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Digitally Transcribed by: Cheryl Canty & Wendy Bruce

40 pages



AUGUST 7TH, 1861





8 Michigan Regiment moved from Beaufort, S.C. to Camp (biouse) on Shell Road, 6 miles out Caper's Plantation 1/2 every house.

Dec. 18, 1861

With 2 Companys A & F went out in boats from Brick Yard (Capt. Elder post) on East Shore (Coosaw River) to make reconnaisance - were fired on by 2 mounted guns with grape and canister 22 rounds. The Steamer May Flower aground below brought gun to bear on battery and silenced it. See Report.

Dec, 19,th

Col. F. placed in command (by Special Order No.7) of:
Advanced Posts - Port Royal Island, S.C.
8th Mich. and 79th Highlanders.

  1. Directed Lt, Pier at Seabrook to remove to Beaufort the Trescott Library from opposite shore.
  2. Reconnaissance at night by Capt. Elder found. Enemy still in force. Was fired at by Picket on our side. See Maj. Morrison's Report, 79th Highlanders in answer to my letter (copy page 6). Elder reported 4 A.M. 2nd forwarded Genl. Stevens.
  3. Directed reconnaissance by Capt. Elder (see page 6) and see his report, copy sent to Headquarters.
  4. Capt. Walbridge with Co's. F & I. placed in charge of Graysville and Mrs. Milne' plantation (see his report). Graysville negro Isaac and 20 hands, Milne negro Thomas and hands.
  5. Maj. Morrison sends 4 contrabands, forwarded by Capt. Ely to Brigade Headquarters. They report enemy in force 5,000.
  6. Lt. Ransom and Force at church beyond 79th camp.
  7. 11 P.M. Capt. Elder reports (see same) signed, lights opposite. Sent Lt. Col. Graves to head of Island. Notified Enards 8 camps to be in readiness and reported to Genl. Stevens (all quiet in morning).

6 miles from Beaufort. Advanced Posts. Port Royal Island.

Dec. 21st

Capt. Lilly can grant passes, see cicular. 2 Mounted men detailed to this comand. Barney Cullen Co. A. 8th Mich. stationed at Headquarters; Wm. Burns 4th Co. 79th N.Y. stationed at Capt. Elder's Post.

Dec. 22nd

Received Report of Capt. Elder, - 2 guns on other side drilling; Headquarters at Cotton Gin. Forwarded report to Genl. Stevens.

Lt. Robt. M. Clark Field Officer of day reported 1/2 past 5 last evening, signal lights towards Halls Island; Field piece from Seabrook sent towards Ferry. 1 A.M. today firing on negroes escaping outer post towards Brick Yard. Saw 150 Cavalry passing (see Elder's above). 9th Co. Highlanders have taken possession of Island opposite Ferry. Sent Report to Genl. Stevens.

Capt. Walbridge Field Officer of day reports 7 guns at End of Causeway, upper Ferry.

Capt. Elder reports large house opposite is Headquarters of Enemy there and earthworks are being erected opposite channel out from Yard.

Dec. 23rd.

Capt. Elder reports on opposite side, Signal Lights and etc. (Reports sent in).

John Mindrer Picket Officer reported to major Morrison. (Reports sent in).

Enemy fired on boats 3 times near Ferry, supposed negroes escaping. Drummond lights observed/ Work at night supposed to be for earthworks near Seabrook, opposite; - at 11 to 1 today I examine, could find none, work night probably preparing camp in rear. Reported accordingly.

Negro claims depredations, committed on him taking fowls, etc. Periclere Plantation 3/4 mile this side Elder Headquarters. Examined and directed lt. Chapman to take care of the old man who is alone on the plantation.

Same except 7 miles from Beaufort.

Dec. 24th

Capt. Elder reports new channel between him and Ladies Island. Also piece of artillery and earthworks opposite on Main. No other reports from above, all quiet. Forwarded report at evening. Sent Maj. Watson to Ferry and Seabrook; Capt. Guild to ??er to reconnoiter. ?t evening sent to Brigade Headquarters.

Evening Report. Dec. 24th

Embracing above with Capt. Elder's report and Pickets went from Doyle to Caper's and Filer and Rose' plantation.

Dec. 25th, Morning Report

Reports enclosing:

  1. Capt. Elder, Mrs. John Rose' plantation; Brick Yard, Reports. ?eg prevented full reconnaissance, but found enemy at work at Old Camp. Yesterday 20 to 30 negroes unloaded there. Heard report of fire-arms towards Ferry 2 A.M.
  2. R.M. Clark in charge of Ferry Post. Reported to Maj. Morrison; Drummond Lights exhibited on right of Ferry. Rocket went up, 8 P.M. 2 rifle shots, balls fell near Picket on right of Ferry. Two of the Pickets found asleep while going the rounds with Gen'l. aid, Corporal Kninehardt and Private Brakins, 7th Co.
  3. Maj. Morrison of 79th N.Y. reports he with Maj. Watson of 8th Mich. attempted reconnaissance prevented by Pickets on the enemy's side on alert. Two flat boats brought in by officer at Seabrook. 4 shots fired last night by Pickets on other side.
  4. Lt. ??. Simpson commanding Post at Seabrook, all quiet, no fires. Locomotion day-light. Flat boat loaded and another yesterday brought in each in good condition and capable of carrying 150 men. One shot fired at them, no damage.
  5. Lt. Doyle commanding at Capers, posted Picket to Capers and Broad River, add at Filer's and Rose', also on Little Island, opposite Rose's found negroes there, got no information. Think best to withdraw from Little Island as Big Island between that and Mainland picketed by N.Y. 79th.

Headquarters Advanced Posts,
Port Royal Island, S.C.

Dec. 25th con't.

On the return of Col Graves, I sent him over to the Brick Yard and have seen him and Capt. Guild this morning. I have no doubt the enemy are in good Picket Force and on alert on that side. The fog prevented carrying out my plan which was to land opposite lower Picket of 79th in the rushes to the Left of Creek running in at Old Camp. Three sentinels were posted at end of causeway on opposite side of our Picket at Upper Ferry; their coughing could be heard also the challenge in low tone as they were relieved. the shots fired I believe to have been at imaginary or real boats supposed to contain negroes escaping. As the Genl's. aid was present at the Picket where two were asleep, I make no order in regard to it awaiting his order if deemed necessary to notice it, one being on the alert.

The work at point opposite Upper Picket from Seabrook, I believe from personal examination to be back in the woods.

The Pickets on our Left, I shall endeavor to regulate today so as to give efficiency to them. I cannot doubt that from our Right to our Left the enemy are fearing an attack and are vigilant and prepared. On the Right and above Seabrook as before reported, light artillery has been seen and seem to be ready to move to any point.

