTERS, ALICE res Detroit; d Detroit; retired teacher; 62y 6d; dau Ernest Winters b Mich and May Williams b England
8 May 1937 TEWS, ALMY M. wife of Walter K, St. Louis Mo.; d Fenton; b 12 Apr 1887; Say; dau Harrison Appley b N.Y. and Blanche Chamberlain
14 May 1937 CHAPPELLE, JAMES d Fenton, 78y; son Luther b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
14 May 1937 LATHROP, BABY d Womens Hospital, Flint; child of Lester Lathrop
3 Jun 1937 LEONARD, BYRON res Deerfield; farmer; 67y; d Argentine; buried Fenton
3 Jun 1937 BARNARD, WALLACE res Fenton; chg to Meade Bros; 79y; d Flint; buried Oakwood
17 Jun 1937 ALGER, ELLA res Mundy Twp, chg to Mrs. Anson Hall, Swartz Creek; b 22 Aug 1861; 75y 8m 25d; d Mundy;
1 Jul 1937 NORTON, JOHN E. b Detroit; res Flint; chg to Mettie Norton; b 25 Mar 1869; 68y 3m, d Flint, son Hylen Norton b Detroit and Ellen Downing; buried Oakwood
3 Jul 1937 HOLFORTH, THEO. b Tyrone Twp, res Tyrone; farmer; b 29 June 1893; 44y 4d; serv Free Meth. Church; d Tyrone; son John Holforth b Genoa Twp and Emmie? Callard b'Tyrone Twp; buried Hartland
17 Jul 1937 HITCHCOCK, FRED H. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Julia Hitchcock; insurance man;
21 Jul 1937 HEWITT, C. EUGENE res Fenton, chg to Eliz. Hewitt, Fenton; b 11 July 1857; 80y lad; d Fenton; son Syrus Hewitt b St.Clair, Mich
24 Jul 1937 HOFFMAN, ETTA res Fenton, chg to children; arr by Ben Hoffman; b 25 Oct 1855; 8ly 8m 29d; serv Community Church; d Fenton; dau Steven Street b Conn and Sally Way b N.Y.
12 Aug 1937 STREET, MARY res Tyrone; chg to Burton Street, Fenton; 62y; serv Presb Church; dau Sylvester Clark b Oakland Co; buried Fenton
13 Aug 1937 JUDSON, FANNIE res Long Lake (Lake Fenton), b 21 Mar 1857; 80y 4m 22d; d Flint
6 Sep 1937 DAVIS, FLORA res Fenton; chg to Dora Morehouse, Fenton; b 10 Mar 1852; 85y 5m 26d; dau John Hamilton b Fenton and Charlotte Thompson b Penn; buried Oakwood
15 Sep 1937 KING, ELIZABETH B. res Fenton; chg to Geo. King; b 25 Feb 1862; 72y; d Flint; dau Abraham Bailey b N.Y. and Margaret Clement b N.Y. buried old cemetery (Oakwood)
25 Sep 1937 LAWRENCE, JAMES chg to George Lawrence, Hartland
29 Sep 1937 DAMON, CHARLES A. res Fenton; chg to Bessie Damon; b 3 July 1863; 74y 2m 26d; d Fenton; son George E. Damon b N.Y. and Mary A. b N.Y.
23 Oct 1937 WHITE, ANNA A. arr by Dell White; b 21 Aug; 73y 9m 28d; d Fenton; buried Sunset Hills Cemetery
26 Oct 1937 DONALDSON, KATHERINE res Tyrone; chg to A. H. Donaldson, Fenton; b 26 Oct 1862; 7Sy; d Tyrone; dau David Donaldson and Racheil Lowe b N.Y.; buried Hodges Cemetery
28 Oct 1937 MUNSON, MALISSA res Fenton; chg to Laura Munson; b 20 May 1849; 88y Sm; buried Oakwood
31 Oct 1937 CARNAHAN, JENNIE b Gladwin; res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Clifford Stanley, Fenton; b 29 Mar 1881; 56y 7m 2d; d Fenton; dau Jacob Smith b Ohio and Martha Smith b Ohio; buried Oakwood
7 Nov 1937 HOSKINS, DR. JOHN B. chg to Mrs. Virginia Lonsbury, Fenton; doctor; b 10 June 1876; 6ly 4m 27d; d Iowa City, Iowa; son John Church Hoskins b N. Hampshire and Virginia Bennett b Virginia; buried Oakwood
16 Nov 1937 DUNNING, ORVILLE res Argentine; chg to Chas Markley, Sup. Argentine 5 mos; d Flint; son Archie Dunning b Big Rapids and Helen Vronan; buried Holly
16 Nov 1937 ROSE, EMMA ADELLIA b N.Y.; chg to Mrs. Alfred Brown, Fenton; b 16 Mar 1853; 84y 8m lad; d Fenton; dau Alexander McArthur b N.Y. and Harriett Phillips b N.Y., buried Dewitt, Mich.
3 Dec 1937 FREEMAN, FRANK 47y; d Detroit; son Leonard Freeman and Mary Heard; buried Oakwood
7 Dec 1937 REMINGTON, CLIFFORD b Fenton; farmer; b 20 July 1867; 70y 4m 18d; son John B. Remington b Fenton and Emma Kendaff b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
12 Dec 1937 HOLTSFORTH, HENRY 89y; d Pontiac
19 Dec 1937 BEST, ALICE EMMA res Fenton; chg to sons; b 19 Feb 1852,; 85y lam; d Fenton; dau Samuel Allen b England; buried Woodmere Cern, Detroit
21 Dec 1937 HINKLEY, JENNIE GALUSHA b Owosso; b 19 Mar 1858; dau Sears and Harriett Weeks b Ohio; buried Oakwood
27 Dec 1937 ZIMMERMAN, GEO. LEVI b Emmerson; b 2 Mar 1876; 61y 9m 25d; serv Free Meth Church, son Jacob Zimmerman b Ohio and Margarette Armaugh b Ohio; buried Lafayette, Gnatiot Co.
23 Dec 1937 SMAGG, HENRY res Cleveland, Ohio; chg to Wm. Barnes, Fenton; b 24 Dec 1842; 94y 11m 30d; d Cleveland; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
4 Jan 1938 HAMILTON, ALFONSO WASHINGTON farmer; b 15 Jan 1851; 86y 11m 19d; son John B, Hamilton b Fenton and Charlotte Thompson b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
1 Feb 1938 BURNS, MARY CATHERINE b Tyrone; res Detroit; arr by Guy Burns; b 28 Apr 1899; 38y 9m 3d; d Eloise; dau John Burns b N.Y. and Mable Lockwood b N,Y.; buried Oakwood
1 Mar 1938 CLARK, WILLIAM B. b Marion Twp; b 14 June 1863; 74y 6m 17d; buried Oakwood
2 Mar 1938 KIMBALL, MATTIE BROTH 71y; buried Woodlawn Cem, Clio, Mich.
6 Mar 1938 ELSTON, TRUMAN res Tyrone; buried Gardner Cemetery
7 Mar 1938 HALL, JOANN RUTH 2m 8d; d Flint; dau Robt Hall b Argentine and _________ Granger b Argentine; buried Oakwood
8 Mar 1938 HALL, JANET 2y 9d; d Flint; buried Oakwood
9 Apr 1938 HOOVER, ROSA FORCE arr by Elton Austin; b 2 June 1858; 79y; dau J. P. Jones and Sarah Hall; buried Oakwood
16 Apr 1938 CONNOR, CHAS. arr by Pete Crane; 86y; d Flint; son Lavin Connor
16 Apr 1938 HOWELL, MRS. EMMA b 16 Oct; 84y; d Fenton; buried Oakwood
21 May 1938 BOWMAN, FERN M. res Fenton; chg to Chas. Bowman; b 16 July 1911; 26y lam 5d; d Fenton; dau Forest Marker b Mich and Pauline Charpen­tier b N.Y.
