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Digitally Transcribed by: Cheryl Canty & Wendy Bruce

7 pages

Please note: Some of these pages were very faint and difficult to read. Extra research was done to verify the indiviuals as correct. Some of the names I could not read at all and therefore also could not get the name accurate enough to verify.
Those names with a ? indicate that there was no way to find this information as of yet, to correct it. If you know the correct letters or name please let us know.
Also..there are several people known to have died, been prisoners of war, missing or wounded in this battle, but they are not listed here. The names here are what was in Col. Fenton's diary. No additions have been made.



JUNE 16th, 1862

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Rank Name Remarks
Sergeant Major Henry P.Williams
Captain Horatio Belcher aid de camp / Left shoulder

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company A
Rank Name Remarks
Captain Simon C. Guild
Private Abel S Bennett
Private Ira Delling
Prisoner of War
Private J.M.Thornton Wounded
Sergeant Milton W Barrows Died on passage N.Y
Private Alba Persing Left shoulder, slight.
Private Abraham D. Perry Right foot, serious.
Private Geo. Wm. Bennett Left thumb, amputation.
Private Chas.D. Allen Hand and lung, serious

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company B
Rank Name Remarks
Geo. McVeigh
Private Sam'l McVeigh Wounded
Private Lawson S. Warner Not wounded
Private William J.. Strickland
Private Leroy M. Dodge
Private Herod Morton Since heard he is a prisoner
Private Norman B. Husted Died at Hilton Head Dead June 19/62
Prisoner of War
Private Gilbert E. Pratt Wounded left loin and legs
1st Sergeant James S.. Donahue Left shoulder, serious.
Corporal Ransom A. Brooks Left leg and right foot.
Private Sylvanus McClellen Left thigh, flesh wound
Private Darroll Brewer Left hand
Private Henry W. Davenport Thigh, slight.
Private John G. Hathaway Right thigh, serious
Private David Jeffries Died 19th, Jan /62 at Hilton Head

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company C
Rank Name Remarks
Corporal Ephraim Brown
Corporal Dorr Goold
Corporal John R. Burwell
Private Solomon Krall
Private Clarkson Burgess
Private Zachariah Hickman
Prisoner of War
2nd Lieutenant Chas. F. Smith Not wounded
Private Eli S. Brooks Wounded
Private Henry Flanigan Wounded
Private Solomon Wolf Wounded
Lieutenant Robt. G. Hutchinson Left thigh, serious
Sergeant Jacob B. Ellison Died of wounds, 19th June/62 at Hilton Head
Sergeant Wilbur Nelson Left side, severe
Corporal Elnathan Doane Hand, slight
Private Elmer Packard Foot, slight.
Private Albert Smith Head, slight
Private Samuel S. Brady Shoulder, slight
Private Geo. W. Feaster Shoulder, slight
Private Jeff M. Williams Right leg, flesh wound
Private Jos. Mecumber Forehead, slight
Private Enos H. Kimmel Check
Private Orrin Phelps Several rounds, serious
Private Austin Campbell Forehead, flesh wound
Private Daniel M. Wait Left thigh
Private John S. Covill Left breast

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company D
Rank Name Remarks
Captain Benj. B. Church
Private John Conely
Private Levi P. Colburn
Private Alvin B. Ford
Private George Williams
Prisoner of War
Corporal Merlin P. Brittain Not wounded
Private Wm. J. Durand Not wounded
Sergeant Henry B. Durritt Right breast
Private David T. Kingsbury Left side, serious
Private Jos. ?. Clos?e Left cheek, serious
Private Geo. ?. (last name not showing on sheet) Right ear, flesh
Private August S. Clinton Right thigh, flesh
Private Frank Van Rye Head serious
Private Elin Carpenter Left shoulder

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company E
Rank Name Remarks
Sergeant William Alexander
Corporal Fred Ewell Even reported prisoner, wounded head, died June 21/62
Corporal Benj. F. Burr
Prisoner of War
1st Lieutenant Abraham Cottrell Wounded spine & thigh
Private George W. Light Not wounded
Private Lester Keefer Wounded thigh
Private Geo. W. Shook Wounded hip & leg
Sergeant Edw'd B. Light Left thigh - serious
Corporal Lewis Pelton Right hand and wrist
Private Mich'l Monahan Right hand & wrist
Private George Treace Left shoulder, flesh wound
Private Ira Davis Eyebrows & arm, flesh wound
Private Thos. Waight Right hand, serious
Private Aug.Meretho Abdomen, serious
Private Henry Chadwick Left side and arm
Private Henry C. Smith Left leg, slight
Private Heeman Throop Forehead, slight
Private Orlando G.Andrews Right arm serious
Private Geo. Harrington Left hand and thigh, slight