Wrote Capt. Stevens and enclosed order on Capt. Lilley to send to Seabrook at 2 P.M. tomorrow for Trescott Library collected by Lt. Simpson. Wagon to be loaded with corn.

Dec. 25th, Evening Report

  1. Capt. Elder - All quiet on our Right.
  2. Maj. Morrison and Lt. Clark - Ferry Dist. 3 Guns at Ferry unmasked; protected by Sand Bags.
  3. Lt, Simpson - Seabrook - Enemy's work Stewert's progressing (same referred to in morning report, opposite Upper Picket from Seabrook).
  4. Lt. Doyle - on West Shore below Seabrook. He is to make an effort tonight to surprise a Picket of the enemy and tomorrow I think of withdrawing from Boyle Island as 9th Co. of N.Y. 79th are on what is called Big Island.
  5. Capt. Pratt - Field Officer of the day. his report contains general information to which reference is made coroborating the opinion that the enemy is on the alert and defence. the forces of advanced posts remain as heretofore.

Wm. M. F. COL. Commanding, etc.

See Morning Report 26th, page 7.

Dec. 26th, Evening Report.

  1. Capt. Elder Report from Brick Yard.
  2. Lt. Clark's Report from Ferry District.
  3. Lt. Simpson's Report from Seabrook.
  4. Troops - Grey Pants; Gun at Ferry; Commanding Shell Road, charged. The indications from these reports confirm the ???? that the enemy continues to strengthen his defences on the Main Shore by additional troops and Guns at Ferry.

I gave order to Lt. Doyle to get boat for an enterprise promising fair return. Have directed him to return the boat so that no excuse of that kind shall exist in future on the part of Lt. Simpson. Lt. Pier was directed 19th inst. to send Trescott Library to beaufort in boats. Not having done so, I have given order to have it sent in wagon which Lt. Simpson said he could do today. It will probably be done tomorrow.

Wm M. F. Col. Commanding, etc.

Headquarters - Advanced posts.
Port Royal Island S.C.
(Copies of Letters)

Headquarters OutPosts,
Port Royal Island, S.C.

Dec. 20, 1861.

Maj. Morrison:

It is reported to me that your Picket at the point opposite Brick Yard Station (Capt. Elder) fired last night, says about 12 or 1 o'clock this morning on our boat without hailings. You will investigate the matter, arrest the guilty and report to these Headquarters. It is also reported they had a fire at that point.

Wm. M. Fenton, Col. Mich. 8th Commanding.


Headquarters OutPosts,
Port Royal Island,

Dec. 20, 1861.

Capt. Elder will make a reconnaissance of opposite shore tonight. A small boat with two or three may perhaps effect a landing, leaving larger boat out of report early in the morning at these Headquarters or sooner, if information obtained important, to be made known. Another party in a boat may go out from above on the Shore Picketed by the Highlanders. In this case, and in case you approach any of our Pickets, Challenge and answer Challenge by one man raising and holding his Cap above his head.

Wm. M. Fenton, Col. 8th Mich.,
Commanding Advanced Posts.

Headquarters Advanced Posts,
Port Royal Island,

Dec. 21, 1861.

Brig. Genl. Isaac I. Stevens:


Nothing new was elicited last night, after my report. Lights were seen above but presumed to be Camp Fires and lamps used about the business of Camp and relieving Sentinels along shore. There is a Night-Guard opposite at Ferry on end of Causeway.

Capt. Elder's distance, and the necessity of sending frequently Mounted Men to other points from this renders necessary two or three horses, bridles and saddles which I respectfully ask to be sent by Lt. Chapman.

If we are likely to remain here for any length of time, I would be pleased to transfer headquarters a mile farther North. I set last night a chain of Sentinels West towards the Shore, and am inclined to think a Post on Shore should be established below Seabrook and opposite this point.

Respectfully Your Obedient Servent,


Headquarters Advanced posts,
Port Royal Island,

Dec. 26, 1861.

Morning Report

The enclosed reports from:

  1. Brick Yard - Capt. Elder.
  2. Ferry District - Lt. Clark.
  3. Seabrook - Lt. Simpson.
  4. Capers island - Lt. Doyle.
  5. Brick Yard - Capt. Guild will show affairs on our Front remaining in Status quo with diligence on the part of the enemy, filling up North Channel.

I have made no observation to change formerly expressed views. Expect to have expedition on Lt. Doyle on West Shore go off tonight and a close examination East. both failed last night accidentally.

Wm. M. Fenton, Colonel.

      Headquarters Advanced posts,
      Port Royal Island, S.C.

      Dec. 27th, Morning Report

      Enclosed Reports of:

      1. Capt. Elder (Brick Yard) made reconnaissance with Capt. Guild. Has 5 negroes to send to headquarters.
      2. Maj. Morrison.
      3. Lt. Clark - Ferry Dist.
      4. Lt. Simpson - Seabrook - general quiet on enemy's lines. Nothing new from West Shore.

      Dec. 27th, Evening Report

      Enclosed Reports of:

      1. Capt. Elder - Brick Yard Post.
      2. Capt. Moore - Ferry District.
      3. Maj. Morrison - Commanding Highlanders.
      4. Lt. Simpson - Seabrook.
      5. Capt. Ely - Officer of the day.

      These reports show quiet but constant strengthening of enemy's position. From the West Shore pickets, nothing new has transpired. Music was heard at the Ferry today from Enemy's Camp in rear of Fort.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Col. Commanding.


      Dec. 28th, Morning Report.

      Enclosed reports of:

      1. Capt. Elder at Old Camp. Enemy have retired from House at Landing (Adams Plantation).
      2. Capt. Moore - Ferry Dist., quiet. Sentinel on opposite side fired one shot, probably through ignorance, thinking he saw the boat.
      3. Lt. Simpson - Seabrook - quiet.
      4. Lt. Doyle - reconnaitered 4 mles below, opposite West Side of Island. Was fired on by Pickets. he thinks the Pickets in force on that side and exchanged from former position. I conclude from conversing with Capt. Elder, that the enemy at Adam's plantation fear to have Picket at landing cut off and retire to East end of causeway back of House. They are stationed there at night; by day at the House, and take their meals at House. The negroes Elder has he retains today to try and get a boat from other side tonight and is to send them down to Beaufort in the morning.

      Headquarters, Advanced posts,
      Port Royal island, S.C.

      Dec. 28, 1861.

      Maj. Morrison, Commanding,

      79th N.Y. Highlanders.

      You will immediately detail a sufficient forse from your command and cause to be removed from Trescott's House on Barnwell's Island to Seabrook and thence to Beaufort, to be turned over to Lt. Col. Reynolds all the valuable property at that place, which can be removed. if you require transportation by wagons, make requisition on Brigade Quartermaster and send to these Headquarters. you will also furnish invoice of property so removed and report same to these Headquarters.