24 May 1938 LEMAN, JOHN res Tyrone
2 Jun 1938 TOWNLEY, KRISS res Hartland Twp; chg to Hugh Townley; b 24 Jan 1856; 82y 4m 8d; d Hartland; son A. J. Townley b N.Jersey and May Griswold b N.Y.; buried Smith Cemetery
8 Jun 1938 RETTA, ORLENA J. res Fenton; chg to Joseph Retta; b 26 Sept 1862; 75y 6m 12d; serv Catholic Church; d Fenton; dau Joseph Gordon b Adrian and Racheil Englehart;
15 Jul 1938 BENNETT, CLARE res Detroit; chg to Mrs. Dora Bennett; b 29 Nov 1872; 66y 7m 16d
16 Jul 1938 POWELL, LANA A. res Fenton; chg to Mable Powell; b 29 Sept 1854; 83y; d Lansing; dau Jacob Loafs? b Pontiac and Almeda Colby
21 Jul 1938 BENTLEY, MARGARET E. res Fenton Twp; chg to Wm. Bentley; b 29 Oct; serv at Middleton; dau Wm. Bentley; 9m 10d; buried Middleton
21 Aug 1938 LOOSE, HAZEL B. res Hartland; chg to Wm. Loose; b 12 Jan 1915; 23y 7m 9d; d Mullis Hospital (Brighton?); dau Cecil L. Doan b Croswell, Mich and Alfranco Franck b Detroit
24 Aug 1938 BUZZARD, CAROLINE res Fenton; b 23 Jan 1849;
31 Aug 1938 HALL, JENNIE res Drayton Plains; b 10 Dec 1862; 75y 8m 21d; serv at Bayshore; d Drayton Plains; dau James Neal b Ireland and Anna M. Engle b Ireland; buried Linden·
1 Sep 1938 COUNTRYMAN, GRACE res Lobdell Lake; b 3 Mar 1881; 57y 8m 21d; d Argentine
4 Sep 1938 LAWRENCE, METTA res Hartland; chg to Geo. Lawrance; 70y; serv M.E. Church; d Hartland
8 Sep 1938 DEVEREAUX, ALBERT W. res Fenton; chg to Clarence Devereaux, Knoxville Tenn.; b 25 Jan 1858
29 Sep 1938 REMINGTON, EMMA J. res Fenton; b 4 Mar 1854; 93y; dau J. M.Kirkhuff b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
22 Oct 1938 PHILLIPS, WINFIELD W. res Fenton; chg to Julia Hart, Ann Arbor; b 24 Nov 1863; 74y 10m 26d; son A. J. Phillips b Milford; buried Fenton
27 Oct 1938 KLINGER, EVA MAY chg to David Klinger; b 3 Mar 1884; 54y 7m 3d; dau Joseph Cottrell and Carrie Spears b Mich; buried Oakwood
23 Nov 1938 VAN ATTA, HORATIO J. b 21 Nov 1845; 93y 2d; d Fenton
27 Nov 1938 REICHERT, CHARLES res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Annie Charlton, Detroit; 53y;
29 Nov 1938 ROCKMAN, MARION res Fenton; b 10 May 1856; 83y; buried Linden
8 Dee 1938 GUNDRY, ALTHEA P. chg to Jas. Gundry, Linden; b 7 Sept; 67y 2m 1d; d Fenton Twp; dau Edward Patterson, b Pontiac and Mellissa Johnson b Gaines
11 Dee 1938 CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH res Fenton; chg to Clara Campbell; b 13 July 1851; 87y 4m 28d; d Fenton; dau Norris Thorpe; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1939 BUZZARD, MATT b Argentine; chg to Walter Buzzard; 62y; d Chesaning; certifying physician - Dr. Buzzard, Chesaning; buried Oakwood
5 Jan 1939 THOMAS, WILLIAM AARON b 27 Jan 1862; 76y; buried Oakwood
15 Jan 1939 McCOMB, EMMA chg to Leonard McComb, Lake Orion; b 22 May 1855; 83y 7m 22d; d Lake Orion; buried Linden
20 Jan 1939 FAERY, CLAUDE b Hartland; chg to Frank Faery, Detroit; b 5 Oct 1872; 66y 4m 15d; serv Hartland M.E.Church; son Geo. Faery b England and Anna VanSyckle b England; buried Hartland
21 Jan 1939 McCARTNEY, ROSE ELLEN res Hartland; chg to Lee McCartney; b 2 Apr 1867; 71y; d Hartland; dau Geo. Armstrong and Rachael Murdock; buried Hartland
2 Feb 1939 GARDNER, JOHN A. arr by Mrs. Nelson Robinson; b 13 Jan 1865; 84y 19d; d Mullis Hospital (Brighton?); son M. Gardner b N.Y. and Lydia Armstrong; buried Gardner Cemetery
12 Feb 1939 BECKWITH, ELLSWORTH M. 75y; serv M.E.Church
14 Feb 1939 LINDSLEY, OLIVER 44y; d Fenton
21 Feb 1939 HOFFMAN, BABY chg to John Hoffman; buried foot of Lucile Hicks
27 Feb 1939 BARNS, LUTIE R. b White Lake; b 27 Nov 1880; 58y 3m; d Simpson Memorial Hospital; buried Oakwood
8 Mar 1939 HOFFMAN, DORIS MARIETTA b Pontiac; wife of John; b 24 Sept 1897; 41y 5m 14d; serv Presb Church; d Women's Hospital (Flint); dau Willis Inch b Canada and Margaret Smith b Dryden
15 Mar 1939 VOSBURG, LILLIAN DELL b Fenton; b 8 Nov 1873; 65y 3m 7d; d St. Joseph; buried Oakwood
24 Mar 1939 OSMUN, ROSABELLA chg to Ray Osmun, Midland; b 11 Aug 1859; 79y 7m 13d; d Womens Hosp (Flint); buried Oakwood
8 Apr 1939 LATHROP, MURIEL D. b Fenton; chg to Thomas Lathrop, Fenton; b 21 Jan 1893; 46y 2m 17d; d Fenton; dau Wm. H. Payne b Fenton and Lenorah Ballanger b Clarkston; buried Gracelawn Cem, Flint
29 Apr 1939 SOULE, WILSON res Linden; b 27 Aug 1837; 101y 8m 2d; serv M.E. Church; buried Linden
29 Apr 1939 LONSBURY, ELLEN b Hartland; chg to Alice Coryell; b 11 July 1850; 88y; buried Oakwood
27 May 1939 BOTSFORD, JESSIE res Fenton; b 15 Nov 1837; 77y; d Flint; son Benj. Botsford b Virginia and unknown mother
9 Jun 1939 BARBOUR, HARRY A. res Chicago; 69y 8m 24d; d Chicago, Ill.; son Geo. W. Barbour
21 Jun 1939 HOLDRIDGE, LAURA A. res Wauwautosa, Wisc; b 24 Feb 1852; 87y 3m 27d
7 Jul 1939 HILDEBRANT, DELBERT chg to Lowell Burgess, Hartland; b 20 Jan 1859; 80y 5m 27d; son Sanford Hildebrant b N.Y. and Martha Burgess; buried Hartland
24 Aug 1939 HALL, CARROL res Linden; chg to Robt Hall, Saginaw; d Argentine Twp
15 Sep 1939 CONRAD, IDA M. wife of Wm.; b 10 Apr 1867; 72y; d St. Mary's Hosp, Saginaw, Mich; buried Oakwood