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company F
Rank Name Remarks
Private Gordon C. Rathburn
Private Harmon Wunderluck Brown?
Private Sidney O. Cobb
Private Geo. Lusk
Private Isaac I. Winegarden
Prisoner of War
Sergeant I.M. Bessmer Body wound
Emmett Cole Breast and left foot
Wm. A. Barnett
2nd Lieutenant Austin B. Bates Right hip, severe
Sergeant John D. Sumner Chest slight
Private Edgar N. Rye Left thigh, serious
Corporal Jas. M. McClellan Died in general Hospital
Corporal Chas. F. Cook Right foot
Private William Demund Left side, serious
Private John Dart Head, slight
Private John D. Cross Left side, slight
Private Abraham Guntrip Head, slight
Private John W. Wagoner Forearm, flesh wound
Private Dan'l McKenzie Left thigh
Private Jas. F. Mead Mouth and throat

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company G
Rank Name Remarks
Private Jas. Carman
Private Jas. M. Wright
Private Albert M. Bramich
Private Franklin B. Howland
Private Will Caproa
Private Adelbert V. Overton Prisoner-heard from as prisoner of war Wounded and cut in left arm and knee
Private Dan'l S. Boyer
Private Emory B. Curtis
Private Peter ?. Simonson
Prisoner of War
Private John Kingman
Private Edw'd S. Dart Wounded
Private Jas. A. Francisco Wounded
Private Oliver T. Jones Dead
Private Geo. Call Wounded
Private Jas. E. Armstrong Not wounded
Private James O'Brien Not wounded
Private Benj. F. Pease Not wounded
Private Theodore Carson Not wounded
Corporal Eliel E. Miller Right side, serious
Corporal Hiram Appleby Right arm, serious
Private Wm. Hamilton Died, 23 of June of wounds at Segarville
Private Sidney D. Castle Left, flesh wound
Private Henry Nicholds Both legs, flesh wounds
Private Horatio M. Flint Left thigh, flesh wound
Private Cornelius Hayes Left thigh, flesh wound
Private George W. Foote Right leg, serious

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company H
Rank Name Remarks
Private Dewitt C. Grover
Sergeant Chas. B. Will?(or Mill)
Prisoner of War
Perry Brown
?. Bell
Captain Rich. N. Doyle Left arm, serious
Sergeant Decatur O. Blake Forehead, flesh wound
Corporal David R. Goodman Dead
Corporal Delos V. Wait Right leg, serious
Corporal Mercenia A. Newbury Right thigh
Private James Bush Right thigh, serious
Private Elijah Fisher Left knee, serious
Private Abel T.? By?ster? Back, flesh wound
Private Albert Rolle Left leg, calf, serious
Private Sage Rice Right hand, serious
Private Jonathon ?urn Right hand serious
Private Nelson Cross Right shoulder (died at N.Y. about 15, Jul)
Private Chas. Cross Left arm flesh wound
Private Wm. Wilson Died Hilton Head 23 Jun/62 from his wounds
Private James Parkhill Left shoulder serious
Private Jasper N. McLain Left thigh serious
Private Edw. F. Latimer Left wrist serious

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company I
Rank Name Remarks
Private Royal D. Mendes?
Private Benj. L. Washburn?
Prisoner of War
Private Edmund Ogden
Captain Wm. Ely Lewis Right arm and side, serious
Private Wm. Turner Left foot serious
Private Oscar Kendas? Ankle slight
Private David Carvin Right arm
Private John Prandall? Right hip
Private Geo. W. Jewell Right forearm, serious
Private Chas. Freeman Left hand slight, 1st finger shot away
Private Fred'k T. Bently Right elbow, serious
Private Wm. F. Dumond Right thigh
Private Francis Whittmore Hip, flesh wound out-side
Private Peter ?. Casus? Right shoulder
Private Coo.? F.? Casus? Died since in genl. Hospital
Private Asa Parshell Left arm, amputated
Private Phillip W. Coleman Right thigh serious
Private Peter Arsne Discharged

James Island, South Carolina June 16, 1862
Company K
Rank Name Remarks
Corporal Jas. M. Morgan
Prisoner of War
Private Henry Call Ankle and foot serious
Private Benj. Wyman Left elbow, serious
Private Amasa Nichols Shoulder, flesh wound
Private Jas. B. Crownover Left shoulder
Private Charles Wickham Died 23rd June
John Sydlesine Wounded leg
Wm. Noble Wounded leg
Chester McGraw Wounded leg
Alanzo Hersha Wounded slight

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