      Wm. M. Fenton,

      Col. Commanding Advanced posts.


      Dec. 28th, Evening Report.

      Enclosed Reports of:

      1. Capt. Elder at Brick Yard and Station, confirming report of Artillery Station opposite.
      2. Seabrook reports - from which it appears the enemy are erecting a fortification to command the Channel, 150 men employed soldiers at a point on Sewall Island N.W. from Seabrook 1200 Yard. Lt. Simpson thinks Page Point, headquarters on Upper Side. officer in Gray and Sergeant in Blue visited the Pickets. Quantities of provisions stored there.

      I have directed Maj. Morrison to detail a Force immediately to remove the property from Trescott House via Seabrook and thence to Beaufort.

      Wm. M. Fenton,


      Dec. 29th, Morning Report.

      1. Capt. Elder reports unable to make any further reconnaissance last night from fatigue, etc. and thinks the risks very great to attempt landing and reconnoitering on Shore. Rough sketch drawn by him enclosed.
      2. Ferry Dist. reports matters remain quiet.
      3. Seabrook quiet except apparent driving of Teams during the night, opposite where new Fort being erected.
      4. Lt. Doyle has not yet returned from excursion to West Shore last night. If anything important when I hear from him, will report immediately.

      I intended to leave Capt. Elder to make further examination tonight and relieve him tomorrow. He desires to keep the negroes over the day which I have directed him to do.

      Wm. M. F. Col. Commanding, etc.


      Dec. 30th, Morning Report.

      Enclosed Reports:

      1. Capt. Elder - Sketch of North Bank showing position of enemy.
      2. Capt. moore - Ferry Dist.
      3. Maj. Morrison 79th N.Y. - Rations not furnished promptly.
      4. Lt. Simpson - Seabrook - imitation battery mounted. All seems to remain as at last report. I call attention to Maj. Morrison's Report in order that the rations required may be dispatched promptly.

      Wm. M. F. Col. Adv. Posts.


      Dec. 29th, Evening Reports of:

      1. Capt. Elder showing activity on other side.
      2. Ferry Dist. - Report - Capt. lyon Officer of the Day. Three negroes and child escaped from the enemy, sent to brigade Headquarters.
      3. These reports 1 and 2 show what I presume to be the same reckless firing by pickets on the other side. One of the negroes escaped to Capt. Elder, afterward to other side, to get his family and was taken and whipped. This was observed by glasses. I have examined earthworks opposite point to our right from Seabrook and have inspected Pickets to Ferry Dist.

      The earthwork near Seabrook is in a conical form like a large hay-stack, supposed to be a magazine. At the Right of that they are building a road across a point flowed at High Tide, to the Mainland. negroes are at work. matters at Ferry remain in status quo. West Side Pickets are kept up to observe any approach from the Mainland.

      Wm. M. F. Col. Commanding Adv. Posts.

      Dec. 30th, Evening Report

      1. The Picket at Brick Yard. Capt. Elder Co. E. of 8th Mich. has been relieved by Capt. Ely of Co. C - 24 men, 2 Serg'ts and 8 men of Band and nothing of interest has occured at the point.
      2. Enclosed in report from Seabrook Dist., etc.
      3. Report of Lt. Robt. Gair - Field Officer of the day. Nothing new seems to have taken place around the lines.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Col. Commanding Adv. Posts.


      Dec. 30th See Order of Genl. Stevens.

      11 P.M. Flat boats ordered around to Duck Creek. Sent. Capt. Walbridge to Ferry Dist.; Lt. Donahue to brick Yard.

      Dec. 31st, Morning Report

      Enclosed reports:

      1. Capt. Ely in charge of Brick Yard.
      2. Major Morrison's Report.
      3. Stewart's plantation Report of Officer Picket.
      4. Lt. Simpson - Seabrook.

      All seems to be quiet on other side, except work opposite Seabrook progressing all night. Pickets were advised officers stationed and a detail sent to receive flat boats on Duck Creek according to orders. I have now at brick Yard and in charge of negroes, capt. Ely with Company C of the 8th mich.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Col. Commanding.


      Dec. 31st, Evening Report

      Report of Capt. Ely heretofore sent.

      6 Scows hold to 500 men.
      19 boats, 25 to 40 each.
      1 boat at Rose' plantation 5, Brick Yard 300 men.

      Tide highest at 10 A.M. One foot an hour, full low tide at 4.
      Capt. Guild officer of the day not yet returned (7-1/2 P.M.).

      I have no further reports, for reasons probably of Movement of regiments. Capt. Elder informed me that the dipping of oars from the boats last night were heard an hour and a half before arrival, and there is no doubt that Pickets on other side could distinguish by sound the boats and their number.

      It is also reported to me that Maj. Morrison's Guns have been sent from the Port to point opposite Brick Yard. Capt. Guild is up there examining. I hope to get this report and forward with Tide report at 1/2 past 10 or thereabouts. The battery seen beyond houses at Ferry before sunset.

      Wm. M. F. Col. Com'y.


      Dec. 31st, Report

      11 P.M.

      1. Capt. Guild Officer of day, all quiet.

      I don't understand about 79th Pickets but probably they refer to ????. Maj. Watson who has been up, reports 79th still on the Right. Seabrook works progressing.

      2. Capt. Ely - Report - Boats ready, high Tide 10 PM rise to one foot per hour.



      1862  Jan 1st.

      At 2-1/2 A.M. Highlanders and 8th Mich. marched to boats at Duck Creek. Embarked at daylight. landed at 11-1/2 P.M. at Adam's plantation on Mainland, Coosaw River. At 1 P.M. commenced march to port Royal Ferry, battery before reaching which the 8th was fired on by masked battery on the right, and charged on it (7 companies) as skirmishes found it in force supported by Infantry and Cavalry. Withdrawn after brisk skirmishing in which from 40 to 50 of the enemy were killed and wounded. our loss, - 7 wounded, 2 missing, the enemy changing ground to rear, into grounds back of P. Royal Ferry Port, which had been taken by Gun Boats. Bivouacked all for the night. (See my Report to Genl. Stevens).

      Jan. 2nd

      Marched to old Camp at Grayshill.

      Jan. 3rd

      Placed in command of Center, Col. Leasure at Roundhead's firing district.


      Headquarters - Central posts and Pickets.

      Jan. 3rd

      Gain pass to Capt. Pratt, Lt. Lewis and 10 men to reconnoiter.

      Jan. 3rd, Evening Report

      I have posted Capt. Ely with his company 8 o'clock P.M. at the Brick Yard Station with full instructions for reconnoitering and collecting boats. Also three Pickets on West Shore with like instructions.