21 Sep 1939 LONNING, MABLE res Fenton; arr by Mrs. Witherall; b 1 Feb 1870; 69y 7m 20d; d Fenton
24 Sep 1939 CHENEY, SARAH res Fenton; b 23 May 1850; 89y 3m 28d; d Fenton; dau Laban Connor? b Troy, Oakland Co and Ann Bullock b Troy, Oakland Co; buried Oakwood
2 Oct 1939 GOULD? INFANT chg to Kenneth Gould, Fenton; b Sep 28, 1939; 5 days
7 Oct 1939 COOMBS, HOWARD L. res Tyrone; chg to Irwin Coombs, Fenton; b 23 Oct 1933; 5y lIm 15d; d Brighton; buried Linden
11 Oct 1939 PEARSON, LEWIS res Davison; chg to Vern Pearson, Davison; b 22 Jan; 69y 8m 19d; d Pontiac; son Wm. Pearson b England and Phebe Algeo b Tyrone Twp; buried Oakwood
5 Nov 1939 GILES, LOUISA MAY res Fenton; chg to Frank Giles; b 25 Dec 1869; 69y 11m; dau Agustus Kellogue b N.Y. and ________ Clark b Farmington; buried Oakwood Cemetery
14 Nov 1939 KING, GEORGE W. res Fenton; b 25 Oct 1858; 8ly; son Chas. B. King b N.Y. and Mary M. Burr b N.Y.; buried old cemetery (Oakwood)
3 Nov 1939 POLSON, GEORGE A. res Fenton; chg to Roy Polson; b 27 May 1860; 79y 5m 6d; son John Polson; buried Alpena
8 Dec 1939 BENNETT, DORA res Detroit; chg to Ben Bennett; b 7 Jan 1867; 72y 10m 1d; d Detroit
23 Dec 1939 WALTON, EDWARD res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Jas. Piatt, Fenton; b 25 May 1856; 83y 6m 27d; son Robert Walton b N.Y. and Lucy Carnahan b N.Y.; remains shipped to Sparta

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1940 CHAPIN, HARRY W. b Fenton; res Detroit; arr by Floyd Chapin; b 12 Apr 1886; 53y 8m 21d; son Adam P. Chapin b Fenton and Mina G. Grace b England; buried Oakwood
7 Jan 1940 PARSHALL, FLOYD RANSOM b 2 Sept 1871; 68y; d Hartland; buried Hartland
23 Jan 1940 BARNARD, CARRIE M. res Fenton; chg to Mr. & Mrs. Mead, Fenton; b 16 Sept 1860; 80 yr; d Fenton; dau William Dutcher;, buried Oakwood
26 Jan 1940 FREDENBURG, WILLIAM b Tyrone; b 18 Dec 1864; 75y lm 8d; serv Deerfield Catholic Church; d Bloomfield
5 Feb 1940 DAY, FREDERICK EDWARD b Bay City; chg to Grace Wright; b 4 May; 67y; d Flint
18 Feb 1940 MICHELSON, ARTHUR EMIL b Calumet; chg to Mrs. A. E. Michelson, FeBton; b 28 Feb 1898; 41y 11m 10d; son Samuel Michelson b Finland and Louisa Hendrickson b Finland; buried Oakwood
19 Feb 1940 MEHLBURG, FRANK WM. b Groveland; b 20 Feb 1868; 71y 11m 13d; d Mundy; son Wm. Mehlburg b Germany and Lena Profka b Germany; buried Oakwood
21 Feb 1940 ANGELL, LILLIAN L. b Grand Rapids; b 2 Sept 1865; d Fenton; dau W. E. Ford b N.Y. and Jane Ann Waters b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
23 Feb 1940 HUNT, MATTHEW b Flint; carpenter; 82 yr; d F lint; buried Linden
25 Feb 1940 BULLARD, EDWIN W. b Hartland; chg to Alma Bullard, Hartland; farmer; b 15 Aug 1885; son Chas W. Bullard b Hartland and Francis Adella Beach b Hartland; buried Hartland
14 Mar 1940 BRISTOL, FRANCIS WEST b Tyrone; b 6 Jan 1861; 79y; d Fenton; dau Richard Seaton b England and Emily West b Scotland; buried Oakwood
16 Mar 1940 HOSKINSON, MARY ELIZA chg to Henry; b 22 Oct 1859; 80y 4m 24d; d Hartland; dau Hiram Bailey b N.Y.
20 Mar 1940 BLACK, FRANCIS WM. chg to Thelma Black, Fenton; 35y; serv Presb Church; buried Linden
24 Mar 1940 NEWTON, FREDERICK H. b 22 Jan 1867, 73y 2m 2d
13 May 1940 WALTON, MABLE chg to Mrs. James Piatt, Fenton, b 26 Sept 1858; 81y 7m 17d,
12 May 1940 PARKER, ELLA res Pontiac, 85y
16 May 1940 COOLEY, EMMETT E. chg to Eugene & Sim Cooley, Fenton; b 4 Aug 1869; 79y 9m 9d; d Fenton; son Wm. Cooley b N. Carolina and Carrie Booth b N. Carolina; buried Oakwood
2 Jun 1940 SWITZ, BALDWIN res Mundy Twp; chg to Mrs. Bessie Switz, Mundy; farmer; b 2 July 1877; 62y 9m, d St. Joseph (Flint hospital?)
4 Jun 1940 HUSKINSON, HENRY res Hartland; b 7 Sept 1857, 82y; serv M. E.Churcr d Hartland
7 Jun 1940 COX, BABY d Linden
26 Jun 1940 YERDON, LOREN H. b W. Camden, N.Y., arr by E. E. Yerdon; janitor; b 18 June 1863; 77y Bd; d Fenton; son Wm. Yerdon b N.Y. and Janette Sclyles? b Rhode Island; remains shipped to Belta, Mich
30 Jun 1940 SISSONS, IVA ELIZINA b Greenwood, Mich; chg to Geo. Sissons, Fentor b 3 May 1895; 45y 1m 27d, serv M.E.Church; dau J. B. Durfee b Mich and Hattie Mills b Mich, buried Oakwood
15 Jul 1940 HOWELL, ERNEST A. b Toronto, Canada; hus of Emma; b 4 May 1885; 55y 2m Ild; serv Presb Church; d Buick factory; son Wm.; buried Oakwood
23 Jul1940 COOPER, WM. L. res Detroit; b 29 May 1£58; 82y 1m 24d; son Aaron Cooper b N.Y. and Marie Morehouse; buried Argentine
29 Jul 1940 MARTIN, CLARA chg to Howard Martin, Parshallville, 91y; serv M.E. Church; d Parshallville
30 Jul 1940 PATTERSON, ROSE chg to Fred Horrell, Fenton; b 3 Nov 1861; 78y 8m 27d; d Fenton; dau John Horrell, b England and Margaret Hamilton b England; buried Oakwood
8 Aug 1940 CEVELL?, SARAH JANE chg to Addie Lene?, Davisburg, Mich; b 11 Nov 1856; 83y 8m 27d; serv M.E.Church; d St. JosephY,s, Pontiac, dau Jerome Davis b N.Y.; buried Rose Center
13 Aug 1940 SHATTUCK, ELMER S. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Mary Shattuck; b 15 Dec 1857; 82y; d Fenton; son Sam'l Shattuck b N.Jersey and Almeda Bush b N.Y.