      The wife of Isaac, (negro driver on this plantation) reports that she left today plantation on the mainland off to the Left of the Ferry as you look towards the woods (2-1/2 miles back) that the enemy were terribly cut up by our shells, in what she calls a Regiment, probably Capt. Doniphane's Co.-only three saved, that they have gone back beyond Gardner's Corners to a church having a Picket there; that they fled in terror taking two brass and two Iron cannon (short pieces) mounted and drawn by horses. She also reported Archy Seabrook killed on the afternoon of 1st inst. by musketering 5 shots at once when riding on horses among the troops. This corresponds with my Report of a mounted man seen to fall when fired on by skirmishers and I think must be the same.

      Capt. Ely had gone out before my dispatch, after being at Brigade Headquarters this morning  ?ached him. I have sent Lt. Brown officer of the day down to see what has become of Capt. E. and party as no report has yet reached me. If important, I will report again tonight. the negroes were shipped for Beaufort also before messenger reached there so that the arrangement to send down 4 or 5 was frustrated.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Col. etc.

      Jan. 3rd, 9 P.M.

      Reported that Capt. Ely and 20 men went to Adam's House 10 A.M. and have not been heard from. Sent down Capt. Lyon and Co. Lt. Brown had gone down before. Reported same to Capt. Stevens and that it is reported to me that drums were heard over on the Main this evening and files of men seen near Adam's House. Also reported to Capt. Leasure.

      11 P.M.

      Orderly returns with news of Capt. Ely and party returns safe. Reported drums heard this evening opposite Seabrook and the ferry. They may be drums from Camps back 3 or 4 miles as we sometimes hear music from Beaufort at Brick Yard. 11-1/4 P.M. received Capt. Ely's Report and forwarded my Report. He was detained finding on the battle field the body of Brooks of Co. A which they buried.

      The enemy's battery and Force was on a road. Reconnoitered the Main to the Ferry. Saw 6 rebel Horsemen who retreated.

      No boats under Adam's House. Taken away by our 1st inst.

      Jan. 4th, Morning Report

      Enclosed Report of capt. Ely from Brick Yard Station.

      All quiet during the night and nothing of interest from that point or West Shore to report this morning occuring since my last report last evening.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Col. Com'g. etc.

      Note - Capt. Ely says Tide changes 10 and 4; High at 10, Low at 4.


      Jan. 4th - Note.

      Capt. Stevens - Capt. Pratt wants to go with Co. across Ferry.

      Negro sent in Syphax (negro 60 years old) left Gardner's Corners 2nd, yesterday; was at Roundheads yesterday. He is a butcher. The Forces there killed 10 to 20 head of Cattle - 4 Regiments, 4 Cannon as said. The Rebels now at Hosper Bridge and Bonad (Sheldon) church to left and right of road one to two miles beyond Gardner's Corners, Pickets travelling on horseback.

      Jan. 4th, Evening Report

      Enclosed reports of:

      1. Capt. Ely commanding at Brick Yard, made reconnaissance of opposite Shore, burned Adam's plantation house agreeably to orders, fired upon Five Rebel Horsemen who retreated precipitately. Reports no force of the enemy nearer than within one mile of garndener's Corners, no boats on the Mainland (he has charge of 2 boats). Brought back body of Brook of Co. A killed 1st inst. It is intended to send this body to Beaufort to be buried by the side of that of Burns Foote of the same Co., killed on 18th, Dec. '61 on Coosaw River.
      2. Report of Lt. Doyle:
        Commanding Westerly Pickets, he made reconnaissance today on Broad River, up to Head of Halls Island and Jenkins Point, where were 2 mounted men and 10 or 12 Infantry opposite on Mainland reported Battery of 3 Guns, below on mainland at Gregory's Point. Found Picket with 13 men, two of whom fired at him, balls falling short about every mile; saw horses saddled. I think from smoke observed this afternoon that houses above adam's towards ferry, were also burned. I understand there are appearances (in rear of point where we were engaged on the 1st with the enemy) of a Camp of Cavalry and 2 or more large Camps of Infantry.

      Jan. 5th, Morning Report:

      All quiet; evening the same.

      Jan. 6th, Morning Report

      All quiet; West Pickets, - 3 -, Little Island, Filers and capers.
      Tides 11 o'clock High, 5 o'clock Low.

      Jan. 6th, Evening Report

      Enclosed Report od Capt. Elder in command of Brick Yard. I inquired of him if Pickets down from Ferry to his Post. It seems to be all right there, he knows nothing.

      From the West I have learned there are two Heywoods about one mile this side of Pocotaligo on each side Creek. Wm. Heywood on West and Daniel Heywood on East side. News of the firing on Trescaott (Barnwell's Island) has been sent in, commencing at 4 P.M. from Cunningham House. Do not know which house this is. Can't be Stewart's but I presume a Gun Boat would silence them. Our Camp is under orders and ready.

      Lt. Brown reports that the Men at Brick Yard Point and Sam's on Ladies Island, he thinks can be of no use there. I should like to have them sent back to our Regiment.

      Col. Armstrong is here. Cunningham's is same vicinity of Freser's, as marked on Map sent in by him.

      Negroes sent in Report - A Kentucky Regiment in vicinity of Gardner's Corners. Firing but from one Gun supposed to be intended as a protection to the Rebels in burning Cotton Houses. But 4 shots fired, none since.

      Jan. 7th, Morning Report.

      All quiet, enclosed Reports. The 7 Low, 1 High. Wrote for information about John and Adams of Co. A, also about Bard.

      Jan. 7th, Eveneing Report.

      1. Capt. Ely's Report: He made a reconnaissance back of Adam's House. Was followed by several Cavalry and made good his escape across the Marsh to landing and by boat back to Brick Yard. Horsemen seem to be on the alert all along the Beach. Capt. Ely's ruse at the Causeway back of Adam's House, pretending that he had a reserve, is all that saved his small party.
      2. 2. Report of Lt. Doyle: Gun Boat sounding off Balls and Barnwells Island on West Shore, otherwise all quiet.

      Jan. 8th, Morning Report

      Capt. Ely reports all quiet at Brick Yard.
      I have enjoyned on him and all officers to be cautious in scouting and believe he received yesterday, a practical lesson of value. He also reports hearing about midnight in the direction of Ladies Island, eight shots but has not heard the cause.

      No report from West yet; party was to go out last night. I have sent over and if anything important will immediately send in.

      Returned; Edward R. Chase Company A sent with Ambulance under charge of Dr. Kimbals with body of Van Larry (at Roundhead Camp) the exchange for John Q. Adams.

      Jan. 8th, Evening Report.

      Enclosed are reports of Capt. Ely and Lt. Doyle:

      The firing on Ladies Island has been reported doubtless by the Pickets there. I would suggest that the Pa. Picket on his point should be instructed, if not already done, to keep no fires from fear of being surprised, if for no other reason, our Pickets are on the look-out for Spies.