24 Aug 1940 DOUD, KATHERINE chg to Miss Margaret Doud, Detroit; 67y; serv Catholic Church; d Fenton; buried Oakwood
25 Aug 1940 FORD, ELLA b 14 Dec 1864; 75y; serv M.E.Church;
26 Aug 1940 TROWBRIDGE, JENNIE chg to Dick Silvers; 83y; d Detroit
23 Aug 1940 HAMILTON, CHESTER B. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. C. B. Hamilton; b 8 Feb 1864; 76y; d Fenton; son John B. Hamilton b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
5 Sep 1940 MEHLBURG, SUSIE res Newton, Mass.; chg to Lorenzo Mehlburg, Haver­hil; Mass; 84y lm 29d; d Newton Hospital
5 Sep 1940 ROSS, MABLE G. res Rose Twp; chg to Harry Ross, Fenton; b 9 Oct l895; 44y; d Rose; dau Geo. Beckley b England and Myria Butchet b England
11 Sep 1940 HEWITT, ELIZABETH b 10 Jul 1865; 77y 2m 1d; serv Long Lake Church; dau Henry Howe b England
16 Sep 1940 HOYT, MATTIE res Fenton; chg to W. W. Hoyt; b 10 Oct 1859; 80y llm 6d
7 Oct 1940 BEAK, CLARENCE P. res Fenton Twp;, chg to Lillie Beak, b 8 Aug 1873, 67y 1m 10d, son John Beak b Fenton and Inez Jellett b Mass
7 Oct 1940 CHARBONNEAU, HARVEY LEWIS res Linden; chg to Mrs. Maggie M. Char­bonneau, Linden; farmer; b 17 Feb 1879, 67y 1m 20d; d Linden; son A.Charbonneau b N.Y. and Sarah McNamary b England; buried Linden
9 Oct 1940 EDDY, HATTIE res Fenton, b 21 Nov; 97y 10m 18d, buried Oakwood
4 Nov 1940 McARTHUR, MARY ELIZABETH chg to Robt. McArthur, Fenton; b 9 Feb 1886; 54y 8m 25d, d Fenton
13 Nov 1940 DUBY, IDA F. res Fenton, arr by Morris Duby, b 22 July 1876; 64y 3m 2ld; dau Joseph Hopp b Wayne Co; buried Oakwood
24 Nov 1940 DART, DEWANE FRANK res Fenton; hus of Elizabeth; chg to Frank Dart; b 14 Oct 1906, 34y lm 10d; son Frank Dart b Grand Blanc and Edith Whitehead b Gaines Twp, Gen.Co.
4 Dec 1940 CHAPMAN, LENA res Fenton; chg to Wm. Chapman, Linden; b 22 Nov 1868; 68y 12d; serv M.E.Church; dau John Rolston b Argentine Twp and Catherine Acheston
16 Dec 1940 ELLIOTT, SHARON chg to Ralph Elliott; b 15 Dec 1940; d Flint; dau Ralph Elliott b Flint and Mary Clegg
22 Dec 1940 AUSTIN, L. MABEL BURNS b Lima N.Y.; chg to W Parshall; b 27 Oct 1883; 67y; d Flint; dau B. F. Lockwood b N.Y. and Mary Benjamin b N.Y.; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
1 Jan 1941 CARMER, JAMES HENRY b Tyrone; wdr of Flora; chg to Bill Carmer; painter; b 22 July 1869; 71y 5m 9d; d St.Joseph (hospital?) son Jack Carmer b N.Y. and Mary Crawford b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
12 Jan 1941 SALMON, ELZORA M. b Hartland Twp; arr by Lloyd Salmon; b 28 Dec 1853; Servo HaIlers Cors Church; dau Perry Babcock and Clarrisia Waldron; buried Riddle Cemetery
18 Jan 1941 MATHEWS, EDITH MAE chg to Mrs. Cimmer; b 15 Dec 1873; 67y 1m 3d;
19 Jan 1941 SEYFRIED, WILLIAM FREDERICK res Tyrone; farmer; b 9 Apr 1889; 5ly 9m 10d; serv Tyrone Congo Church; d_ Tyrone; son Conrad Seyfried b Germany and Eleanor Moekbentz? b Germany
5 Feb 1941 POTTER, SARAH ANN chg to Ray Parker; b 11 Mar 1844; 96y 10m 25d; d Flint; buried Oakwood
9 Feb 1941 WARREN, HAZEL MILDRED b Bellaire, Mich; res Tyrone; chg to Robt Warren, Holly, Mich; b 14 Nov 1901; 39y 2m 25d; d St.Joseph (hosp?) dau Leonard Miller b Bellaire and Sarah Dunnam; buried Gardner Cern
15 Feb 1941 MESLO, UARDA res Detroit; chg to Clarence Meslo; b 13 April 1899; 41y; d Mt. Carmet Hospital, dau Willis Hill and _______ Reasner; buried Oakwood
22 Feb 1941 BUSSELMAN, ANNA B. res Parshallville, b 10 Sept 1860; 80y; dau Henry B. b Germany and Margaret Stermitz b Germany; buried Parshallville
23 Feb 1941 BOWMAN, ED chg to Ben Potts, Detroit; 63y; d Detroit; buried Beebe Cemetery, Rose Center
28 Feb 1941 HOLTSFORTH, JOHN T. b Germany; chg to Mrs. J. Holtforth; b 31 Mar 1862; 78y lam 27d; serv Free Meth Church; son Fred? b Germany and Fredricka Popa b Germany; buried Oakwood
7 Mar 1941 HULET, ELMER b Holly; b 27 Sept; 8ly; d Rose Twp
11 Mar 1941 ROBINSON, MARK GEO. chg to Mrs. Robinson; serv Tyrone Church; buried Oakwood
2 Apr 1941 BIDELMAN, THOMAS R. b Parshallville; chg to Leonard; b 31 Mar 1858; 83y 1d ; d Fenton; son Samuel Bidelman b Livingston Co and Ann Reece b N. Y .; buried Smith Cemetery
18 Apr 1941 LEMEN, AUSTIN H. chg to James Budd, St. Petersburg, Fla; 78y
11 Jun 1941 PALLISON, CHAS. L. chg to Carrie Pallison; carpenter; b 4 Mar 1873; 68y; son John Pallison; buried Oak Hill, Owosso
16 Jun 1941 BRISTOL, DEANNE LEE res Fenton; chg to Donald Bristol
14 Jun 1941 HOYT, WILLIAM chg to W. W. Hoyt, Trenton; b 11 Sept 1879; 84y; Serv in Flint; d Trenton
28 Jun 1941 SWEENY, JULIA A. chg to Julia Sweeny, Fenton; b 24 Nov 1860; 80y; serv Catholic Church; buried Catholic Cemetery
13 Jul 1941 FAULKNER, IDA M. arr by Mrs. Foote; b 18 Oct 1858; 82y 8m 25d; d Fenton; dau Ambrose Foote and Ann Sheak b Maryland; buried Oakwood
9 Jul 1941 BROOKS, BABY chg to Earl Brooks, Dart1s Landing, Fenton
19 Ju1 1941 DOBBS, FRAY W. chg to Glenn & Harry Dobbs; b 23 Dec 1881; 60y; d Detroit; son Wm. Dobbs b Fenton
25 Ju1 1941 BELL, MARGARET A. chg to Earl Bell, Fenton; b 15 Sept 1896; 44y 10m 10d; serv Presb. Church; d Fenton; dau Henry Tomlinson b Canada and Marg. A. Parker b Canada
30 Jul 1941 CHENEY, JERRY res Fenton; 17y; serv Presb Church; d Lucerne Mich; son Chas Cheney b Fenton; buried Oakwood
31 Ju1 1941 DEWITT, CARRIE res Fenton; chg to Chas DeWitt; d Flint
7 Aug 1941 PHILLIPS, ASHLEY E. res Fenton; 16y; d Fenton; son A. J Phillips and Julia Bullard; buried Oakwood
3 Sep 1941 LUTZ, ELLEN DOROTHY res Tyrone; chg to Matt Lutz; b 1 Aug 1902; 39y 1m 2d; d Flint; dau Herb Lonsbury b Fenton and Lydia Haller b Tyrone; buried Oakwood
18 Oct 1941 McGOVERN, PETER res Argentine Twp; chg to Wm. Vincent, Linden; b 17 Dec 1861; 69y 10m 1d; serv at St. Johns Church; d Argentine; son Peter McGovern b Ireland and Jane Mackley b Ireland; buried St. Johns Cemetery
25 Oct 1941 GALE, LOUIS res Fenton; arr by Mrs. Stella Gale; b 15 Aug 1875; 66y 2m 10d; d Fenton Twp; son John W. Gale b N.Y. and Sarah Kidder b Oakland Co., Mich; buried Oakwood
19 Nov 1941 BEAK, BLANCHE MAY res Pontiac; chg to Rolland Beak, Wyandotte; b 1 May 1876; 86y; dau John Beak
5 Dec 1941 HOUGH, LULU MAY b 9 Mar 1873; 68y 8m 26d; serv M.E.Church; d Fenton; dau Norman F _________ b N.Y. and Elizabeth Mathews b N.Y; Buried Oakwood
14 Dec 1941 MEHLBURG, AMELIA b Germany; res Tyrone; chg to Chas.; b 1 Feb; 80y serv Free Meth Church; buried Hodges Cemetery

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
1 Jan 1942 WAKEMAN, WM. CHAS. b Tyrone; chg to Mrs. Wm, Wakeman; 72y; serv Hartland Church; d Tyrone; buried Hartland
7 Feb 1942 BURDEN, MARTHA R. b Huron County; chg to Ed Burden; b 30 July 1908; 33y 6m 7d; d St. Joseph (hospital?); dau Ralph ________ and Olive ________ ; buried Gardner Cemetery
2 Mar 1942 GRANGER, EDITH M. b Eaton County; chg to Frank Granger, Fenton
9 Mar 1942 MYTINGER, LAWRENCE PHILIP b Lombard, Ill.; chg to Dora; b 20 Feb 1901; 41y 11m 11d; son Frank B. Mytinger b Philadelphia Pa and Jean Ray b N.Y.; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, N.Y,
13 Mar 1942 GREEN, IDA ELIZABETH chg to Ed McKinley; b 21 May 1865; 76y 9m 22d; dau Chas. Tiffany b N.Y. and Elizabeth Acheson b N.Y.; buried Lakeside Cemetery, Holly
19 Mar 1942 BURGESS, JOSEPH LOWELL b Hartland Twp; chg to Mrs. Burgess; b 20 Ma 1894; 47y 11m 29d; serv at Music Hall; d Hartland; son William Burgess b Hartland Twp; buried Hartland
19 Mar 1942 DONALDSON, JOSEPH chg to Bert Donaldson; buried Hodges Cemetery
27 Mar 1942 HOLMES, KATHRYN J. b Highland Twp; b 21 June 1854; 87y 9m 6d; dau Albert Lathrop b Mass and AnGenettie Bullard b Commerce Twp Mich; buried Hartland
3 May 1942 WHITE, EMMA E. res Parshallville; chg to Wells White; b 9 Sept 1849; 92y 7m 24d; d Hartland Twp; dau Dillas Deiler? b N.Y
5 May 1942 OSMAN, HORATIO chg to Ray Osman, Midland; b 25 Sept 1859; 82y 7m 10d; d Holly Twp; son AuJail? Osman b N.Y.
23 May 1942 NICHOLS, FORREST J. res Fenton; chg to Bernard Bard; b 16 Feb 1872; 70y 3m 7d; d Fenton
9 Jun 1942 BRYCE, ANNA M. wife of J. B.; res Fenton; chg to James Bryce; b 6 Jan 1865; 77y; d Fenton; dau John McMillan b Pt. Edwards Ontario; buried Oakwood
12 Jun 1942 EDDY, MERTON D. chg to Chas. Rolland, 69y
15 Jun 1942 MERRILL, ROBERT J. res Fenton; chg to Bruce Newton; b 2 Dec 1923; 18y; d Caro, Mich; son Mack Merrill and Belle Newton; buried Oakwood
24 Jun 1942 NORTON, H. EDWIN chg to Mildred Norton, Santa Monica, b 5 Mar 1871; 71y 3m 13d; d Santa Monica; son Clark C. Norton b N.Y. and Adela Brooker b N.Y.
2 Jul 1942 NEWTON, BERTHA A. res Fenton; chg to Mildred Cady; b 27 Jun 1872; 70y 5d; d Fenton; dau Daniel J. Cady b Holly, Mich and Lydia Barry b Sodus N.Y.
12 Jul 1942 MATHEWS, NANCY chg to Mrs. Alice Witherall, Fenton; b 13 Feb 1856; 86y 4m 29d; serv at Gladwin; d Fenton; dau Johnathon Babcock b Canada;
24 Jul 1942 GOULD, IDA M. chg to Wm. Gould, Fenton; b 29 Jan; 67y 5m 25d; d Fenton; dau Theo. McKinley b Deerfield and Lillian Glaspie b Deerfield; buried Oakwood
18 Aug 1942 McCLINTIC, MARY E res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Jessie Andrews; b 6 Sept 1855; 87y 9m 16d; d Fenton; dau Thomas Todd b Marblehead Mass; buried Oakwood
3 Sep 1942 HEAD, FLORA res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Ernest Meade; b 11 Nov 1852; 89 9m 22d; d Fenton; dau James Cohoon b Plymouth Mich and Mary Sloan b Penn; buried Oakwood
25 Sep 1942 HAYES, HARRIETT P. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. J. A. Thompson, Fenton, arr by Clark Thompson; b 5 July 1844; 98y 2m 21d, d Fenton; dau Carius Bennett b N.Y. and Nancy Hankins b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
3 Oct 1942 STIFF, CLARA L. res Detroit; chg to Glenn H. Stiff
5 Oct 1942 BELL, BEN res Tyrone; chg to Mrs. Ben Bell; b 15 Nov 1860; Sly 10m . 20d; d Tyrone; son John Bell b England and Helen Thomas b Tyrone, buried Oakwood
17 Oct 1942 BUZZARD, HAZEL res Fenton, b 1887; d County Hospital; dau George M. Buzzard b Fenton and Mary Cummings b Argentine
31 Oct 1942 WORTMAN, CHARLES F. res Fenton; chg to Blanche Wortman; b 1 Feb 1876; 66y 8m 30d; serv M.E.Church; d Fenton, son Charles Wortman b RoseTwp Mich and Mary __________; buried Oakwood
28 Oct 1942 BEEMAN, NEWELL res Denver, Colorado; salesman; 60y
3 Nov 1942 TOWNLEY, CAROLINE res Hartland; chg to Monte Townley; b 20 July 1861; 8ly 3m 13d; serv M.E.Church; d Hartland, dau Kriss L _________; b N.Y. and Almelia Marsh b N.Y.; buried Hartland
5 Nov 1942 BOWMAN, MATILDA res Fenton; 61y 10m; buried Oakwood
13 Nov 1942 ROSS, CLAUD C. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Ed Carmer, Flint; b 16 May 1879; 63y 10m; d Flint; buried Oakwood
23 Nov 1942 MILLARD, WALTER W. hus of Nellie; chg to Hugh Millard, Chicago; b 15 Dec 1861; 80y; d Detroit; parents unknown; buried Oakwood
5 Dec 1942 BARTON, MARY A. chg to George Barton, Milford; b 2 Nov 1868; 74y 1m 3d; d Hartland; dau Robert Robertson b Scotland and Martha Parks b Scotland; buried N. Farmington