      Jan. 9th, Morning Report

      My reports from both sides of the Island are the same. Nothing of interest occured during the night. Mounted men are occasionally seen as before on Mainland East, back from first landing place of our Troops 1st day.

      Jan. 9th, Evening Report

      Enclosed Reports from Picket Posts;

      All quiet; the enemy scouting East Shore as usual. Picket opposite Brick Yard Point had a fire last night.

      Flag of Truce sent with body of Vallendingham. Sent across Ferry to exchange for body of J.Q.Adams Co. A. Returned without accomplishing its object. Answer of enemy, body too much decayed, buried at Pocotaligo (?)

      Jan. 10th, Morning Report

      Nothing new or important has occured within our line of Pickets since last night. Light seen at landing below Adam's House, probably Patrol or Picket.

      Jan. 10th, Evening Report

      Same as morning.

      Jan. 11th, Morning Report Seen.

      One Company all that's necessary here.

      Jan. 11th, Evening Reports - Same.

      Jan. 12, Morning Reports - Same.

      Jan. 12th, Evening Report of Lt. Colonel.

      Jan. 13th, Morning - Same

      Regiment returned to Camp, being relieved by Pa. Roundheads.
      In Camp at Beaufort.
      Drills - Brigade and Battalion.

      Feb. 24th

      Regiment moved to Advanced Posts under command of Capt. Pratt, - 8 Companies.

      Lt. Col. Graves, Capts. Elder and Guild and self engaged on Court Martial trial of Capt. Lilly, Co. C and H on Ladies Island.

      Feb. 24th, Evening Reports in:

      Feb. 25th, Morning and Evening Reports in.

      Fires on the Main. Capt. Ely, Lt. Doyle and Brown and 20 men have been out two days from Ladies Island, reconnoitering.

      Feb. 26th

      Capt. Ely and party returns from reconnaissance of three days up Bull River and Creeks and opposite Combahee Ferry. Reports few scattering pickets and small force near Ferry, opposite side River - two masked Cannon. Fires were Rice fields burning.

      Advanced Posts Reports received, all quiet; one boat attempted to cross below Ferry.

      Capt. Pratt thinks at work opposite side at Ferry to entrap us.

      Feb. 27th, Reports in - Morning

      Negro fired on by guard under commission of Lt. Chapman, West Posts, approved by Genl. Stevens.

      Feb. 27th, Evening Reports forwarded.

      Feb. 28th, Morning report

      More Pickets at West posts required; same ordered.

      Feb. 28th, Evening Report

      Fenner and Sergt. move detailed to West Shore.

      Mar. 1st, Morning and Evening Reports in

      Nothing of importance now. Some movements of Troops on Cars at the Railroad, supposed from (Left Blank). Some shots fired by Sentinels at Ferry at our Guards.

      Mar. 2nd, 3rd, 4th

      Reports continued by Capt. Pratt in commission of Advanced posts. Col. engaged as counsel for Lilly and Lt. Col. on the Court Martial.

      Mar. 5th

      Took command at Advanced Posts and continued to Monday 10th, when regiment was relieved by 100th Pa. Nothing of interest except Capt. Pratt had interview with several of the Tennessee regiment on Causeway; interchanged Civilties, etc.

      Mar. 19th

      Capt. Pratt and Co. left Picket at the Ferry for special reasons; connects with his communications with Tennessee and drill, etc. to (left blank).

      April 9th

      Moved on Ben De Ford to Tybee Island.

      April 10th

      Reported to Brig. Genl. ?. A. Gilmore and moved in rear of Battery after dark.

      Apr. 10th and 11th

      Bombardment of Fort Pulaski.

      Apr. 11th

      2 P.M. Fort surrendered.

      Apr. 11th, Evening

      Bivouacked at Goats Point and received Tents from Port P. Remained to 16th.

      Apr. 16th

      Moved 7 companies to Wilmington Island, Posts of A & Y, D-6, H K, G & B - about 400 men. G & B - (120) landed to Left of Creek.


      Apr. 16th

      Engaged with Posts of Five Companies, 300 men in all in fight with 13th Georgia, 800 strong. We had not over 200 actually in this fight. Had 12 killed and 32 wounded. (See Report in regiment Book, page 13 and 103).

      Apr. 18th

      Embarked on Ben De Ford.

      Apr. 19th

      Arrived in Beaufort. were received by brigade under Genl. Stevens and escorted to our old Headquarters.


      Apr. 25th (See Regiment Order No. 51 and proceedings. Rgt. Book. page 15).

      At Beaufort until May 22nd.

      May 22nd

      Companies G & B under command of Capt. Lyon sent out to occupy advanced posts. Co. F, Capt. Walbridge, central Posts.

      May 25th

      Same relieved by Companies I and C, Capt. Lewis to Adv. posts; Co. E, Lt. Cottrell, Central posts.

      May 30th

      Reconnaissance by Col. Christ from Ferry towards Pocotaligo with 50 Pa. Vol-

      (Whole line missing here)  in reserve.

      June 1st, Sunday

      Left Beaufort for Stone River, 48 miles and embarked by lighters on Alabama (Gun Boat) Capt. Lanier. Hospitably entertained until 3rd. tuesday landed at old Battery, James Island, S.C. and bivouacked in heavy rain. 4th Regiment went out on Picket, brought in Secesh Cannon.

      James Island, S.C.
      Battle of Jun 11, 1862.

      June 5th, Thursday

      Bivouacked at first house from landing. Took position, an Advanced Regiment. Received and pitched tents from house to p. Charles Harbor, etc. in view.

      June 6th

      Same; Pickets only in advance.

      June 7th

      Divisions and Brigades formed:-Genl. Wright 1st, and Stevens 2nd Divisions. 1st Brigade of 2nd Division, Col. Fenton commanding: Lt. Col. Graves 8th Mich.

      June 12th

      Under-arms alarms, etc. Picketing, etc. to (left blank).

      June 15th Same

      June 16th

      2 A.M. Marched to attack of enemy's fortifications at sucessionville by order of Genl. Benham. Casualties in 8th Mich., 182 (See Reports).

      Picketing, etc. occasional alarms. Seize works advancing: working parties, etc.

      June 21st

      Genl. Benham relieved and Brig. Genl. Wright in command.

      Divisions Reformed:
      1st Division - Genl. Stevens.
      2nd Division - Genl. Williams.
      1st Brigade, 1st Division, Col. Fenton - 8th Mich., 7th Conn., 28th Mass.
      2nd Division -
      1st Brigade, Col. Chatfield - 6th Conn., 97th pa., 47th N.Y.
      2nd Brigade, Col. Welsh, - 45th Pa., 3rd N.H., 3rd R.I.
      Attached to 2nd Division, Vol. Engineers, Cavalry - (?) Batteries.
      2nd Brigade, 1st Division, - Col. Leasure, 79th N.Y., 100th Pa., 46th N.Y.

      June 22nd

      Quiet generally.

      June 23rd.

      Occasional alarms.

      June 24th


      June 25th

      8th Mich. ordered out for Picket duty; Col. Farnsworth in command of Adv'd. Posts.

      July 1st cannonading.

      June 26th

      All Guns and ammunition advance drawn in.

      July 4th

      Picket duty continued on advance, Genl. Wright's Division and Col. Leasure's
      Brigade moved off.
      Pickets drawn in our Camp.


      Headed for Virginia.

      James Island, S.C.

      1st Brigade, Stevens Division - 1862.

      July 4th

      Received orders to embark, having been up all night and day until 7 A.M.

      July 5th

      Embarked for Hilton Head on the Cosmopolitan and arrived at night. Bivouacked, Regiment 8th Mich.

      July 6th

      28th Mass. arrived. Went up to Camp both regiments.

      July 8th

      Notic to move to Beaufort.

      July 10th

      Embarked on Ben De Ford. Commenced disembarking at Smith's plantation. At night (4 companies on Shore) received orders to be in readiness to send to virginia. Men without food. Went up to Beaufort, worked all night.

      July 11th

      In morning, sailed to Hilton Head - same repeated and men bivouacked at night in the rain.

      July 12th

      Unloading baggage in waiting for Vanderbilt and loaded on board Vanderbilt.

      July 13th, Sunday A.M.

      Went on board and sailed for Virginia.

      Steamer Vanderbilt

      July 13th

      2 regiments, 8th Mich, and 50th Pa. embarked. No provisions except Salt Beef and Pork and hard bread, viz. poor Beef, etc. not even a potato or an ounce of butter. Bought our own ice at Hilton Head and would have bought provisions, had we known the allowances. What is the matter with Government?

      July 14th

      This book is now to be packed in a trunk with spare clothing not needed in Camp and in warm weather and to be sent to B. Rockwell or Fenton Rockwell, N.Y. to be retained for me should I ever need it.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Col. 8th Mich. Regiment Commanding.

      Newport News, Va. 1862.

      July 15th

      Arrived off Fortress Monroe.

      July 16th

      Put ashore at Newport News, no baggage.

      July 17th Same

      July 18th

      Went into Camp; Brigade formed, 8th Mich., 50th Pa. and 28th Mass., Col. Fenton in command. In Camp, drills, etc. At Newport news until I was ordered home (on account of bad health) on recruiting services for 8th Mich.

      July 30th

      Started from fortess monroe for hom under orders to recruit.

      July 31st, Thursday

      Wm. M. Fenton left Fortress Monroe and went via Baltimore and N.Y. to Detroit on recruiting service for 8th Mich. regiment.

      August 1862

      Continued until I heard of marches, etc.of 8th Mich. I applied to be relieved; could not get relieved, so got order from Lt. Col. J.R. Smith, Supt. Volunteers Recruiting Service to proceed to Washington with squads of Recruits for several Regiments.

      Sept. 15th, Monday

      Arrived in washington and applied to Adjt. Genl. to be relieved and join the Regiment. Was told to make application in writting; did so.

      Sept. 19th

      Got order on further personal application.

      Spet. 20th

      Started, was detained at Reling House and so on to Frederick.

      Sept. 22nd

      Stayed in Camp with 20th Mich. near Boonsboro.

      Sept. 23rd.

      Reported to Regiment and Genl. Wilcox in command of 1st Division of 9th Army Corps and assumed command.

      Sept 24th

      Made order for promotions, (Lt. Col. Graves resigned).

      Brigade formed and Col. Fenton put in command. - 79th N.Y., Lt. Col. Morrison; 8th Mich. Maj. Ely; 46th N.Y. Lt. Col. Gerhard; 17th Mich. Col. W.H. Withington.

      (See movements of regiment in my absence, next page, etc.).

      Incidents while absent on recruiting Service received from Capt. Lyon, 8th Mich. Aug 3 - Sept. 19th.:

      Aug 3rd

      Broke Camp and moved to newport News Landing.

      Aug. 4th

      Four companies embarked on Steamer Cecil, bal. Schooner White ????; Steamer burst boiler and put back.

      Aug. 5th

      The four companies embarked on Gunboat Pionier.

      Aug. 6th

      Sailed to Aquia Creek and went by Cars to Fredericksburg.

      Aug. 7th

      Moved across the Rappahannock through the town.

      Aug. 8th

      Details for picket.

      Aug. 9th

      Cannonading toward Culpepper.

      Aug. 10th

      Stored knapsacks, etc.

      Aug. 11th

      In Camp.

      Aug. 12th & 13th

      Three days rations cooked. Broke Camp. recrossed river.

      Aug. 14th

      Marched to Bealton Station Alex. & Rich. R.R., bivouacked as before.

      Aug. 15th

      Passed Culpepper Court House and out 3 miles.

      Aug. 16th

      Marched to near Racoon Ford.

      Aug. 17th & 18th

      In Camp; inspection and marched to 11 P.M.

      Aug. 19th

      Crossed Rappahannock at Barnotts Ford (30 mile march followed by Rebel Cavalry).

      Aug. 20th

      Enemy drove in our pickets; We marched up to ?elly's Ford.

      Aug. 21st

      Crossed the Ford on a reconnaissance and returned.

      Aug. 22nd

      Marched to bealton Station in line, supporting Benjamin's Battery. Rain all night.

      Aug. 23rd

      Moved up the River, connonading in advance.

      Aug. 24th

      Enemy shelled us; we forced passage at White Sulpher Springs.

      Aug. 25th

      Marched on towards Warrenton, thence towards Warrenton Junction. Bivouacked at 12 at night.

      Aug. 25th

      Marched to junction.

      Aug. 27th

      Marched towards Warrenton 3 miles; about face and back thence for Greenwich, a hard march.

      Aug. 28th

      Marched to Manassas Junction and near Centerville.

      Aug. 29th

      Engaged in Battle of Bull Run (a few wounded).

      Aug. 30th

      Heavy fire on Regiment; some killed and wounded; retreated to Centerville.

      Aug. 31st

      Supported a Battery - brisk cannonading; no causualties.

      Va. and Maryland Campaign.

      8th Mich. Aug. & Sept. 1862.
      Received from Capt. Lyon.

      Sept. 1st

      Moved to rear of centerville and crossed the Fairfax Pike. Attacked the enemy at Chantilly. Heavy loss, Left field and arrived at Fairfax Court House at daylight.

      Genl. Stevens and Kearney killed; several wounded, killed and missing of Mich. 8th in battle of Chantilly.