8 Dec 1942 BUXTON, MARGARET M. res Fenton; chg to Florence Buxton; b 23 July 1868; 74y 4m 15d; d Fenton; dau Robt. Farnham b N.Y. and Jane Can­field b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
15 Dec 1942 SHEPHERD., GEO. P. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Geo. Shepherd; b 19 Aug 1880; 62y 3m 26d; d Fenton; son Wm. Shepherd b Linden? and Ellen Gray; buried Oakwood
18 Dec 1942 LONEY, CLARK L. res Pontiac; chg to Wallace L. Loney, Pontiac; b 1 April 1882; 60y; d Pontiac; dau Edwin Huntly b Mich and Mary Owen b Mich; buried Oakwood
21 Dec 1942 MARVIN, JOHN R. res Tyrone; chg to Miss Julia Marvin, Fenton, b 23 Mar 1871; 71y 8m 24d; d Tyrone; son Chas. B. Marvin b N.Y. and Emily F._________ b Conn; buried Oakwood
22 Dec 1942 WESTPHFAL, FRANK res Hartland; chg to Mrs. Westphfal; b 21 July 1875; 67y 5m Id; d Hartland; son August Westphfal b Germany and Freida Grantham b Germany

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
1 Jan 1943 VAN AUKEN, MEDORA chg to Frank Collette, b 13 July 1852; 90y 5m 18d, d Fenton Twp, buried Delta Center
3 Jan 1943 BUSH, WILLARD K. res Detroit; chg to Mrs. Bueh; 74y; d Detroit; son Frank Bush; buried Oakwood
5 Jan 1943 MOSHIER, CHAUNCEY b N.Y.; b 3 Aug 1861; 81y 5m 2d; d Flint; son George and Anna; buried Oakwood
9 Jan 1943 HUNT, OSCAR chg to Raymond Hunt; 62y; d Genesee County; son- Jacob Hunt and Sarah Miner; buried Oakwood
18 Jan 1943 McCANN, FLORA R. b Oakland Co., Mich; chg to Mrs. Asa Green, Fenton b 4 Nov 1869; 73y 2m 14d; d Fenton Twp; dau Ella Buzzelle, buried Oakwood
10 Feb 1943 HALE, ARTHUR res Hartland; b 15 Oct 1863; 79y 3m 20d, d Hartland; son Jobe & Hanna; buried Hartland
22 Feb 1943 RADLE, INFANT b Fenton Twp 22 Feb 1943; chg to Leo Radle; stillborn child of Leo Radle b Harbor Springs and Mildred Billings b Grand Rapids
4 Mar 1943 LEE, FRANK G. b Gaines; res Linden; chg to Mrs. Lee; well driller; b 14 July 1869, 73y 7m 20d; serv M.E.Church, Linden, d Fenton Twp; son Sidney Lee b N.Y. and Eliza Myers b N.Y.; buried Fairview Cern. (Linden)
6 Mar 1943 ANGUS, GEO. b Rose Twp; res Tyrone; chg to Mrs. Angus, farmer; b 13 Nov 1879; 63y 3m 23d; d Tyrone; son Gilbert Angus and Catherine Quick; buried Oakwood
8 Mar 1943 BOWEN, WALTER C. b Monroe, Mich; res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Bowen; b 9 Mar; 78y 11m 28d, d Fenton; son Isaac Bowen b N.Y. and Annette Robinson b N.Y.; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Detroit
10 Mar 1943 COMBS, DANIEL LEWIS b N.Y.; chg to Lyman Geust, Waterford; b 29 May 1854; 88y 9m 11d; serv at HaIlers Cors Free Meth Church; d Hartland Twp; son John Coombs b N. Jersey and Eleanor Smith b N. Jersey; buried Fairview Cemetery, Linden
11 Mar 1943 BLUMBERG, RALPH M. b Tyrone; chg to Emerson Blumberg ., Fenton b 11 Mar 1943; son Emerson Blumberg b Mich and Beulah Rich b Ionia; buried Oakwood
5 Apr 1943 LOCKE, ELSIE chg to Aldrich Locke
17 Apr 1943 MATHEWS, CHAS. LESLIE b Fenton; chg to Chas.; b July 1908; d Fenton Twp; son Chas. Mathews b Clyde and Edith McPherson b Highland buried Oakwood
19 Apr 1943 TOWNSEND, DOUGLAS ROBT. b Goodrich; chg to Wayne Townsend; b 9 June 1928; serv M.E.Church; d Fenton Twp; son Wayne Townsend b Atlas and Ruth Rich? b Brighton
20 Apr 1943 WIEDMAN, LOUISE PEARL b Courtright, Ontario; chg to John Wiedman; dau Wm. Dresch b Hanover, Onto Canada and Emma Diggon b England; buried Highland
27 Apr 1943 JACKMAN, FAYE MARIE b Vandellia, Mo., chg to Haskell Williams, son; b 10 Aug 1893, 49y, d Fenton Twp; dau Ed Todd and Josie Widaman; buried Vernon, Mich
3 May 1943 REMINGTON, HATTIE b Grand Blanc
10 May 1943 O'CONNELL, DENNIS b Tyrone, res Tyrone; arr by Pat O'Connell; b 20 Oct 1866; 76y 6m 20d; serv Deerfield Church; d St. Joseph Hospital, Flint, Mich; son John O'Connell b Ireland; buried Deerfield
10 May 1943 TOWNLEY, WELLS A. b Hartland; res Tyrone; chg to Mable Townley; farmer; b 24 Oct 1865; 77y; serv Hartland M.E.Church; d Tyrone; son Jackson Townley b N.Y. and May Griswold b N.Y.; buried Smith Cemetery
13 May 1943 DORMIRE, RAY L. res Tyrone; chg to Mrs. Lottie Dormire, b 6 Apr 1885 58y 1m 7d; d Tyrone, son George b Germany and Mary
19 May 1943 DART, OTIS b Mundy; chg to Mrs. Susie, Fenton; b 14 Mar 1874; 69y 2m 5d; d Fenton; son George Dart b Mich
22 May 1943 COTTRELL, CARRIE chg to Ray Stiles; b 20 May 1856; ~7y 2d; d Fenton dau Albert Spears b N.Y. and Lucy ________ b N.Y.; buried Qakwood
27 May 1943 ARMITAGE, EDITH E. res Fenton, chg to Jas. McKinley; b 1 May 1915; 28y 15d; serv Epis. Church; d Flint; dau Jas .. McKinley b Penn. and Annie Shoetes? b Penn
28 May 1943 DODD, MARGARET res Fenton; b 13 Apr 1868; 75y lm 15d; serv Catholic Church; dau Michael Doud b N.Y
31 May 1943 WYCKOFF, MARY res Hartland; b 3 July 1864; 78y; d Hartland; dau Fred Hibner b Hartland
10 Jun 1943 KLEIN, HAZEL res Fenton; chg to Wm. B. Klein; b 25 July 1897; 45y 10m 15d; d Fenton; dau George Rople b N.Y. and Elsie Cook b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
12 Jun 1943 REYNOLDS, LYDIA E. chg to J. Davis Reynolds; b 7 Sept; dau James Davis b N.Y. and Bell Erwin b N. Y. ; buried Davisburg
26 Jun 1943 STROUD, EDWIN b 2 Sept 1874; 78y 9m 24d; d Flint; son David Stroud and Anna Gmve? b Mich; buried Oakwood 69y
16 Jul 1943 ZIEGEL, FRED J. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Effie Ziegel; b 28 Feb 1870; 73y 4m 18d; d Fenton; son Wrn. Ziegel b Germany and Frederika ________ b Germany; buried Glenwood Cern., Flint
16 Jul 1943 REASONER, EARL res Fenton; bhg to Mrs. W. Reasoner; b 15 Aug; 57y; son of Walter