      Sept. 2nd

      Left for Alexandria; arrived at Clouds Mills.

      Sept. 3rd & 4th

      In Camp and moved for Washington.

      Sept. 5th & 6th

      In Camp near Meridian Hill.

      Sept. 7th

      Marched towards Leesborough.

      Sept. 8th & 9th

      Camp and march to Rockville.

      Sept. 10th & 11th

      Camp and to Demasseus (12 miles).

      Sept. 12th

      To Frederick, Maryland (14 miles).

      Sept. 13th

      To Middletown (13 miles).

      Sept. 14th

      Engaged in Battle of South Mountain. 13 wounded, none killed.

      Sept. 15th & 16th

      Moved near to Sharpsburg.

      Sept. 17th

      Engaged in Battle of Antietam, 4 killed, 23 wounded.

      Sept. 18th & 19th

      Went into Camp near Sharpsburg. (See further after my return from 2nd page back to next page).

      1862  1st Brigade - 1st Division, 9th Army Corps.
      Pleasant Valley, Md.

      Sept. 24th, Wednesday

      Brigade formed, Col. Fenton in command: -

      79th N.Y. - Lt. Col. Morrison; 8th mich. - Maj. Ely; 46th N.Y. - Lt. Col. Gerhard; 17th Mich. - Col. Withington.

      1st brigade - 1st Divison 9th Army Corps - Genl. Wilcox in command of Division. Genl. Burnside in command of Corps.

      Moved Camp to Antietam Creek.

      Sept. 26th, Friday

      Moved to Antietam Iron Works (mouth of creek) and encamped in Column of Regiment. Time occupied in picket duty until Oct. 7th.

      Oct. 7th

      Moved across the mountain into Pleasant Valley, Md. Emcamped near Dr. Boetler's House.

      Engaged in Drills, etc. until oct. 11th.

      Oct. 11th, Saturday

      At 5 P.M. moved Brigade to Weaverton; en route to Frederick; bivouacked.

      Oct. 12th, Sunday

      9 A.M. took Rail for Frederick, arrived at 12 to 2 P.M. Monseucy Station and frederick. Col Welsh's Brigade preceded and was ordered to Pointe of Rocks, in command station. 17th Mich. and 46th N.Y. with section of Battery on Right of town, 8th Mich. and 79th N.Y. with same Left (towards Baltimore). On look-out for Steward's Raid, Rebel Cavalry. Col. Allen 1st Main Cavalry, commendant of Post. Reported to him.

      Oct. 13th & 14th

      Some duty; Sundry alarms.

      Oct. 15th

      Orders to march: marched out past Jefferson (Oct. 16th) via Knoxville, back to Camp and was assigned to command of:

      1st Division 9th Army Corps.

      Remained in command until return of Col. Leasure (100th Pa. ranking Col.).

      1st Brigade - 1st Division 9th Army Corps, Pleasant Valley, Md.

      Oct. 16th to 25th

      Enlisted into regular Army Post.

      In command of 1st Division until 26th; relieved by Col. Leasure 100th pa. ranking Colonel.

      Oct. 26th, Sunday

      Moved over in heavy rain to Camp near Lovettsville, Va.

      Oct. 29th, Wednesday

      Moved just outside of Waterford, va. arriving after dark and encamped below hill.

      Oct. 30th, Thursday

      Col. Welsh's Brigade moved to our left. Col. Christ's Brigade still on the Left of that; took gorund in line.

      Oct. 31st, Friday

      Inspection and Muster.

      Nov. 1st, Sat.

      In Camp; Brig. Genl. Burns, commander of Division.

      Nov. 2nd, Sunday

      Marched 13 miles via Hamilton, etc. and arrived after dark, bivouacked in line at Philemont; firing on the front and right all day.

      Nov. 3rd, Monday

      At noon took line of march, 13 to 14 miles passed battle ground (light artillery and cavalry) arrived at point near Upperville after dark. Smoke seen near Asby's Gap, Stuart's cavalry said to be driven through.

      Nov. 4th, Tuesday

      Firing in that direction.

      Nov. 5th, Wednesday

      Marched 14 miles, crossed Menassas Gap R.R. and passed to point below Rector town or Oak Hill.

      Nov. 6th, Thursday

      Marched 17 miles through Salem to orleans and bivouacked. Extreme cold weather.

      Nov. 7th, Friday

      Marched in snow-storm to point near Waterloo and bivouacked on b?re hill;

      79th on Picket in rear; 2 companies on Flank.

      Anniversary of Bombardment of Hilton Head.

      1862    1st Brigade - 1st Division 9th Army Corps (Brig. genl. Burns).

      Camp near Waterloo, Va.

      Nov. 8th, Saturday

      Connonading in Front, Picket firing.

      Anniversary of our Landing at Hilton Head.

      Nov. 9th, Sunday

      Inspection and Prayer for genl. Burnside, etc. McClellen said to be relieved.

      Nov. 10th, Monday

      Inspections begin.

      Nov. 11th, Tuesday

      17th Mich. sent out to Left on Picket.

      Nov. 12th, Wednesday

      Moved Brigade and one section Battery out to Orleans and took position against and left two companies of 17th Mich. as reserve. Marched back to camp in the evening. Brought in one prisoner and servant, and reported same to Genl. Burns.

      Nov. 13th & 14th

      In Camp.

      Nov. 15th, Saturday

      Marched (blank) miles to Sulpher Springs and bivouacked on ground where firing and skirmishes are, artillery, etc. (Order for Mich.) Order recieived at night to go to Mich. to recruit for 2nd and 8th Mich. 2nd Mich. ordered to brigade and Col. Poe (ranking 7 days) put in command of brigade.

      Nov. 16th, Sunday

      Marched 15 miles past Bealton Station and near to ?arrenton Junction where Brigade bivouacked.

      Nov. 17th, Monday

      I left (Wm. M. Fenton) for Mich. by Cars for Alexandria.

      Nov. 18th, Tuesday

      Arrived at Washington. Procured transportation for Mich. to Baltimore.

      Nov. 19th, Wednesday

      Detained to get transportation of Col. Belger.

      Nov. 20th, Thursday

      At Pittsburg - same.

      Nov, 21st, Friday

      Via South Shore R.R. arrived at Detroit and saw Governor Blair on Subject of Recruits.

      Nov. 22nd, Saturday

      Arrived home in Flint, 4 P.M.

      Nov. 25th, Tuesday

      At Detroit and saw Governor; reported.

      Nov. 26th, Wednesday

      Returned to Flint and 8th departed to detroit and closed Recruiting Business.

      Left 10th Detroit and arrived at Regiment opposite Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 14, Sunday night crossed over, etc. formed regiment with Morrison.