27 Ju1 1943 DINGLER, KERN B. chg to Mrs. Thelma Dingler; carpenter, General Motors Corp; b 6 Aug 1909; 33y Ilm 22d; serv Free Meth Church; d MilIus Hosp (Brighton?); son George Dingler b Mich and Ester Bloomfield b Mich
14 Aug 1943 MILLER, DOROTHY? chg to Lyman Miller; student; b 20 Aug 1932; lly Ilm 24d; d Flint; child of Lyman Miller b Canada and Florence Osmun
3 Aug 1943 ALPAUGH, LEMAN JAMES res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Louisa Alpaugh; machinist, Fenton Tool & Die Co; b 8 Dec 1878; 64y 7m 25d; d Fenton; son John Salsbury b Mich and Nettie Attwell b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
14 Aug 1943 KERN, DR. FRANCIS chg to Mrs. Algo C. Kern, Fenton; b 21 Dec 1855 87y 7m 23d; serv Catholic Church; d Fenton; son of Francis Kern b Germany; buried Catholic Cemetery
4 Oct 1943 TURNER, JOHN E. res Detroit; chg to Mrs. N. Ryskamp, Detroit; 87y;
6 Oct 1943 COVELL?, DANIEL chg to Mrs. Dorice Hunt; farmer; b 13 Aug 1885; 58y 1m 5d; d Ann Arbor; son Clarence Covell b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
16 Oct 1943 BENTLEY, FRED C. chg to Mrs. Ann Bentley; b 15 June; son John Bentley
22 Oct 1943 JOHNSON, JOHN HENRY hus of Mrs. Lizzie; b 13 Apr 1889; 54y; d Fenton; son John Johnson b Finland; buried Oakwood
25 Oct 1943 ALPAUGH, INFANT chg to Don Alpaugh; b 25 Oct 1943
22 Nov 1943 ROHM, JOHN LEWIS chg to Mrs. Hattie Rohm; b 18 Feb 1870; ; 73y 9m 4d; d Fenton
23 Nov 1943 BRISTOL, PAUL chg to Mrs. Stella Bristol; b 21 Oct 1890; 53y lm 2d; d Fenton; son Clarence Bristol b Mich and Francis Bristol b Mich
11 Nov 1943 MORGAN, MYRTLE BELL chg to Mrs. Vern Gleason; b 11 Oct 1867; 76y; b N.Y. and Sarah Smith b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
6 Dec 1943 HELMBOLDT, JEFFRIE LEO b Flint; b 3 June 1943; d Fenton; son Leo Helmboldt b Park Lake and Kathryn Dode b Alpena
18 Dec 1943 JACOBS, RACHEL C. chg to Carl Jacobs; b Mowcaqua Ill.; b 19 Dec 1871; 71y llm 29d; d Fenton; dau James Jarvis b Ohio and Anna McCluskey; buried Mowcaqua, Illinois
26 Dec 1943 HIBBLEN, ALBERT res Fenton; b 27 Feb 1872; 7ly 10m 29d; d Fenton; son James Hibblen b England and Laura Davis b England; buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Lansing
27 Dec 1943 WOLVERTON, SARAH ELIZABETH b Deerfield; chg to Wm. G.; b 24 May 1868; 75y 7m 3d; d Fenton; dau Wm. Close b Scico N.Y. and Emma J. Taylor b Oakland Co; buried Oakwood
31 Dec 1943 TRAPHAGEN, ORA chg to James A. Welch; buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
3 Jan 1944 BISHOP, JACK J. b Sterling, Mich; 17y; d Fenton; son Asa Bishop b Caro; buried Maple Ridge
4 Jan 1944 DEXTER, MARY ELIZABETH 92y; d Tyrone; buried Parshallville
4 Jan 1944 SALMON, MAY ROBINSON chg to Luce Salmon; 54y; ·serv Tyrone Church; d Hartland Twp; dau Levi? Robinson b Fenton and May ________ ; buried Gardner Cemetery
8 Jan 1944 SWANEBECK, EUGENIA M. b Greenfield Twp; b 15 Feb 1871; 71y; d Fenton Twp; dau ______ Myers b Switzerland; buried Oakwood
11 Jan 1944 HORTON, CARRIE LUCY b Flint; chg to John Cox; b 9 Dec 1850; 93y 1m 2d; d Fenton; dau Addison Smith and Caroline Teeples; buried Oakwood
15 Jan 1944 BEADLE, MARIANN FORBES b Utica, N.Y.; b 1 Nov 1869; 74y 2m 14d; serv Presb Church; d Oceola Twp; dau Alonzo Forbes b Detroit and Mary Jane Aldrich b Utica, N.Y.
29 Jan 1944 CARMER, WILLIAM BIRD b Tyrone; b 7 Sept 1867; 76y 9m 22d; d Pontiac son Jack Carmer b Penn and Mary Crawford b unknown; buried Oakwood
9 Feb 1944 ZOLL, CAROL ANN b Fenton; chg to Harold Zoll; b 22 Mar 1941; 2y 10rr 17d, d Flint; dau Harold Zoll b Isabella Co., Mich and Edna Harley b Pontiac; buried Whigville
15 Feb 1944 WASS, MARY b Detroit; b 25 Aug 1858; 85y Sm 20d; d Fenton; dau William Iriton b Belfast Ireland and Mary _______ b Ireland, buried Oakwood
1 Apr 1944 EPLEY, IVAH chg to Don Epley, Hartland; 38y; d Ann Arbor; buried Hartland
7 Apr 1944 PALEN, MINNIE res Linden; b 5 Dec 1870, 74y 4m 2d, d Flint, buried Lakeside Cemetery (Holly)
12 Apr 1944 KERN, CLARA chg to Ben Krankel, Fenton, b 23 Aug 1871, 62y 7m 19d; serv Catholic Church, d Fenton
12 Apr 1944 LAMB, HELEN chg to Clyde Lamb; b 20 Dec 1877; 67y, serv at Detroit; d Fenton, buried Fenton
19 Apr 1944 FINCH, CHARLES W. b 25 Dec 1891, 52y, d Fenton; buried Oakwood
19 Apr 1944 HARVEY, DAISY chg to Mrs. Bud Carmer, Fenton; b 23 Feb 1886; 57y 9m 18d; d Fenton; buried Waterford
22 Apr 1944 POTTER, BERT res Flint; 80y; d Flint; son James Potter
9 May 1944 SPRING, BERTHA chg to Mrs. Isaac Spring; b 23 Apr 1906; 38y 16d; d Howell Sanitorium; dau Iseac Spring b Mich and Mary _______; buried Oak Hill Cemetery
19 May 1944 WEITKE, MINNIE b 25 July 1869; 74y 9m 25d; dau John _________ b Germany and Caroline
29 May 1944 PHILLIPS, BYRON A. chg to Mrs. Wm. Shadd, Royal Oak; b 30 Mar 1858; 869 1m 21d; d Hartland; son Joseph Phillips and Melissa Beebe (or Allen) b Mich; buried Hartland
29 May 1944 BROWN, JUDSON chg to Mrs. Julia Brown, Fenton; b 10 Mar 1874; 70y 2m 19d; son Amanda Sape b Mich
13 Jun 1944 HOISINGTON, WINIFRED C. chg to Archer W. Hoisington, Linden; b 6 Dec 1871; 72y 6m 7d; d Linden; dau Elexander Orr b Scotland and Eliz. Borden b Burns Twp; Liv Co; buried Byron
7 Jul 1944 PARKER, EMMA JANE res Fenton; chg to John T. Parker; b 16 May 1859; 85y 1m 24d; d Fenton; dau John Dawe b N.Y. and May Mortimore b Canad
29 Ju1 1944 BEEBE, JOSEPH F. chg to Mrs. Bertha Beebe; b 2 Aug 1869; 74y 11m 27d; d Fenton; son Amos Beebe b N.Y. and Julia Kirk b N.Y.
19 Aug 1944 LUCAS, NELLIE GRACE res Detroit; chg to Morris Mathews; b 18 Apr 1872; 72y 4m Id; dau W. M, Owen b N.Y. and Avilda Cowell? b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
24 Aug 1944 LONSBURY, LYDIA MAY chg to Herb Lonsbury; b 18 May 1877; 67y 3m 7d; d Traverse City; dau Wm. Callard b England
5 Sep 1944 NORTH, MYRTLE M. chg to Peter North, Hartland; b 20 Feb 1879; 65y 6m 15d; serv M.E,Church; d Hartland; dau Henry Jacobs b England and Ann ________ b England; buried Hartland
11 Sep 1944 WOLVERTON, WM. G. chg to Mrs, Burt Osman; b 24 Feb 1857·; 87y; buried Oakwood
24 Sep 1944 GREEN, GEORGE chg to Mrs. Geo. Green; b 22 Aug 1884; 60y 1m 1d; serv Presb Church; d Flint; son James Green b Deerfield, Liv. Co. and Mary Ella Ellis b N.Y.; buried Linden
24 Sep 1944 NELSON, OLIVER B. chg to Mrs, Amy Nelson; b 24 April; 66y 5m 24d; d Fenton; son Howard Nelson b Indiana and Amanda Wolf; remains shipped to Bear Lake; buried Springdale
28 Sep 1944 SMITH, MATTHEW B. res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Pear Smith; b 27 Apr 1872; 72y 5m Ld ; d Fenton; son Arelus; buried Oakwood
4 Oct 1944 CHAPPELLE, MAE chg to Basil Chappelle; b 3 Nov 1869; 74y 2m 1d; d Fenton; dau Luther Havens and Matilda _________; buried Oakwood
7 Oct 1944 ANGUS, LYNDA M. chg to Sam Angus; b 5 Oct 1944; 2 days
18 Oct 1944 GOODFELLOW, JOHN N. chg to Mrs. Addie Goodfellow; farmer; b 2 Feb 1867; 77y 8m 16d; d Flint; certifying physician Dr. Goodfellow; son John Goodfellow b Quebec and Sarah Perry b Penn; buried Oakwood
3 Nov 1944 DOTY, CLAUD chg to Mrs, Claud Doty; b 7 Aug 1882; 62y 2m; buried Pontiac
12 Nov 1944 TURNER, JAMES DONALD chg to Mrs, Ruth TUrner; b 22 Nov 1889; 45y 11m 20d; d St. Ingnace; son James Turner b Sturgis; Mich and Susan N. ________ b LaGrange Ind.; buried Linden
24 Dec 1944 NUNN, ELLEN MAUDE res Hale, Mich; chg to Thorn. Nunn; b 28 July 1876; 68y 4m 16d; serv at Hale; d Fenton; dau Thomas Carroll b Watertown N.Y. and Viola Austin b Mich; buried Hale, Michigan
23 Dec 1944 LORD, FANNIE chg to Edward Lord, Fenton

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information
5 Jan 1945 BEADLE, GARRETT chg to Mrs. Warren Richards, Howell; b 5 June 1863; 81y 7m 13d; d Howell; son Joseph Beadle b N.Y.; buried Oakwood
15 Jan 1945 MILLARD, NELLIE B. res Chicago; chg to Hugh Millard; 83y 1m 10d; d Evanston
29 Jan 1945 GATES, NANCY M. res Grayling; chg to Leo Slicker, Grayling; b 10 Jar 1858; d Grayling
1 Feb 1945 JONES, BESSIE b 25 Feb 1889; 55y 11m l6d; d Fenton Twp; dau Charles Wagner; buried Marshall
6 Feb 1945 HUGHES, INFANT chg to Ray Hughes, Grand Blanc; stillborn 6 Feb 1945
17 Mar 1945 KELLOGG, MABEL L. chg to Mrs. P. Marsh; b 23 Dec 1875; 69y; d Eloise Hospital
21 Mar 1945 KIDDER, INFANT chg to Geo. Kidder, Fenton
3 Apr 1945 GRANDY, CHAS. H. b 29 Jan 1883; 82y 2m
30 May 1945 CLOSE, CHAS W. chg to Hugh White, Bennington; b 28 May 1875; 72y 2d; Son Wm. Close and Emma Taylor
8 Jun 1945 VALENTINE, RALPH res Fort Wayne, Ind; produce manager; b 28 Feb 1897; 48y; d Fort Wayne, Indiana
13 Jun 1945 BELL, HELEN res Tyrone; b 27 June 1865; 79y 11m; b Mich; d Brighton dau Cyrus Thomas
18 Jun 1945 KELLOGG, MARY LYDIA res Fenton; b 30 Sept; 68y 8m 16d; b Lapeer Co, Mich; d Fenton; dau Hugh Cole b Mass and Nancy Slackledger b Canada
22 Jul 1945 WINTERS, MONICA res Hartland; chg to Wenas? Winters; b 25 May 1875; 70y 1m 27d; b Germany; d Hartland
7 Aug 1945 PHILLIPS, LOISE res Fenton; chg to Donald Phillips; b 25 July 1875; 75y; d Fenton; dau Owen Fisher b Mich and Hannah _______ b Mich;
23 Aug 1945 LAMSON (LAWSON?), FLORA res Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; chg to Mahlon Lamson; 83y
11 Sep 1945 WHITNEY, MYRTLE R. res Fenton; chg to Frank Whitney; b 27 Dec 1880; 64y 9m; d Fenton
2 Oct 1945 RALSTON, MAY res Fenton; chg to J. C. Ralston; b 20 Jan 1884; 6ly; 8m 12d; b London, Ont; dau Geo. Clark b Scotland and Jessie McIntosr b Scotland
7 Oct 1945 CASEMENT, MARY res Tyrone; chg to John Casement; b 3 Dec 1866; 78y; d Tyrone; dau Manuth? Brown and Fannie Bevan b N.Y.
22 Oct 1945 LOUDEN, JOHN W. res St. Louis, Mo, chg to Leslie Louden; b 18 Jan 1870; 75y; b Mich; d St. Louis, Mo; buried Oakwood
25 Oct 1945 DOUGLAS, ARTHUR W. chg to Harold Douglas, N.Y.; 79y
17 Nov 1945 CHAPIN, FLOYD A. res Fenton, b 9 May;75y 6m 8d; serv Episcopal Ch; b Fenton; son Addison Chapin b Mich and Mina Hamper b England
11 Dec 1945 LATHROP, THOMAS L. res Fenton; chg to Tom Lathrop, Flint; mechanical engineer; b 6 Feb 1893, 52y 10m 5d; b Canton, Ohio; d Fenton; son Alfred Lawrence b Ohio and Hadie May Newton b Ohio; buried Grace Lawn Cemetery, Flint
19 Dec 1945 CELMIR, HARRIETT wid; res Fenton; chg to Wallace Bronson; b 20 Feb 1865; 80y; b N.Y., d Fenton; dau Estell Rorick b N.Y. and Marian Newhall b Cathin, N.Y.; buried Boon, Mich near Cadillac
18 Dec 1945 POWELL, MABEL sgl; res Fenton; chg to Hilton Dexter; b 9 Mar 1879; 66y; b Corunna; d Flint; dau Francis Powell and Lana LaRue; buried Oakwood
22 Dec 1945 ROGERS, THEODORE md; res Fenton; chg to Mrs. Sarah Rogers; b 20 Jan 1862; 83y 11m 2d; b Oakland Co; d Fenton; son Theodore Rogers b unknown and Louisa Brown b N.Y., buried Oakwood

Davis - Graham Funeral Home Records
Date Name Information