      Fredericksburg, Va.

      Wm. M. Fenton, Commanding.

      1st Brigade, 1st Division - 9th Army Corps.

      Nov. 17th

      Wm. M. Fenton left for Michigan on recruiting orders for 2nd and 8th Mich. and returned to Regiment at Fredericksburg, Va. Sunday night 15th, Dec.

      Dec. 14th & 15th - Sunday and Monday

      Crossed over and reported in the morning (x).

      Put in command of brigade to which was Advanced 20th Mich. - Col. Williams.

      (See other side and below).

      Dec. 11th, Thursday

      First attack at Fredericksburg on Pontoon builders.

      Dec. 12th, Friday

      Army crossed.

      Dec. 13th, Saturday

      Fight and repulse; heavy loss on our side, viz. 12,000. 1st Brigade, 1st Division 9th Army Corps and 1st Division 9th Army Corps not engaged. but Brigade drawn up in line of battle, Sunday and Monday A.M. I joined command (x).

      Dec. 14th & 15th, Sunday and Monday

      Brigade in lines of battle all day and Sharp shooters and Pickets ordered out, after crossing (night of 15th & 16th) Rappahannock. A.M. before daylight arrived at Old Camp opposite Fredericksburg, Va.

      Dec. 17th

      In Camp.

      Dec. 18th

      Anniversary of affair on Coosaw River in which Burns Foote was killed being the first man shot in battle in 8th Mich. Regiment.

      Dec.19th, Friday

      Inspection and Report made. Picket, Camp duties and drill.

      Dec. 25th, Thursday - Christmas.

      No drill, 26th resumed. (Monday, 22nd were reviewed by Genl. Sumner R.G.D.).

      Dec. 28th, Sunday

      Reviewed by Genl. Burns 1st Division, 9th Army Corps.

      Dec. 29th, Monday

      Arrival of Officers and non-commissioned Officers.

      Dec. 30th, Tuesday

      Muster of Officer promoted (Capt. C?tts).

      Dec. 31st, Wednesday

      Muster by Regiments, each commanding Officer musters his regiment; 8th by Col. Fenton.



      1863  Opposite Fredericksburg, Va.
      1st Brigade 1st Division 9th Army Corps,

      Colonel Wm. M. Fenton Commanding.

      1863   Jan. 1st, Thursday

      Quiet in Camp; Wm. M. Fenton General Officer of the day, 79th N.Y. Officer gave splendid entertainment.

      Jan. 2nd, Friday

      In Camp; quiet.

      Jan. 3rd, 4th and 5th

      Jan. 6th, Tues.

      Review of 9th Corps by Burnside.

      Jan. 7th & 8th

      Camp and duties.

      Jan. 9th, Friday

      Wm. M. Fenton General Officer of the day for Division; Picket duty.

      2 men drowned, crossing to exchange papers with enemy's Pickets.

      Jan. 10th


      Jan 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th

      Camp and Camp duties.

      Jan. 16th, Friday

      General Officer of day; order for 3 days cooked rations.

      Jan. 17th & 18th


      Jan. 19th

      Genl. Sedgwick commander 9th Army Corps. Jan. 20th

      Order to be ready to move in morning.

      Troops from Franklin pushed up Rappahannock. 9-1/2 P.M. order to be in line at 4 A.M. Rain, wind and sleet all night. (Tents not struck).

      Jan 21st, Monday

      Order to be ready at call. Burnside's plan of attack prevented by weather; Roads impassable. Jan. 22nd & 23rd Same Jan 24th, Saturday

      General Officer of day.

      Jan 25th, Sunday


      Jan. 26th Monday

      General Burnside turned over command to Genl. Hooker; Maj. Ely promoted to Lt. Col.; Capt. Lyon promoted to Major.

      Jan. 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st.

      Stormy; Camp and Picket duty.

      Feb. 1st, Sunday


      Feb. 2nd

      Inspection generally.

      Feb. 3rd & 4th.

      Camp and Picket.

      Feb. 5th.

      Orders to move to fortress Monroe under Maj. General Smith, 9th Army Corps.

      Feb. 6th and 7th.

      3rd and 2nd Divisions moving.

      Feb. 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.

      2nd and 3rd Brigades, 1st Division moved.

      Feb. 13th, Friday

      2nd and 8th Mich. shipped (Rail to Aquia Creek).

      Feb. 14th, Saturday

      Shipped balance 1st Brigade; Steamer North American and Robt. Thoms.

      Feb 15th

      On board and at anchor in fog off Port Monroe.


      1st Brigade, 1st Division 9th Army Corps,

      Newport News, Va.

      Col. Wm. M. Fenton Commanding.

      Feb. 16th, Monday

      Arrived and encamped on old ground, newport News; logs and A Tents.

      Feb. 17th

      20th Mich. arrived (balance of brigade); raining and wind.

      Feb. 18th, 19th & 20th

      Putting up Tents.

      Feb. 21st & 22nd.

      Camp and drills per order of Division Headquarters.

      Feb. 23rd, Monday

      Wm. M. F. relieved from command of 1st brigade and Genl. Poe (appointed by President) placed in command. I was assigned to 2nd Brigade (Col. Christ, absent).

      Feb. 24th, Tuesday

      Assumed command of 2nd Brigade.

      Feb. 25th

      Review of Corps; Generals Dix and Smith.

      Feb. 26th & 27th.

      Camp and Drill.

      Feb. 28th

      Inspection and Muster.

      March 1st, Sunday

      Camp (Col. Christ returned and reported for duty); Storming.

      Mar. 2nd, Monday

      Addressed note to (cant tell whats here) General 1st Division - Genl. Wilcox and saw Genl. Wilcox requesting to be relieved from command 2nd brigade, waiving rank, etc. Order made.

      March 3rd, Tues.

      Rejoined Regiment (8th Mich.) after being 9 months in command of Brigade.

      Mar. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th.

      In Camp; occasional Drills.

      Mar. 10th

      Maj. Lyon, Capt, Newall and Chaplain Taylor resigned.

      Mar. 11th, Wednesday

      Flag from Detroit; presented with ceremonies before Division. The old Flag sent to Flint by Maj. Lyon.

      Mar. 13th & 14th

      In Camp, Drill, etc.

      Mar. 15th, Sunday

      My resignation tended 11th on account of ill health. Accepted and order received 16th; same Lt. J.B. Fenton.

      Mar. 16th, Monday

      Received discharge and issued Farewell Address.

      Mar. 17th, Tues.

      Left from landing, Newport News with Brush and shipped at Fortress Monroe on steamer Adelaide.

      Mar. 18th

      Arrived at Baltimore and Washington; received pay.

      Mar. 20th

      Arrived at Detroit.

      Mar. 21st, Saturday

      Arrived in Flint.


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